New Technology Combining Adhesive Tapes and Laser Lift-off to Achieve High Yield Micro LED Transfer

Researchers continue to focus on the current technology bottlenecks of Micro LED display manufacture. Recently, a team consisting of researchers from Guangdong Institute of Semiconductor Industrial Technology (GISIT), University of Tokyo, and Foshan Debao Display Technology reported their new transfer technique that integrates adhesive tape and laser lift-off (LLO) technology. The study was published in Advanced Materials Technologies, titled “Wafer-Scale Micro-LEDs Transferred onto an Adhesive Film for Planar and Flexible Displays.” I...
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New Flexible Micro LED Based on Graphene May Reshape Future of Wearable Technology

University of Texas at Dallas researchers and their international colleagues have developed a method to create Micro LEDs that can be folded, twisted, cut and stuck to different surfaces. The research, published online in the journal Science Advances, helps pave the way for the next generation of flexible, wearable technology. The research team created a detachable Micro LED with flexibility, aiming to fulfill the growing demand for bendable, wearable electronics. Researchers develop the flexible LED through a technique called remote epitaxy. To make it detachable, res...
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RiTdisplay Showcases Thin Film Micro LED Display and to Ship Mini LED Display Products Next Year

PMOLED panel maker RiTdisplay presented a Micro LED thin film display at virtual Display Week that took place last week from August 3 to 8. The company also indicated in its investor conference last week that it has begun sending sample of Mini LED products this year and the shipment is scheduled in 2021. (Image: screenshot from RiTdisplay's video) RiTdisplay has been collaborating with Micro LED company PlayNitride since 2019 to develop Micro LED displays. The two parties exhibited a few small size Micro LED display modules for wearable appl...
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Nvidia Adopts IR LEDs to Simplify Gaze Tracking Solutions for VR Devices

Wearable devices with AR/VR applications are regarded as the next generation consumer electronics that might replace smartphones. Currently, the technology is more applied in industrial or professional areas as the devices are still relatively bulky and expensive as they require complex integration of cameras, image processing solutions, power and more. To tackle the issue, Nvidia developed a new technique for gaze tracking solution, the fundamental technology for VR wearable devices as agreed by many leading industry players, reported VentureBeat. Researchers at Nvidia used...
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RiTdisplay Expects Micro LED Mass Production in 2020

PMOLED specialist RiTdisplay announced that the company plans to launch Micro LED and Mini LED products in 2020 with volume production and expects profit boom in the coming year. On top of its PMOLED technology, RiTdisplay has extended its business to automotive OLED lighting and Mini/Micro LED. The company established joint venture with Luminit for OLED based automotive lighting in December 2018. Its products have been verified by six automobile companies in Japan, Europe and the U.S. As for Mini/Micro LED, RiTdisplay collaborated ...
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Stretchable Light-emitting Device Turns Human Skin into Displays

A Chinese research team recently develop a stretchable light-emitting devices which delivers information and can be attached to human skin and other surfaces. The device is like a temporary tattoo and can be operated at low voltage so it does not cause harm to users. Published in ACS Materials Letter in October 2019, the results from researchers at Nanjing University in China demonstrated stretchable light-emitting devices called alternating-current electroluminescent (ACEL) displays. The device has a sandwiched structure with an electroluminescent layer made of light-em...
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Apple Reportedly Terminates AR Glasses Development

Smart glasses and AR devices have been targeted by Micro LED display technology and were considered to be the first applications entering the market. Previously LEDinside has collected news about Apple’s patent applications related to Micro LED and AR smart glasses. However, rumors said that Apple might have dropped its AR glasses project. Apple’s project of AR/VR headset development might have been suspended due to immature capability of building 5G connectivity and data, according to the report of Digitimes. The report said that the team was dis...
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RaonTech Develops LCoS Micro-display for Wearable Devices

RaonTech, a Korean company who provides micro-display solution for AR/VR devices, announced its development of a 0.37-inch micro display with full HD (1920*1080) resolution based on LCoS technology. The display targets the rising market of wearable devices including head mounted display (HMD) and head-up display (HUD). (Image: RaonTech) According to RaonTech, the micro-display is consisted of liquid crystal and a special mirror on silicon wafer and driven by an RGB LED. Through the special mirror, the LED can increase pixel density of the small size d...
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【NEPCON JAPAN】Smart Glasses Catch Eyes at WEARABLE EXPO

The trend of wearable devices can be observed at NEPCON Japan 2019. The concurrent show WEARABLE EXPO attracted a big crowd during the exhibition. LEDinside founded that smart glasses, head up display (HUD) and AR/VR devices were popular demonstration at the show.   Color Link Japan presents VR lenses module Optical technology developer Color Link Japan exhibited two lenses modules designed for VR glasses. One is designed for 3D display application and the other features ultra-fast responding time to show smooth images when incorporate...
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Longer battery Life for Fitness Trackers: Osram Increases the Efficiency of Green LEDs by 40 Percent

The significant drop in light output (green gap phenomenon) exhibited by green LEDs has often been the cause of efficiency problems and high costs in customer applications. For its indium gallium nitride (InGaN)-based green LEDs, Osram Opto Semiconductors has now succeeded in reducing the typical forward voltages by around 600 mV drastically. With a simultaneous increase in optical output power, customers instantly benefit from improvements in efficiency of up to 40 percent compared to predecessor products across the entire UX:3 portfolio from Osram. 
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Highlights of Smart Lighting and Niche LED Applications at NEPCON JAPAN 2018

NEPCON JAPAN drew the conclusion on January 19, and the three-day exhibition featured solutions for smart home and intelligent wearables in addition to previously reported automotive electronics and automotive LED components. Other niche LED components and forward-looking LED applications are also eye-catching.
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Tiny IR LEDs from Osram Allow for Eye Contact with Virtual Reality

The Japanese start-up company FOVE offers users a virtual reality headset that integrates eye tracking as a novel means of interaction. Tiny ChipLEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors provide the infrared illumination to track the user’s direction of gaze and eye movements.  
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Enhanced Vision Introduces Jordy: New Wearable Low-Vision Technology at an Affordable Price

Enhanced Vision is pleased to introduce Jordy, the latest in wearable low-vision technology that will revolutionize how those with low vision perform everyday tasks, such as reading mail, paying bills, watching TV and playing cards. Jordy helps legally blind individuals who have macular degeneration or other low-vision conditions regain their visual independence and reclaim their lives.
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OSRAM Opto: Future Is Bright for LED Components in Wearable Application

The emerging “Quantified Self” trend involves people monitoring, managing and tracking their health and wellbeing through digitalized biomedical information. Equipped with optical sensors, wearable devices such as smart watches and smartbands help consumers collect and measure different biological indicators and stats about themselves. Unlike the fiercely contested white LED market, the newly developing wearable device market is an untapped blue ocean market that presents incredible opportunities for the LED industry.
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Orphe Smart Interactive LED Shoes for Dancers and Artists

A Japanese startup company no new folk studio has launched an interactive LED shoe that enables dancers, and artists to design lighting patterns from their unique dance moves.
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Huawei Launches AMOLED Display Smart Watch

Huawei continues to break new ground in the wearables space by unveiling today the Huawei Watch, powered by Android Wear™ at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015. The fully circular watch features a 1.4-inch touch-sensitive AMOLED display, scratch-proof sapphire crystal lens, cold-forged stainless steel frame, and comes with a built-in heart rate monitor and 6-Axis motion sensors. The Huawei Watch is the first smartwatch in the Huawei wearable family.
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ITRI Showcases Interactive and Wearable Display Technologies at Touch Taiwan 2014

With the rise of the wearable smart devices, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) showcases many futuristic, wearable devices with interactive touch control functions at Touch Taiwan 2014 with the theme of "Smart Living, Keep in Touch". Such devices include a wearable and foldable AMOLED wrist band with interactive touch control and display functions.
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Elemoon’s Smart LED Bracelets for the Fashion Conscious

Wearable smart LED devices are often known to be rather bulky and downright ugly. To make up for this market gap for fashionable wearable devices, Elemoon has followed in the footsteps of Memi in creating a smart bracelet to attract female consumers.
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Opportunities for LED Lighting in Barbados

Barbados, an island country located in the Caribbean is a place most LED manufacturers overlook as a potential market, but not for Caribbean LED lighting (CLL).
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LED Industry Benefits From Rise of Wearable Devices

Wearable devices have stolen the show at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, according to Chinese-language United Evening News. Companies including Samsung, LG, Sony, and Huawei Device have all showcased their wearable designs at the show. Increasing investment from manufacturers is leading to a rise in sapphire material applications. Sapphire material prices began to rise at an average of 5-7% during 1Q14, which stimulated listed company Crystalwise Technology and ACME Electronics Corp. rising stock prices on Feb. 25, 2014. This in turn led to LED stocks strong growth.
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Razer Releases OLED Nabu SmartBand

Razer, the world leader in devices and software for its globally connected community of gamers, announces the launch of the world’s smartest wristband, the Razer Nabu.
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