Manufacturers Disappointed Again by Sapphire-free iPhone 6S

Sapphire screens were missing on Apple’s latest smartphone again. Apple fans waited in eager anticipation in front of their computer monitors during the twilight hours of Sept. 10, Beijing time, just to catch a glimpse of the new products at the annual fall product launch event.
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Apple Granted New Sapphire Antenna Patent

Previous rumors surrounding Apple’s sapphire usage were focused on whether iPhones would be equipped with sapphire screens in the future, but new reports claim the company has received a new sapphire antenna patent.
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Apple HomeKit Development Delayed by Stringent Bluetooth Security and ID Chip Requirements

Apple’s HomeKit development has been progressing at a sluggish pace, due to the company’s high security standards and specific identity chip requirements, reported MacRumors and other technology media reports.
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Apple’s Micro-LED Display Could Replace OLED Screens in Wearable Devices

A display expert believes micro-LED displays, such as those made by Apple’s newly acquired low-power display maker LuxVue could become a game changer in the display market, according to a report by Apple Insider.
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Sapphire Screens Usage in iPhone 6S Unconfirmed

French technology media nowhereelse.com latest leaked photos of the iPhone 6S suggest the design will be similar to existing iPhone 6.
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Apple Objects to GTAT Financing Plan

Apple is objecting to bankrupt GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) financing plans, saying the terms would undermine the settlement the two companies reached last year, reported Re/code.
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Apple iPod Touch 6 Loses Sapphire Covered Lens

iFixit recent teardown of iPod touch 6 revealed the absence of sapphire covered lens, reported Apple Insider.
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Apple HomeKit Products to Be Released Next Month

Apple recently announced it will be launching Apple HomeKit devices next month, denying a previous Fortune report that pushed back the release date to fall, according to several tech and business media reports.
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Ming-chi Kuo: Apple Might Launch Limited Sapphire Editions of iPhone 6S Plus

Apple might be releasing limited edition of sapphire screened phones for the larger sized 5.5-inch models in the upcoming iPhone 6S, an Apple Insider report quoted Ming-Chi Kuo, Analyst of KGI Securities saying.
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GE Smart LED Lighting Connects with Apple® HomeKit Ecosystem

Beth Comstock, President & CEO, GE Business Innovations, today shared GE’s plans to engineer intelligent, color-changing LED lighting compatible with Apple’s HomeKit during GE’s Connected Future event, unveiling LED-enabled Intelligent Environments capabilities for cities, buildings and homes.
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Apple Embraces OLED Displays for Future iPads?

Two years ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook deemed OLED screens color saturation as “awful,” and lauded Retina display resolution and color performance as far superior, but this all might be changing for the company’s future iPads.
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LEDinside: Sapphire Substrate Market Growth to Soar in 2015

After Apple abandoned using sapphire protective glass covers in the iPhone 6 last year, sapphire substrates have been viewed as the equivalent to market speculation in the investment market. Following GT Advanced Technology’s (GTAT) bankruptcy filing in early October 2014, the idea of applying sapphire material in consumer electronics has become ridiculed on the mainstream market.
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Apple iPhone 7 Rumored to Feature OLED Screens

Apple’s long term OEM Foxconn and Innolux will be producing OLED displays for upcoming iDevices, according to a report from Japanese media, Nikkan Kogyo Shumbun.
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Apple Touch Screen Supplier Wintek Restructures to Become New LED Player

Taiwanese touch screen supplier Wintek laid off nearly 90% of its staff, as the financially struggling company aims to transform its business model to become a new LED manufacturer, according to a Chinese-language Economic Daily News report.
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GT Advanced COO: Apple Used ‘Bait and Switch’ Tactic

Apple Inc. (AAPL) used “bait-and-switch” tactics in negotiating a contract with sapphire-maker GT Advanced Technologies Inc. (GTATQ), guaranteeing itself “heads I win, tails you lose” terms, a GT executive said in an unsealed court document.
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Apple and GTAT Stick to Settlement after Unsealing of Documents

Apple and GT Advanced Technology (GTAT) settlement was unaffected by the publication of documents previously considered confidential, according to a Bloomberg report.
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Apple iPhone 7 Rumored to be Featuring Sapphire Display

Many consumers are still waiting in line to receive their iPhone 6, hardly a month has gone by since the smartphone’s launch, but market rumors about its successor are already being leaked by a British Christian news website.
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Apple Watch Turns to Third Party Sapphire Suppliers after Parting Ways with GTAT

After parting ways with former sapphire supplier GT Advanced Technology (GTAT), Apple will turn to third party sapphire suppliers to supply sapphire watch covers for the upcoming smartwatch, analyzed Seeking Alpha.
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Apple’s Confidentiality Veil to be lifted in GTAT Bankruptcy Case

The seal on confidential documents signed between Apple and sapphire supplier GT Advanced Technology (GTAT) is expected to be gradually lifted in its bankruptcy case, according to a Bloomberg report.
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Oort Launches LED Lights for Smart Homes

oort, inventor of the unique, patent-pending technology that lets users create smarter homes and businesses, has today launched its online store to offer the first system of smart devices based exclusively on Bluetooth Smart, that can be controlled with a single app.
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GTAT Slashes Jobs, Prepares to File Lawsuit against Apple

GT Advanced Technology’s (GTAT) recently carried out major job cuts, and intends to take legal action against former partner Apple, according to a Reuters report.
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Is Apple Set to Acquire GTAT?

Since GT Advanced Technology (GTAT) abruptly filed for bankruptcy protection this Monday, many industry insiders have speculated how this will impact Apple. While most Wall Street financial analysts believe Apple could walk away with GTAT’s sapphire equipment and patents at a bargain price, one report believes Apple could acquire GTAT.
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Tera Xtel Sues Apple for Sapphire Camera Lens Patent Infringement

Taiwanese sapphire manufacturer Tera Xtel Technology filed a sapphire camera lens patent infringement lawsuit against Apple, Senao International and Vibao on Oct. 9, 2014 (Taipei time). The company is seeking compensation totaling NT $300 million (US $9.88 million) from the three companies.
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GTAT Insolvency Marks Uncertain Future for Sapphire Cover Glass

U.S. sapphire furnace and sapphire manufacturer GTAT, the primary sapphire supplier to Apple, filed for bankruptcy on October 6. As of September 29, GTAT reported having US $85 million in cash. Under the $578 million multi-year agreement GTAT and Apple signed last November, GTAT must supply a certain volume of sapphire ingots to Apple while Apple was to pay GTAT in four installments with the final $139 million payment scheduled for the end of October. But low sapphire yield rates have made Apple withhold the last payment. Additionally, GTAT lost an American Arbitration Association (AAA) lawsuit against Taiwanese sapphire manufacturer Tera Xtal Technology in August. AAA ruled GTAT should return payment totaling $ 24 million for faulty sapphire crystal growth furnaces, which greatly strained the firm’s finances.
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Strained Relations with Apple Sinks GTAT

Sapphire manufacturer GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) bankruptcy protection announcement sent shockwaves throughout Wall Street on October 6, 2014. Investors and financial institutes were shocked, no one expected the seemingly promising Apple sapphire supplier to declare insolvency.
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New Report Points Apple Had No Plans to Use Sapphire Glass on iPhone 6

Tim Bajarin, President of U.S. market intelligence company Creative Strategy, refuted an earlier report by PTT Research Senior Analyst Matt Margolis that Apple dropped sapphire substrate last minute because of Chinese sapphire glass processing manufacturers Biel Crystal and Lens Technology’s low yield rates.
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Biel Crystal Emerges as Apple and Samsung’s Largest Screen Supplier

Chinese sapphire substrate manufacturer Biel Crystal, which has long kept a low profile, recently responded to market rumors about Lens Technology being a major smartphone screen supplier for Apple and Samsung, according to a Shenzhen Commercial report.
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Xiaomi Copies Apple’s Launch of Limited Sapphire Glass Edition Phones

In the Western hemisphere, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has earned a reputation of being an Apple wannabe. Whether it is in the phone’s exterior design or operation system interface, Xiaomi tends to mimic Apple’s every detail (TechCrunch even made a graphic comparison last week to deliver the point), so it probably is not too surprising that it now wants sapphire glass for its premium smartphones too.
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iPhone 6 Sticks to Dual-Flash LED Technology

Apple might still be using the dual-LED flash technology, True Tone Flash, in the latest iPhone 6 after all, according to numerous reports by MacRumors, Slashgear, 9to5Mac and others.
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Crystal Applied Focuses on Expertise to Keep Position As Top Sapphire Substrate Manufacturer

Upholding a positive outlook on smartphone optical and LED application markets large demands, Taiwanese sapphire substrate manufacturer Crystal Applied has kicked off production expansion projects in Yancheng City located in Jiangsu Province in China. As more manufacturers expand production capacity in the industry, finding methods to increase profits will be key to survival, said Chang Chien-ming, Chairman of the company’s Yancheng City branch.
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