Tuning Light As Per Circadian Lighting Systems

Light a natural factor, enables us to see our world in vibrant color and striking details. It also acts as an indication of when our body must wake up and sleep. If you acutely discern from sunrise to sunset, the color and intensity of the light fluctuates from warm amber to bright light during the day, and back to warm light at sunset, followed by darkness in the night. The nature set-cycle of light brightness and intensity has an intense influence upon health of living beings as it affects the body’s circadian system. The human body has a 24 hour rhythm that has established sleep/wake patterns, and control of physiological functions such as hunger, temperature and blood pressure. When our body is in sync with the rhythm, we feel energized and stabilized, if not we feel drained and lethargic. The minute we wake up, our body gets introduced to lights and the time we snooze, we switch off all our light resources for getting proper uninterrupted sleep.

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You may have been noticing, that late nights when you sit over television or cell phone, you develop eye strain and feel uncomfortable falling to sleep. The prime reason is that the devices emit blue-rich light from the screen, it unsettles your sleep pattern making you feel heavy at head. The spiral effect is more irritability, depression, reduced mental alertness, fatigue and lethargy.  Similarly, in the day if you are exposed continuously to warm yellowish light rather than bright white light, your productivity will plummet and you may feel drowsy at work. Lighting as a source goes far beyond aesthetics that can imitate natural day time, noon, or night time atmosphere for enhancing human health and well-being. When we tune our lighting as per the circadian system, we are able to support our bodily functions for better-optimized performance becoming more creative and productive in our outcomes.

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In gist the benefits of tunable lighting as per natural cycle offers:

  • Amplified alertness and cognitive performance.
  • Enhanced mood and serenity, and balance enthusiasm.
  • Improved attentiveness and productivity,
  • Decrease in error rates.
  • Sound sleep patterns.

Several researches conducted, have indicated there is a direct link between health and lighting and increase in productivity. In office environment proper lighting boosts performance, in health care sector proper lighting help patients recover faster by their bodies having sufficient rest when under the natural cycle of lighting. Even academic institutions and schools are turning to bright cool white lights in classroom for enhancing learning, alertness and student-teacher interactions during the day. Even malls are popularly, tapping tunable lighting to alter the mood of shoppers during varied times in a day.

Tunable LEDs deliver light from a range of warm (yellowish) to natural white and to cool (bluish) tones. By changing the correlated color temperature light can be fine-tuned to mimic natural light cycle during day or night.

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Taking into consideration the circadian rhythm, we have color tuning lights not only apt for the environment but also for the people exposed under the lights. By making artificial light replicate natural light settings, we help customers, clients, employees, friends, visitors and all under light effect have efficient biological cycles and ambient atmosphere.

Tunable White:

Adjusting Lighting as per comfort.

  • Trending technology to adjust the range of color temperature from a warm to cool tone in luminary light output.
  • Zapping through a spectrum of color and intensity, they help customize the environment as per ambiance preferences.
  • Perfectly suited for health care, corporate interiors, education, retail, hospitality and recreations and miscellaneous applications.
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