Lumibright Jewelry Lights Illuminating Finest Details for Big & Expensive Decisions

The illuminants are energy-saving, environmental -friendly & easy to install adding luminous glow to high-end jewelry, gold, silver, pearls, precious stones & diamonds.
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Lumisolar Outdoor Luminaires Built to Last

Lumisolar Luminaires are built to last with self-contained solar outdoor LEDs for building safer, more eco-friendly communities. Lumisolar bollards, street lights, wall lamps and un-ground lights are simple to install, taking only 15 minutes per fixture.
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Premium Office Lighing Solutions for KGA Office with Lumibright Lights

Office Lighting can influence work productivity and the ability to perform office duties effectively. In order to perform their best with maximum productivity, workers need good light to see what they are doing. Office is the place where creativity comes to life, and Lumibright believes in providing modern creative illumination to spaces.
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Lumibright Task lights for Enhancing Commercial Display

Task light series are an optimum lighting solutions for commercial display, offering a systematic uniform beam of light over interested objects to increase visibility & aesthetical appeal.
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Premium Office Lighting Solutions with Lumibright Luminaires at DEWA Academy Office, Dubai

Lighting is the most significant part of workplace physical conditions. Proper lighting involves adequate amount of light, proper dispersal and diffusion, absence of glare, freedom from fluctuation and freedom from injurious invisible radiations. 
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Lumibright Luminaires at Bobbi Brown Retail Outlet, Bahrain

Lighting is very important to give final touches to the look of the store particularly when it comes to cosmetics.
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Infinite Patterns with Flexible Profiles

Lumipro profiles allow designers to bend, twist, and curve the streaks of lights for re-shaping the profiles to create amazing lighting designs.
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Intriguing Lumipro Profiles from Lumibright

The versatile modular lighting system is designed for creating unimaginable light architectures to make the environment marginal yet indispensable.
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Lumibright's Bendable LED Profiles That Be Shaped and Re-shaped

Fitting aluminum LED extrusions to a curved surface was a hassle in the past. Lumibright offers a wide range of Aluminum Extrusion profiles, which enables architects, interior designers, retailers & home improvement contractors to create amazing interior designs. 
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Floating Villas Accentuated with Lumibright Luminaires at Marasi Business Bay

Featuring floating villas with pools & restaurants, it provides exceptional lifestyle experiences for residents & visitors – reinforcing Dubai’s position as a global tourism destination. The project includes the Park, Pier & Yacht Club located along the Dubai Water Canal.
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Colourful Walled Lights Featured in Insideout Magazine, Dubai

Wall lights come in many diverse shapes, colours &  sizes. However, they do have one thing in common, they are all a great way to add signature style to a room’s look and feel. 
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Cozy Shelf-lighting with Lumibright Way Mini-spotlights

This range of miniature LED spotlights provide ambient lighting making your space feel nice, lavish & cozy.
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Eco-friendly Ambient Lighting at the Dubai Mall with Lumibright Luminaires

The Dubai Mall required retrofit lighting. LWS Lighting Solutions were given the opportunity to become the mall’s Lighting partner who opted to supply Lumibright LED lights, to provide the optimum solutions for improving overall lighting, matching lumen to existing lights, standard lux level achievement within design and eco-friendly energy-efficient illumination.
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Lumibright Reveals All New Integrated LED Handrail Lighting System

With clever engineering and design, the LED Railing Module is an innovative versatile system offering unique lighting with unrivalled uniformity and photometric performance. Eliminating the need to light an entire area, the integrated Railing System helps to increase safety & security - at minimal cost- thanks to its low energy consumption.
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Lumibright Supplies Appropriate Accent Lighting Solutions for Shaklan Departmental Stores, Dubai

Department store lighting is crucial to guide shoppers to make purchase decisions. Well lit inviting Retail store entrance areas draw in customers inside and encourage walk-ins. appropriate accent lighting in window displays attract attention, allow customers to quickly recognize, generate preference and choose among products, evaluate merchandise and read price tags, care tags and other instructions.
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Tuning Light As Per Circadian Lighting Systems

Light a natural factor, enables us to see our world in vibrant color and striking details. It also acts as an indication of when our body must wake up and sleep. If you acutely discern from sunrise to sunset, the color and intensity of the light fluctuates from warm amber to bright light during the day, and back to warm light at sunset, followed by darkness in the night. The nature set-cycle of light brightness and intensity has an intense influence upon health of living beings as it affects the body’s circadian system. The human body has a 24 hour rhythm that has established sleep/wake patterns, and control of physiological functions such as hunger, temperature and blood pressure. When our body is in sync with the rhythm, we feel energized and stabilized, if not we feel drained and lethargic. The minute we wake up, our body gets introduced to lights and the time we snooze, we switch off all our light resources for getting proper uninterrupted sleep.
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Lumibright Supply Learner Centric LED Lighting for State-of-Art Al-Batinah International School, Oman

For enabling a learner centric atmosphere, Lumibright supplied a host of high grade Kael spotlights, Lumipro pendant profiles, Lumipro tube profiles, Grind T track-lights, Skybay high bay  lights, lumiflex single-colour strip-lights, Lumitronix drivers were installed throughout Al Batinah school, Oman.
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Adjustable In-ground Lights from Lumibright

Premium Floor / Ground-recessed miniature luminary fixtures for decorative, architectural and scenographic lighting. 
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LUMIDECO WALL LIGHTS: Lumideco Range of Creative Wall Lights for Adding Decor to Walls

Lumideco wall lights comprise of a range of functional decorative lamps, designer lights and architectural lighting products. The trending classy luminaries will make your places stand out from clutter and give you a different class. We believe this range will illuminate your spaces and add creativity to the way we illuminate walls.
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Lumibright Presents Dustin Floor-recessed Linear Lights

Linear streaks of light are a new lighting concept for fresh interpretation of spaces. Designed as a walk-over fitting, they create intriguing paths of lights, making the surrounding environment soft and all-enveloping. Using a subtle interplay of juxtaposed surfaces they create a precise balanced linear emission suited for illuminating floors and walkways. 
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Lumideco Lamyas Chandlier Featured in InsideOut Magazine

The chandelier is a modern interpretation of a good old candle chandelier, providing indirect ambient illumination suspended from transparent cable.
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Isla Spotlight Series

Compact style, modern looking ISLA recessed spotlights in extruded aluminium body provide efficient lighting making the place more aesthetically pleasing and less chunky looking.
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Trending Ring Spotlights from Lumibright

Ring spotlights are for general indoor lighting. The slim elongated spotlights offer considerable light output that enhances every inch of any interior space.
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Lumibright's Comprehensive Range of Product Lines

LUMIBRIGHT is a globally active manufacturer of smart LED lighting solutions across all elements of lighting: Power, Control, and Luminaries. The main objective is to provide highest quality LED products and superior customer service through a commitment to excellence, continuous improvement and innovative technology. With over 4000 products ranging from elegant showpiece pendant lights to complex architectural lighting solutions, LB range cover all aspects of residential and commercial lighting including indoor lights, outdoor lights, decorative lights, tube profiles, LED neon flex and all electrical accessories including drivers for light fitting.
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Lumibright Presents RAW Spotlight Series

The slim elongated spotlights offer considerable light output that enhances every inch of any interior space.
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All New Grain Series from Lumibright

Grain series introduced in the first quarter of the year gained wide acceptance and popularity among end-users.
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Lumibright Supplies Varied Lighting at Sharjah Urban Planning Council Office

For a natural day light effect, a modish set of Luminaries comprising an assortment of Lumibright Spotlights, Track Lights, Panel Lights, Surface Profiles and Cove Lighting Corner Profiles were installed for ample illumination in the Sharjah Urban Planning Council (SUPC) New Government Office at Al Hind Towers, Sharjah.
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Lumibright Introduces Mushroom Bollard and Wall Light Series

Miniature , sleek and low lying, the mushroom carved luminaries provide hassle free-installation for long life construction and better asymmetric soft light dispersion.Used in groups of multiples these lights make a real focal point creating an awesome stunning dimension to mystical dark spaces.
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Lumibright Introduces Oracle Spotlight Series

ORACLE Spotlight delivers a clean comfortable look that compliments any interior design concepts. Without any compromise on brightness they reluctantly offer huge energy savings minimizing maintenance cost drastically providing value for money.  Oracle Downlight are designed for 30 degree tilt and 355 degree of swivel angles which are very good for interior decoration and retrofit of display ideal to install at residential, commercial establishments and offices.
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Lumibright Launches Magneto Track and Combo Series

Lumibright, a major supplier of smart LED lights, has introduced a new Magneto Combo Series. Delicate subtle appearance with adjustable combination option to use cellular light modules for accent as well as general lighting. The embedded installation design, slim narrow edge on an optimized structure, this intelligent lighting system brings out the unique charm of fusion illumination to blend lamps with space perfectly
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