Chinese Manufacturers Warned about Infringing U.S. LED T8 Tube Light Patent

A Xiamen-based Chinese technology company (厦门市钛科创科技有限公司) has alerted LED manufacturers of a U.S. LED T8 tube light patent that companies should avoid infringing on in its LED patent thread on social platform WeChat.
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Hubbell Control Solutions Appoints New U.S. Regional Sales Managers

Hubbell Control Solutions announces the appointment of three new US Regional Sales Managers. Greg Ortt takes over the Southeast states, while Joe Osterwyk handles the North Central states and Mark Westgate takes the Western states. Hubbell Control Solutions leverages a history of innovation to create future-proof lighting controls.
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U.S. LED Streetlight Projects from Pennsylvania to Nebraska

Local U.S. governments have been actively replacing conventional streetlights with LEDs in an effort to slash energy consumption, according to a latest report from The Climate Group mayors across the U.S. are prioritizing LED streetlights. Below are summaries of streetlight projects in several U.S. cities.
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U.S. Mayors Prioritize LED Lighting Installations

Arianna Tozzi from The Climate Group  addresses in this article how U.S. mayors are valuing LED lighting replacements in their efforts to reduce city carbon emission and energy consumption.
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Heliospectra Receives LED Light Order from Washington State Cannabis Grower

Heliospectra, a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for crop cultivation and plant research, announced an order valued at just over US $265,000 for the Heliospectra LX601C cannabis-focused LED light hardware and software system.
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Residents in North Carolina Capital Request Dimmer and Warmer Colored LED Lights

Crisp white LED streetlights rolled out by European and American cities have not always been welcomed by local residents, many have complained about its strong glare and unforgivingly powerful light beams streaming through windows that have been compared to transforming living rooms into football fields by upset residents.
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GE Breakups with Old Love CFL in Favor of LEDs Ahead of Valentines Season

Two weeks ahead of Valentines, GE published a heartbreaking online letter ending its long term relationship with CFL, while announcing its new passion for LEDs.The creatively written marketing stunt was highlighting an important announcement that GE will discontinue the manufacturing of CFL bulbs in the U.S. market, and shift its focus in the consumer lighting towards LED bulbs by the end of 2016.
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Georgia Power Rolls Out Statewide LED Streetlight Project in Georgia

Georgia Power announced that roadways across the state will benefit from higher-quality lighting thanks to a new multi-year partnership with local governments. The company, which owns and maintains approximately 400,000 roadway lights for local governments, is in the process of converting thousands of high-pressure sodium (HPS) roadway lights to new energy efficient LEDs. The LED lighting upgrade is available to cities and municipalities upon request.
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OSRAM SYLVANIA Opens First U.S. Based LED Module Production Line

OSRAM SYLVANIA has expanded the Hillsboro manufacturing capabilities by adding the first advanced Surface Mount Technology (SMT) production line for manufacturing LED modules in the plant.  OSRAM as the automotive lighting leader is pushing the transition to LED systems by investing in R&D and production capacities, infrastructure and talent to support the technology migration. 
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BMW i8 Laser Headlights Awaiting U.S. FDA Approval

A recent report from BMW Blog has quashed rumors that the laser headlights would be arriving in the U.S. market by fall this year.
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ON World Survey Finds 20% U.S. Consumers Plan to Buy Smart LED Light Bulbs by 2017

ON World’s recently completed survey with 1,000+ U.S. online adult consumers found that smart lighting is the most popular home automation product area with 1 in 5 likely to purchase a smart LED light bulb within the next two years.
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Jury Findings Impact on Everlight and Nichia Lawsuit

The judge’s final verdict will probably be based on Michigan Federal jury findings that two Nichia patents were invalid in the case against Everlight, said former Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) researcher Jerry Yu.
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Siemens Beats Philips in Bid for New Hampshire City Streetlight Project

Aldermen of Manchester city in New Hampshire, U.S. have chosen Siemens traditional LED streetlights over Philips smart streetlights, reported local media the New Hampshire Union Leader.
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U.S. International Trade Commission Opens Investigation into Cree LED Lighting Patent Infringement Case

Cree announced that the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has agreed to open an investigation into unfair trade practices by Feit Electric Company, Inc. and its Asian supplier, Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd. The investigation includes allegations of infringement of 8 Cree patents related to LED lighting and Feit’s false and misleading advertising claims, including that certain of its products meet ENERGY STAR® specifications. The decision to open an investigation comes after Cree filed a complaint on January 12, 2015, requesting an investigation by the ITC.
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Chinese IGOO Smartlamp Manufacturer Opens US Flagship Store

IGOO smartlamp, the unprecedented home lighting system based in Shanghai, China is bringing their innovative smartlamp design overseas with the launch of IGOO's first US flagship store, located at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles.  Opening December 1, 2014, the IGOO Experience Center is a sleek and modern 1,937 square foot space, designed to provide customers with a dramatic setting in which to experience the smartlamp's mesmerizing "Lightsongs"—settings that create a desired atmosphere using advanced lighting control and technology.
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Harvatek Regrets Business Partner Cree’s Legal Actions

Harvatek Corporate announced that U.S. LED manufacturer Cree, has taken legal action against the Taiwanese company to enforce its six patents in the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin on September 15th, 2014. Although, Harvatek has not received an official copy of the complaint yet, is is aware of the dispute and preparing reactive measures.
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U.S. Residential Electricity Prices on the Rise

U.S. retail residential electricity prices for the first half of 2014 averaged 12.3 cents per kilowatthour, an increase of 3.2 percent from the same period last year. This is the highest year-over-year growth in residential prices for the first half of the year since 2009. Average prices rose in all areas of the country except for the Pacific Census Division (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).
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Colorado Experiments with LED Tunnel Light

The Colorado Department of Transportation is testing new in-pavement LED lighting, according to a report by Community Radio for Northern Colorado.
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Philips Lighting to invest US $2 million in New Missouri LED Plant

Philips Lighting’s U.S. branch has announced plans of investing US$ 2 million in a new LED manufacturing plant in Tupelo, Missouri, according to aWTVA report.
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LED Overtakes CFL Installation in U.S. Market for First Time in 2014

Precision Paragon, a U.S. energy efficient luminaire manufacturer, recently released its fourth annual state of the lighting industry survey. The survey was distributed to over 5,000 energy-efficient lighting industry professionals in December 2013. 
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