GTAT Sapphire Revenue Dips as Apple-Sponsored Sapphire Plant Ramps up Production

GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) released their first fiscal quarter results on Wednesday, which ended on March 29, 2014. GTAT has seen a slight drop in revenue as its joint project with Apple in Arizona gears up to become fully operational by the end of this year. 
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Apple’s Aluminum Supply Chain Revolution Hard to Replicate in Sapphire Industry

Will Apple’s mobile device demands revolutionize the sapphire supply chain in the same way as the aluminum industry 10 years ago? Perhaps not, according to a Verge article.
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Booming Sapphire Substrate Demands Could Lead to Supply Shortage

Apple’s recent interest in sapphire substrate has got the industry talking as to what future Apple product will use the material. Long since used in LED lighting applications and handheld devices, sapphire substrate will soon be the spotlight in the industry once Apple’s Arizona factory is up and running. 
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Sapphire Production Underway for Apple at Arizona Facility

GT Advanced Technologies’ (GT) Arizona sapphire substrate facility reportedly began small scale sapphire production last month. Stephen Chin, analyst of UBS, revealed that the facility has also already begun shipping material to a Chinese supplier. 
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Apple Acquires Micro-LED Display Maker LuxVue

Apple has acquired LuxVue Technology, a startup company that focuses on making low power micro-LED based displays in the consumer market, according to a TechCrunch report.
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Apple to Launch Limited Sapphire Glass Cover iPhone Models

Apple’s new iPhone 6 is anticipated to hit the market in 3Q14, according to the United Evening News. The new model will have a larger screen than past iPhones at 5.5 inches. It has been rumored that the iPhone 6 will be priced at US$100 higher, due to the larger screen size and change in specs.
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Battle for Resources Heating Back up in Sapphire Substrate Industry

LED lighting demands are booming this year, according to a report in the Economic Daily News. Sapphire substrate manufacturers saw good operational performance in 1Q14, and remain optimistic as the industry moves into 2Q14. 
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LG Leaked as Flexible OLED Display Supplier for Apple iWatch

There has been many rumors and speculations floating around the internet as to who will be the provider of OLED panels for Apple’s new iWatch. An increasing number of sources have been pointing their fingers towards LG lately. 
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Xiaomi Sets Sights on Sapphire Substrate for Smartphone Display Screens

The sapphire substrate industry is booming on growing non-LED application demands. Tooted as having the potential to eliminate cracks and scratches, many electronic device manufacturers have been shifting their focus from glass to sapphire substrate over the past few years. A player looking into the sapphire substrate market has recently emerged.
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Apple Stays Tight Lipped Despite Sapphire Plant Expansion

The joint facility owned by Apple and GT Advanced Technologies in Mesa, Arizona is expanding, said Apple Insider. The number of buildings and facilities on the 83-acre plot of land is growing, perhaps to accommodate higher yields for products yet to be announced. 
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Corning Glass Slams Sapphire Applications in Future Apple Devices

Corning Glass Senior Vice President Tony Tripeny had some not so nice words to say about sapphire during a Q&A session at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference on March 4. The company blasted the material in defense of their Gorilla Glass. 
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Tanlong: Downstream Demands to Drive Sapphire Growth Furnaces Orders

Technologically, resin bond diamond wire produced by Tanlong Photoelectric (Tanlong) is not ready for cutting sapphire, commented the company during a meeting with investors on Feb. 17, 2014. Sapphire cutting is mainly done by electroplated diamond wire.
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New iWatch Concept Design Leaked by Swiss Design Website

Swiss industrial design website Designerei GmbH has recently released a new concept design for the upcoming Apple iWatch. Although this is not the official Apple design, it can still be used to analyze possible developmental directions for the new technology used in the smart watch.
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Tanlong Photoelectronics to Benefit from Apple’s Push in Sapphire Substrate

Tanlong Photoelectronics will benefit from Apple’s push in the sapphire substrate market, Aastocks.com cited a member from the Chinese company’s security department saying. Although, there has been no growth in the company’s sapphire growth furnace orders, increased downstream demands are expected to spur the company’s furnace sales.
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Slimmer Apple Mobile Device Designs to Impact LED Backlight Specs

As the market continues to speculate iPhone 6 specs and release dates, industry insiders have revealed iPhone 6 monitor size will be expanded to 4.7 inches. Besides larger sizes, the new generation iPhone will maintain its advantages in lightness. As a result industry rumors have surfaced that the new generation iPhone LED backlight specs will also become much lighter.
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Taiwanese Manufacturers Scramble for Sapphire Substrate Patents

Under the influence of Apple, manufacturers have maintained a positive outlook for sapphire substrate applications in consumer electronics, according to a Chinese-language CNA report. Aside from Apple, Taiwanese manufacturers are also quickening sapphire substrate patent applications.
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Apple Rumored to Initiate Arizona Sapphire Plant this Month for ‘Critical’ Component

Apple is rumored to be actively pursuing the launch of its new sapphire plant in Mesa, Arizona for a “critical new sub-component,” according to a report by MacRumor based on documents from 9to5Mac.The company is rumored to open the plant by February.
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2013 Review: The Future of OLED

In recent years, LED technology has been the fastest growing in solid-state lighting, with a market penetration rate estimated to exceed 60 percent in 2014, according to LEDinside. Rapid improvement and the ever-increasing interest of large electronic manufacturers in OLED technology could lead OLEDs into the spotlight in 2017, analyzed LEDinside.
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Apple Files Patent for Quantum Dot Technology to Enhance Display Performance

Apple has filed for a new patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office entitled “Quantum dot-enhanced display having diachronic filter” for enhancement of color accuracy in displays. This patent shows the company’s eagerness in researching next-generation screen technology to keep their products on the cutting edge.
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Apple Patently: Apple Unveils Sapphire Flexible Transparent Display Device

Apple has continued filing patents that enable flexible displays, but this time with a twist of sapphire. The U.S. consumer electronics giant has added to its range of patents a “killer invention” that enables flexible wraparound displays in potential future iPhone and other devices, according to a recent report by Apple Patently. 
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Hon Hai to Mass Produce OLED panels in 2015

Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. (also known as Foxconn Technology Group) will begin developing a kind of high-precision OLED panels designed for current smartphones and tablets with narrow frames and mass produce the new panels in 2015, a OFWeek report quoted sources saying. The report noted Innolux Display Group, the world’s third biggest panel plant is a subsidiary of Hon Hai. Hon Hai’s entry into the OLED panel market is expected to intensify competition.
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Rise in LED Demand to Spur Sapphire Substrate Sales

Currently 80 percent of sapphire applications are used in sapphire substrate while the other 20 percent is for non-substrate materials, according to Chinese-language online media Finance.com.cn estimations. Sapphire that is used in substrate is mainly applied in LED lighting and Si On Sapphire (SOS) related products, with LED lighting accounting  for over 90 percent. Therefore demands from LED lighting directly affect sapphire substrate and is the market’s main focus. 
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Apple Rumored to be Developing Curved Screen Smartphones

An earlier report by Women Citizen projecting Apple’s smartphone dominance is to be challenged by Samsung’s AMOLED technology has been proven wrong by a recent Bloomberg report. Apple has no intention of being left behind by Samsung in the race of developing curved smartphones, according to the Bloomberg report. Citing an unnamed source familiar with the new project, the report noted Apple is developing a new generation of smartphones with curved glass and enhanced sensors.
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Chinese Manufacturers Lose Their Cool Over Apple’s Massive Sapphire Substrate Investment

GT Advanced Technology (GTAT) announced that it has entered into a multi-year supply agreement with Apple Inc. to provide sapphire substrate materials for US $578 million (NT $17 billion). Feeling the effect, Chinese sapphire substrate listed company stockholders yesterday start preparing to make a move. Shanghai and Shenzhen have 8 related concept stocks and aside from Crystal Optech stocks which is under trade suspension, all others increased.
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GT Advanced Technologies Signs Multi-Year Sapphire Materials Agreement with Apple

The company also announced that it has entered into a multi-year supply agreement with Apple Inc. to provide sapphire material. GT will own and operate ASF® furnaces and related equipment to produce the material at an Apple facility in Arizona where GT expects to employ over 700 people. Apple will provide GT with a prepayment of approximately $578 million. GT will reimburse Apple for the prepayment over five years, starting in 2015.
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Apple iWatch Rumored to Use Flexible OLED Technology

An anonymous industry insider recently leaked to The Chosun Ilbo that Apple’s upcoming iWatch will use a flexible OLED display.
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New iPhone 5S/5C to use Sapphire Crystal for Fingerprint Recognition Technology

The newest addition to the Apple family, the iPhone 5S/5C will be launched later this month. The addition of fingerprint recognition technology incorporating sapphire crystal has greatly benefitted substrate manufacturers. Crystal Applied Technology hit record highs with their August revenue at NT$194 million (US$6.5 million) with a monthly growth of 26.79 percent. Crystalwise Technology revenue for August was NT$170 million, an increase of 3.6 percent.
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Apple to Release iPad Mini with Double Die Packaging This September

With information pouring in about the launch of new iPhone and iPad products this September, the whole world is watching to see if Apple will be able to perform as well as they did 3Q. It is rumored that the new iPhone will come with dual-LED flash which will increase the phone’s flash power. With the iPad mini, the new generation will use a 0.6t double die packaging but the number of LEDs used in backlighting will remain the same making the new device lighter and thinner.
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Apple's New Patent: OLED Display Compensates Ambient Lighting and Lifetime Brightness Degradation

According to relevant reports, the US PTO recently published a new patent from Apple (filed in 2012) that describes how to use sensors to compensate for ambient lighting and lifetime brightness degradation in OLED displays. The patent describes that photo-diodes can be placed inside the OLED array or above and below it. Apple didn't use an OLED display in any of their products yet, but the company has been trying to improve the OLED technology, for example, the OLED color changes due to the long service time. This new patent includes many advanced technol...
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Taiwan-based Sapphire Plants to Benefit from the Shipment of Next iPhone in Q3

It has been reported that Apple's next iPhone will be shipped in September, and the news comes from the industry that Apple's biggest coating plant Bern optical has begun shipping to Apple and actively picking up goods from Sapphire suppliers, as the release of Apple's next iPhone is just around the corner and the shipment of LED lighting is in blessing season, sapphire is expected to increase in both price and volume in Q3, Taiwan-based Plants like ACME Electronics, Crystalwise Technology, ACTC will benefit more than others. Sapphire material has b...
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