First Apple Watch with micro-LED display still on track for late 2025

We’ve been hearing rumors about Apple adopting micro-LED displays in its products for a while now, but there’s still no sign of it happening anytime soon. Also according to rumors, Apple Watch could be the first product to receive the new display – and analyst Jeff Pu from Haitong Tech said in his latest report that this is still the case. According to him, the first Apple Watch with micro-LED is still on track for late 2025. Apple working on micro-LED Apple Watch Pu, who has sources in Apple’s supply chain, emphasized that many comp...
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Apple Watch With A Micro-LED Display Tipped For 2026

Apple is tipped to release an Apple Watch Ultra with a micro-LED screen in 2026. That’s good and bad news. The good news is that Apple finally looks like producing a micro-LED device. It has been a long wait. It’s 9 years since Apple acquired LuxVue Technology in 2014. That company had been working on the development of micro-LED technology way back then. The bad news is that earlier projections suggested an Apple Watch Ultra with a micro-LED display would be available a year earlier. Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) had predict...
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Apple Watch Reportedly to Come with Micro LED Starting Next year

On January 11, the foreign media reported that Apple will likely adopt Micro LED panels for highly priced Apple Watches next year, thereby bolstering morale among the long-term depressed panel industry. Taiwanese businesses from the top three Micro LED groups hold that the news will help expand the Micro LED market scale with increased popularity, which is favorable for the entire industry. As Bloomberg reported, Apple is planning to introduce the customized self-developed 2.1" Micro LED panel to its advanced Apple Watch Ultra model in late 2024. The exis...
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Apple Watch could gain glucose monitoring features by 2022

Photo Credit: apple insider   An SEC filing for UK startup Rockley Photonics has revealed a significant relationship with Apple, one that could result in the introduction of blood sugar monitoring functions to the Apple Watch as soon as 2022.   Rockley Photonics is a UK-based company that designs sensors for monitoring a person's blood using infrared light. The sensors are said to be capable of monitoring elements normally possible using medical or specialized equipment, including monitoring blood glucose and alcohol levels. &...
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New Apple Watch Not to Adopt Micro LED Technology Yet

Apple is reportedly preparing the new iPad and MacBook adopting Mini LED technology coming later this year or later while its progress in Micro LED technology has yet enter the next phase. It was said that the Apple Watch Series will feature OLED screen which is similar to the previous model, instead of Micro LED. An anonymous Twitter account who has revealed several Apple products details accurately twitted on May 31 suggesting that Apple will use display from JDI, who supplies OLED panels for Apple Watch. (Image: Apple) Since Apple initiat...
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New Apple Patent Enables Apple Watch to Provide Shark Warning for Swimmers

On April 14, 2020, Apple was granted 54 patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and one of the patent is related to sensors that might be added to Apple Watch in the future to detect the environment of water and the makeup of water. The new patent issued to Apple, titled “Portable electronic device as health companion,” describe the function of the incorporating sensors for identifying the water based on the detected property and initiate actions of the wearable device to send notifications to the user. For example, the Apple Watch would be able to warm...
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Taiwan’s PlayNitride and RiTdisplay Reportedly Join Apple’s Micro LED Supply Chain

The rumors of Apple using Micro LED in its Apple Watch continue. This time, it was said that the strategic appliance of Taiwan’s PlayNitride and RiTdisplay will provide their Micro LED technologies including chips and display modules for the Apple Watch, according to the report of Taiwan’s Economy Daily News. PlayNitride’s expertise is Micro LED technology has been recognized by worldwide partners. At SID 2019, PlayNitride showcased a 7.65-inch full color transparent Micro LED display, a flexible Micro LED display and a wearabl...
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Apple, Stanford Collaborate on Heart Study, Using Green LED to Measure Heart Rate

Apple is working with Stanford Medicine researchers on a research study to determine whether the Apple Watch’s heart-rate sensor can identify irregular heart rhythms associated with a condition known as atrial fibrillation (AFib).
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Exciting Upgrades Revealed for the Upcoming Apple Watch and iPhone

2017 marks an important year for Apple as it plans to release its new Apple Watch alongside the highly-anticipated next generation iPhone to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Although the tech giant has kept a low profile regarding the innovations it will bring to the market, there have been numerous rumors circulating around the devices already.
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Rumors Say Next Apple Watch to Feature A Micro LED Screen

Apple’s next-generation iPhone is not the only thing that the market is excited about. The Apple Watch 3 is reportedly coming out later this year and is expected to have major upgrades.
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Sapphire Crystal Hinders Apple Watch Sales

According to the data compiled by NPD, U.S. watch sales fell to a seven-year low in June 2015. Retailers sold $375 million timepieces during June, 11% less than one year ago. It is the worst decline since 2008, unit sales dropped 14 %. Release of the Apple Watch has impacted the timepiece industry and resulted in the recent decline.
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OSRAM Opto: Future Is Bright for LED Components in Wearable Application

The emerging “Quantified Self” trend involves people monitoring, managing and tracking their health and wellbeing through digitalized biomedical information. Equipped with optical sensors, wearable devices such as smart watches and smartbands help consumers collect and measure different biological indicators and stats about themselves. Unlike the fiercely contested white LED market, the newly developing wearable device market is an untapped blue ocean market that presents incredible opportunities for the LED industry.
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Osram Opto Vying Wearable Device Market with New Green LEDs for Heart Rate Monitoring

Osram Opto has released new green LED products specifically designed for heart monitoring. The green LEDs for heart rate monitoring are probably similar to the ones used in Apple Watch for heart rate tracking. The mechanism used to measure heart rate is similar, in which it relies on measuring light absorbed by blood vessels and surrounding tissues. For further details about the new green LEDs please see Osram Opto’s full press release below:
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Apple Confirms Tattoo Interferes with Apple Watch LED Performance

Apple admitted tattoos can interfere with Apple Watch heart rate readings, according to numerous media reports including Tech Crunch.
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Apple Watch Fails to Pick Up Heart Rates on Tattooed Wrists

People with intrinsic sleeve tattoos or wrist tattoos have complained Apple Watch failed to function properly, reported several tech media.
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Philips Hue Integrated with Apple Watch to Deliver Personalized Lighting

Royal Philips, the global leader in lighting, announced that Philips Hue can now be controlled through Apple Watch. Easy and intuitive to use, Philips Hue can now be instantly accessed and controlled by a device you wear all day every day making certain that light personal to you is always at hand.
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How LEDs in Apple Watch Heart Sensor Work

Apple recently has revealed on its website how LEDs funtion in the Apple Watch heart rate sensors.
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Dakale Insists Human Factors Caused Cracked Sapphire Phone Screens

The Apple iPhone 6/ 6 Plus might not be featuring sapphire screen display, but Chinese smartphone manufacturer Dakale has went ahead in using the material in its latest model Dakale 3, which is priced at a mere RMB 1,499 (US $241.61) reported Chinese online media Forward.
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Apple Watch Adds Uncertainty in Sapphire Industry

Developments in the sapphire industry might become more unpredictable with the launch of the sapphire display glass equipped Apple Watch, said a Yole sapphire specialist at a sapphire and patterned sapphire substrate (PSS) forum during second day of the Taiwan International Lighting Show 2015 (TILS 2015), which runs from March 25-28 at TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei, Taiwan.
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Apple Watch Can Control Philips Hue LED Lights

The Apple Watch that Apple launched earlier this month will also act as a controller for Philips Hue LED lights, reported Trusted Reviews.
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Taiwan Sapphire Maker Shares Surge Upon Apple Watch Demands

Following the launch of the sapphire covered Apple Watch, Tawanese sapphire makers share value have soared over the last week. As the LED industry enters a peak season, sapphire industry shares value have reached new record high, reported Apple Daily.
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China’s Sapphire Industry Picks Up as Apple Watch Hits the Market, LEDinside Reports

At the long-awaited “Spring Forward” media event hosted by Apple on March 9, all eyes will be on the reveal of the Apple Watch, which will have a watch cover made of sapphire glass. By incorporating this material into its newest products, Apple has provided an unprecedented, game-changing opportunity for China’s sapphire industry. LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, anticipates sapphire market demand will multiply once these smart watches hit the market. LEDinside’s Senior Analyst Figo Wang further stated the sapphire manufacturing will likely become a globally competitive section of China’s materials industry. 
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Apple Watch to Help Sapphire Substrate Industry “Spring Forward”?

Apple has recently sent out e-mail invitations to reporters and others to attend it’s “Spring Forward” media event, which is scheduled to take place on March 9, 2015 Pacific Time, according to a caijing.com report.
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Apple Watch Turns to Third Party Sapphire Suppliers after Parting Ways with GTAT

After parting ways with former sapphire supplier GT Advanced Technology (GTAT), Apple will turn to third party sapphire suppliers to supply sapphire watch covers for the upcoming smartwatch, analyzed Seeking Alpha.
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Breaking Down Cost of Apple Watch Sapphire Glass

The iPhone 6 might not come with sapphire glass cover, but the Apple Watch will, according to MyDrivers.com. Just how much is this tiny piece of glass worth?
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Innovative Apple Watch Unveiled at Special Event

After finishing the grand introduction to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at the Special Event in Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, California, U.S., Apple CEO Tim Cook created a new climax with Steve Jobs classical statement “One more thing…” prior to unveiling the long anticipated wearable smartwatch device “Apple Watch”.
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