German Deputy Economy Minister Proposes Protecting High-tech Companies against Foreign Takeovers

Germany’s Deputy Economy Minister Matthias Maching submitted a proposal comprising of six key points to government officials to review investment at the EU level on Monday, Reuters cited local newspaper Welt am Sonntag reporting.
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LEDs Take Center Stage at InT’l Workshop on Energy Efficient Lighting in India

Policymakers, business leaders and financiers agreed that the global transition to energy efficient lighting solutions such as LEDs is an unprecedented opportunity, at a global event which took place in Vijayawada in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, on April 7-8.
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U.S. LED Streetlight Projects from Pennsylvania to Nebraska

Local U.S. governments have been actively replacing conventional streetlights with LEDs in an effort to slash energy consumption, according to a latest report from The Climate Group mayors across the U.S. are prioritizing LED streetlights. Below are summaries of streetlight projects in several U.S. cities.
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Puducherry in India Rolls out Second Phase LED Bulb Distribution

Puducherry, a Union Territory of India, has launched its second phase LED bulb distribution project, The Hindu reported Puducherry Electricity Minister T. Thiagarajan saying recently.
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Japan to Phase-out Incandescent and Fluorescent Lights by 2020

The Japanese government intends to phase out the country’s incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent tubes by 2020, and convert all lights to LEDs, reported Asahi Shinbun.
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Indian State Karnataka to Launch LED Bulbs Scheme Next Month

The capital of Indian State Karnataka will initiate its LED bulb scheme from Dec. 11, 2015, according to a report from The Times of India.
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DOE to Announce FY 2016 SBIR/STTR Phase I Release 2 Funding Opportunity

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Science plans to announce a funding opportunity on November 30, 2015, for the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs. Under this grant opportunity, DOE will seek applications for funding directed toward FY16 Phase I, Release 2 projects. Topics for this funding opportunity were released on schedule on November 2, 2015, and can be downloaded at //science.energy.gov/sbir/funding-opportunities. The topic title is “Buildings,” and the subtopic title is “Energy Efficient Solid-State Lighting Luminaires, Products, and Systems” (see topic 11a, page 42).
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LED Bulb Distribution Kicks Off in Indian City

Resta Peth, a region in Pune City in the state of Maharashtra, India, has rolled out its LED bulb distribution scheme, reported The Times of India.
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Puducherry LED Lighting Incentive Slashes Energy Costs by INR 27.1 Million

Indian government incentives promoting the replacement of conventional lighting with LED bulbs has helped a state union Puducherry save INR 27.1 million (US $420,000) in energy bills, reported The Hindu.
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UK Islands to Roll out LED Lighting Upgrade

Authorities of Shetland, UK, announced the subartic archipelagos will be spending more than GBP 2 million (US $3.05 million) to upgrade its streetlights to LEDs, reported Shetland news.
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The Climate Group Urges Governments to Swap City Streetlights to LEDs by 2025

Today, The Climate Group, which is hosting its annual Climate Week NYC, called on every single city and utility around the world to schedule the switch of their street lighting to LED by 2025 and launched its new major global campaign LED = Lower Emissions Delivered, to encourage local governments, cities and utilities to embrace the carbon and cost benefits of switching to LED.
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French Government Plans to Give Away 1 M LED Bulbs

The French government is planning to give away one million LED bulbs to low income families in the country, reported French media The Connexion.
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DOE Announces FY 2016 SBIR/STTR Funding Opportunity

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science published the Fiscal Year 2016 Phase I, Release 1 Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) on August 17, 2015, for the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs. Under DE-FOA-0001366, whose complete listing of technical topics was released on July 20, DOE seeks applicants for grants directed toward FY16 Phase I projects. Topics for this funding opportunity can be found at //science.energy.gov/sbir/funding-opportunities and include LED and OLED lighting (see topic 7).
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India Power Minister Calls for LED Bulb Prices Correction

Speaking at a conference on Thursday, Indian Power Minister Power Piyush Goya urged LED manufacturers to correct LED bulb prices, reported Can-India News.
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Yankong Lighting Receives RMB 91.88 M Subsidy

Chinese LED manufacturer Yankong Lighting announced Monday, it received RMB 91.88 M (US $14.80 million) subsidy from China’s Ministry of Finance.
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Thai Government Organizations to Upgrade to LED Bulbs within 6 Years

The Thai government plans to take the lead in replacing about three million light bulbs in government agency offices within a six year time frame, reported the country’s National News Bureau.
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LIA Supports UK ‘Switch the Lights’ campaign

The LIA has been working closely with the Green Construction Board and British Retail Consortium to develop a campaign aimed at encouraging independent and small to medium sized retailers to switch to LED lighting installations.
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Indian Union Territory Puducherry Delivers Cheap LEDs to Every Household

Puducherry, an Indian Union Territory, recently completed distributing low cost LED bulbs to every household, according to a Deccan Chronicle report.
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Cross-Strait LED Industry Cooperation Seminar Aims to Integrate the Best from Both Sides

The Cross-Strait LED industry cooperation seminar took place at Dayeh University in Changhua County, Taiwan on Sept. 4, 2014. Industry experts and academia from China and Taiwan attended the seminar.
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Mexico and Australia Have Newly Released Or Updated LED Standards

Product testing and ceritifcation organization DEKRA outlines some of the recent changes in Mexico and Australia's LED standards.
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Taiwanese Government Kicks Off New LED Energy Efficiency Standards

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) new LED energy efficiency standard has been in effect since July 1, 2014. According to the ministry, Taiwan is the first Asian country to implement minimum energy efficiency standards for LED bulbs. The new standard will be applicable for both imported and domestic products.
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Jamaica to Lift Tarriffs for LED Lamps and Solar Equipment

Jamaica’s Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell revealed in late Feb. 2014, the Jamaican government will be amending regulations to lift tariff for solar equipment and LED lamps, according to an article by Jamaican media The Gleaner.
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