Designer Hartmut Engel’s Design Concept behind Dematerialized Lighting

A luminaire that seems to almost invisibly release light into the space is an aesthetic ideal. hartmut s. engel - design studio has developed a lighting system for Zumtobel that systematically follows this holistic concept, gracefully dissolving the object in its materiality. Zumtobel to Hartmut S. Engel about the creation of this luminaire.
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Designers of Lightening a Modern Odyssey Talk about Inspiration and Concept

In this blog entry by Monique Cousineau Social Media Manager for Philips Lighting North America, she interviews 2nd prize winners of CLUE 02 Competition Antonis Athanasiou and Maria–Chrysoula Akrivou about their award winning lighting design.
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Philips Clue 02 Winner Speaks About DMZ: N38 ̊ Design Concept

Philips Clue 02 first prize winner Yeonho Lee sheds light about his winning design in an exclusive interview with Philips Social Media Manager Monique Cousineau.
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Vicki Scuri: Illuminating the Future for Public Art

Jordan Sullivan, marketing communications co-op at Philips Lighting, interviews U.S. designer Vicki Scuri about her public lighting art works in this latest blog entry.
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Lighting Designer: LEDs Transforms The Science of Illumination

Paul Mercier is heavily involved in the lighting industry. As the principal and founder of Lighting Design Innovations, with offices in Calgary, Alberta and Batavia, New York, recent textbook author, various industry association memberships and certifications, adjunct teaching positions in the US and Canada, and significant IES (Illuminating Engineering Society – www.ies.org) involvement, including the recent conclusion of his term as President of the society, his passion for lighting clearly shines.
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Lighting Designer Helen Diemer on Career in Lighting

Helen Diemer, President of The Lighting Practice in Philadelphia, PA, started her career as an electrical engineer, but was quickly drawn to lighting design. After graduating from Penn State University as an architectural engineer, she joined the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) and International Association of Lighting Designers(IALD) and blazed her career path in lighting design. She joined The Lighting Practice in 1994; five years after Al Borden founded the firm.
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Etta Dannemann Reflections on Philips Lighting Designer in Residence Program

Stephanie Cohn from Philips Color Kinetics interviews Etta Dannemann about her thoughts on the company’s Lighting Designer in Residence Program.
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Rahul Gujarathi Speaks About Design Concept Behind Award Winning OLED Design

The project Interlace by Rahul Gujarathi is an elegant composition, said jury member, Randy Burkett. “It’s two technologies woven together to serve the user and occupant. A near endless number of manifestations seem possible with the creative application of this approach in building design. Definining a timeless and traditional boundry this is innately linked to light and the environment, in an exciting and artistic manner. Connection, protection, interaction – all present at this border. This project, more than most, looks forward at the ultimate integration of technology and human needs.”
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Designer Hyunje Joo Speaks about Award Winning Interactive Lights

Dancing on the clouds, brought to us by Hyunje Joo, who is originally from Korea and now studies in Germany, was awarded second prize for his project that actively engages its environment by changing shapes with the climate and the people around. It was deemed by our jury as being very poetic and it helps in bringing people together. There is an interesting relationship between the object and the user. It is a very good interface between the sky and the ground.
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Interview with Amospheric Strategist Galina Zbrizher

When Galina Zbrizher of Total Lighting Solutions in Vancouver, Canada started working in the lighting industry about 30 years ago, lighting design and technologies were still in the early stages of development. She participated in shaping the industry by serving on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), serving as President of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) – Toronto Section, a Chair of the IES Hospitality Facilities Committee and active contributor to the IES Design Guide for Hotel Lighting DG-25, by serving seven years on the LIGHTFAIR® International Conference Advisory Committee, and finally as a judge for several lighting design competitions and contributing author for lighting design publications.
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Clue 01 Competition Winner Shed Light on Photovascular System Design

In early March, Philips announced the winners of the revamped international lighting design CLUE Competition. The theme this year was Interface. The participants were asked to explore transformative potentials and to define unique lighting innovations that celebrate the activities of both the built and unbuilt communities. Incorporating the concepts of contact, transparency, transition, threshold, limits, dark/light, natural/artificial, the interface focuses on the spatial interactions influenced by exchanges between one and the other, and thereby distinguishing the two adjacent spaces.
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Lighting Designer Claudia Paz Transforms Public Spaces into Art

Peruvian lighting designer Claudia Paz shared her insight on the creative process of architectural lighting design during a presentation at Philips Color Kinetics in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA, on September 25, 2014. The renowned lighting designer discussed her key influences and most memorable projects, including her involvement with the recent Banco del Crédito de Peru (BCP) Affinity lighting installation.
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Lighting up The Exchange tower: From Conceptualization to Realization

Sabrina-Santoro of Philips Lumec speaks to Victor Quezada and Sean Casey, Principals from render light & planning, inc. about the process of coming up with design for The Exchange tower in Vancouver, Canada.
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Lighting Designer Larry French in the Spotlight

In the weeks and months to come, the Philips Lighting Blog will feature a series of interviews with lighting designers whose artistic skills and technical knowledge have produced lighting installations that are innovative, functional, appealing and energy-efficient.
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