The BULLET: One of the Smallest EDC LED Flashlights for City Travelers

If you want to carry a flashlight with you wherever you go without noticing its existence, then it must be extremely small, lightweight, and energy efficient. “BULLET”, created by a small enterprise Slughaus, is designed to be an essential everyday carry item.
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FoxFury SideSlide Series Flashlight Now Are Upgraded to 200 Lumens and Available

FoxFury Lighting Solutions is pleased to announce that its SideSlide Series (powerful CREE LED flashlights featuring an innovative helmet adaptor) has been upgraded to 200 lumens. These handheld lights can be mounted on the side of firefighter helmets, wide brim hard hats and select rescue helmets. The SideSlide is a side mounted helmet light designed specifically for use by firefighters, rescue personnel and industrial safety professionals. It can also function as a handheld flashlight as well. The SideSlide is truly unique in that it can convert from a flashligh...
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Simon Brands Introduces the High-Power LED Flashlight T6 Pro with Cree LED Bulb

Simon Brands has released the newly developed Simon High-Power Flashlight T6 Pro mini which uses the Cree LED bulb for greater lighting. This mini torch light is ideal for law enforcement and military, as well as consumers who desire a flashlight which can be used for personal protection. The Simon High-Power flashlight T6 Pro is manufactured from highly durable, yet lightweight, 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. Weighing less than 8 ounces.It includes an adjustable wrist band which makes it easy to carry and hold onto when used in tight spaces such as automobile engine co...
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15-year-old Canadian Girl Invents LED Flashlight Powered by Hand Heat

It is believed that many people may have such an unpleasant experience that when you need a flashlight, the flashlight can be found but cannot find the battery to light it, if flashlight also can emit light without the help of battery, such unpleasant experience will not occur any longer. Recently, AnnMakosinski, a 15-year-old girl from Canada, invented an eco-friendly flashlight; it can emit light without the use of battery. The flashlight works in accordance with the thermoelectric effect; it is powered by the heat of user's hand and the environmental temperature heat. How...
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Wavien to Showcase a One Million Candle Power LED Flashlight at InfoComm

Wavien, Inc. has made use of its proprietary Recycling LED (RLT™) technology and the new Luminus SBT 70 round white LED from Luminus, to develop an LED flashlight producing output of one million candle power.   This flashlight far surpasses the brightness of currently available LED flashlights using standard technologies, and is within the brightness range of arc lamp based flashlights and spotlights. According to Dr. Kenneth Li, President and CEO of Wavien, Inc., who is also the inventor of the recycling technology, "This unique design...
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AE Light Introduces Mark 11 LED Tactical Flashlight

AE Light releases new Mark 11 LED tactical flashlight at the 2010 Shot Show. Designed for law enforcement, security, armed forces, emergency services, and home use.
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IXYS Introduces New LED Driver ICs for Photo Flash Application

IXYS Corporation announces today sample availability of the LDS8640/41 and LDS8680/81, innovative 2 channels, charge-pump based, high efficiency LED drivers with low dropout voltage for Photo Flash applications. The drivers provide full output power from a single-cell lithium ion battery or supply voltage in the range of 2.7V to 5.5 V.
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Exar Releases Industry's Highest Intensity Supercapacitor LED Flash Driver

Exar Corporation unveiled the XRP6840, the industry's highest intensity LED flash driver with full management of supercapacitor based flash technology. The XRP6840 delivers up to 4.3Amps flash pulse which is ideal for high resolution mobile phone cameras and standalone digital cameras.
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Battery-Free LED Flashlight Recharges in 90 Seconds

Last year, 5.11 Tactical announced a new high-tech flashlight called Light for Life. And only recently the product has become available to order. The flashlight uses three LEDs, but its key component is Flashpoint Power technology, an ultracapacitor energy storage system from Ivus Energy Innovations.
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Battery Snaps: Snap on a Flashlight on a Battery

Just press the snap onto the top of a 9 volt battery you can get a LED flashlight, you should like the idea of the Battery Snaps. Press the button on top to turn on the LED light. And when it stops working, just replace the battery. For $5, it comes with a 9 volt battery included. It would be handy to have for power outages.
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NOKIA 1661 to Come out with Amazing LED Flashlight

The NOKIA 1661 will come out on T-MOBILE USA later this year. The phone is economically priced, and is ridiculously simple, while the amazing built-in LED flashlight will be the biggest attraction to all. With a built-in speakerphone, FM radio and flashlight, consumers can stay well connected when away from home or the office. With the built-in LED flashlight, consumers won't be left in the dark again as the Nokia 1661 easily lights the way.
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Patented LED flashlight technology firstly added to wristwatches

LED flashlight technology has recently for the first time been added to a wristwatch as in the new digital watch product recently released by iBEAM. New features and applications have been essential factors for watch brands to win the market. So iBEAM has made sure to have a hit with consumers and retailers with this new adoption of LED flashlight to its new product.
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Striker magnetic LED flashlight brightens tight places from a dozen angles

The following golf-ball-sized flashlight is unlike any other, shaped like a underwater mine and bristling with LEDs loaded with one particularly powerful LED. Its twelve points are tipped with powerful neodymium magnets, clinging to any steel surface and letting you aim it every which way. That LED inside benefits from the recent advances in those high-efficiency light sources, so this little hotshot can blast out the light, and fits in tight places while doing its illuminating work. The price of this Striker magnetic LED mine is $9.
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HydroStar SUB Flashlight With Dynamo-Powered LEDs

The HydroStar SUB flashlight is billed as an ideal emergency tool or a handy device. The dynamo-powered flashlight features single, dual and strobe LED modes along with a "snake eyes" laser pointer. Plus, the SUB is shock resistant and submersible up to 30 feet—so it should be rugged enough to handle the elements.
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Spectronics Corp. unveils UV-A LED Flashlight for Industrial Leak Detection

Recently, Spectronics Corporation has unveiled the powerful Spectroline® OPTIMAX(TM) 365 - a cordless, rechargeable true UV-A (365 nm) LED flashlight ideal for industrial leak detection. When used in conjunction with Spectroline® fluorescent fluid dyes, it is easy to pinpoint leaks in hydraulic systems, lubrication systems, pipelines, condensers, water storage tanks and much more.  
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TerraLUX LED Flashlight upgrade from Cutter Electronics

Cutter Electronics provides the new 600 Lumen LED light bulb upgrade from TerraLUX which replaces the standard incandescent bulb in Maglite D cell flashlights. The TLE-300 upgrade fits into and converts a Maglite flashlight with 4, 5 or 6 D cell batteries into the bright LED flashlight available, setting a new performance milestone in flashlight brightness.TerraLUX uses three of the latest Luxeon K2 flip chip high powered bright LEDs to make this performance possible. The product will be available to upgrade other flashlight manufacturer’s products in the near future.
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Qiao Xing Mobile's CECT Subsidiary Releases New C3100 LED Flashlight Mobile Handset

On January 18, Qiao Xing Mobile Communication Co., Ltd announced the launch of its new C3100 handset model that targets the low-end and rural markets with a bright LED flashlight and long standby time. The retail price of RMB499 is expected to make the handset attainable to a wide variety of consumers.The C3100 has the following features:LED Flashlight–The C3100 offers a bright flashlight powered by six light-emitting diodes (LED)Long standby time –The handset can run for over 25 days in standby mode without a recharge
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Lighting ・NVSC219GL-L1(Royal Blue), NVSB219GL-L1(Blue), NVSE219GL-L1(Bluish Green), NVSG219GL-L1(Green): Added high power color upgrades to the 19(3535) Series. Automotive ・NC2W121G(High luminous flux), NC2W121G-SC(High luminance): Added to th... READ MORE

Highlights: Brightek unveils the EVO iCLed platform for automotive ambient lighting, addressing the latest trends in personalized interior design. With 7000 mcd of brightness, EVO is ideal for smart surface integration or exterior ambient ligh... READ MORE