Revving towards Commercialization: Micro LED TVs May Come Sooner Than Expected

Micro LED, the next generation display technology, has lighten up a new path for the LED industry. As global key players continue to jump on the Micro LED bandwagon, a whole supply chain has gradually taken shape. The development process of related applications has been ramped up, making possible an earlier than expected volume production for Micro LED-based large screen TVs. However, there are still many challenges lying ahead of commercial developments. Among them, two key elements play a pivotal role.
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LEDforum 2016: Micro-LEDs Potential and Barriers Before Commercialization

More than 300 attendees turned up at LEDforum 2016, large numbers of visitors that signed up for the forum last minute queued patiently in front of the registration desk, a sight event organizers have not seen since 2011, said Roger Chu, director of research at LEDinside.
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Graphene LED Light Bulbs to Hit the Market in Late 2015

A Canadian-financed company, Graphene Lighting, has succeeded in commercializing graphene LED light bulbs, and will be launching the lights on the market sometime later this year, reported BBC.
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ITRI Flexible Displays on the Road to Commercialization within Two Years

Flexible displays developed by ITRI will be entering mass production within the next two years, a Central News Agency (CNA) report cited Janglin Chen, Vice President of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan saying.
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