OPTEK’s LED lab provides customized precision testing for LED design

OPTEK Technology’s LED lab provides design engineers of LED light engines with the facility to perform the precision testing required for uniform color temperature and intensity. Specifically built for the testing and analysis of LED light engines, OPTEK’s lab capabilities feature 100 percent color temperature and/or intensity screening for precision binning specifications.
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Providing design engineers a flexible optical device with multiple output configurations, TT electronics OPTEK Technology has developed a Photologic® slotted optical switch in a right angle package.  Designated the OPB920xZ Series, the non-contact switch consists of an infrared LED mounted on the tower and a Photologic sensor mounted on the base of a right angle shaped package. The OPB920 Series digital switches complement OPTEK’s proven OPB420 Series analog slotted optical switches, which utilize a phototransistor output.
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For design engineers with the requirement for a compact infrared sensor, TT electronics OPTEK Technology has developed a small surface mount packaged photo light sensor with a digital output ideal for applications with limited space.  Designated the OPL611 Series, the sensors feature data rates to 250kBaud and consist of a Photologic® chip encapsulated in transparent molded plastic, providing optical coupling as well as mechanical protection.
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OPTEK's Auto Calibration Sensor Monitors Presence of Fluid and Air in Medical Tubing

Providing medical design engineers with a cost-effective alternative to ultrasonic sensors, TT electronics OPTEK Technology's OCB350 fluid sensor features automatic calibration circuitry and is available with multiple output states including "fluid present," "no fluid present," and "no tube present." The sensor is ideal for medical applications including monitoring fluid or air presence in tubing for infusion and transfusion pumps where fluids of different optical densities are used.
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Optek Donates 200 High Brightness LEDs to University Bridge Development Contest

Providing engineering students with a flexible, high brightness LED solution that ultimately helped them win a design competition, TT electronics OPTEK Technology donated 200 high brightness LEDs to an engineering team at North Carolina State University participating in the 2009 North Carolina Engineering Day. OPTEK’s OVQ12S30x7 flexible LED light strips were utilized in the design for illumination of a pedestrian bridge at the Legislative Complex in Raleigh, NC.
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Optek Develops Miniature Half-watt LED Package with High Lumen Output, Long Operating Lifespan

Providing lighting design engineers with an LED source suitable for large or small, conventional or specialty lighting applications, TT electronics OPTEK Technology has developed a miniature half-watt LED package. Designated the OVS5MxBCR4 Series, the 3.5mm surface mount device is an energy-efficient LED source featuring high luminous intensity and a long operating lifespan.
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Optek LED Backlighting Strips Promise High Intensity, Reliability

TT electronics Optek Technology has developed a new family of visible LED backlighting strips that offer high intensity, reliable and cost-effective backlighting solution. Designated OPA775 and OPA776, the "Jacob's Ladder" series of backlighting strips are offered with daylight white LEDs and designed specifically for illumination of small- and medium-size display applications where lighting intensity and reliability are imperative.
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Optek Releases Tuned Multi-Chromatic White Lighting Solutions for Architectural Lighting, General Illumination

TT electronics Optek Technology has just announced its new multi-chromatic tuned light engines to provide lighting designers with highly consistent LED color matching capabilities. The company’s chromatic tuning process produces solid-state lighting solutions with high module-to-module consistency, such that differences in color temperature of each light engine are indistinguishable to the human eye.
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OPTEK's UV LED Series provide uniform optical light patterns

TT electronics OPTEK Technology has developed a family of ultraviolet LEDs in the UV-A spectrum. The OUE8A Series offer an energy-efficient hermetic TO-46 metal can packaged UV LED source providing a uniform optical light pattern, high current pulse capability, ESD protection and a long operating lifespan.
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Arrow and Suppliers Support LED Luminaire Design Competition at UC Davis

Arrow Electronics, Inc. and key suppliers of lighting components including Magtech Industries,OPTEK Technology, SRAM Opto Semiconductors and Tyco Electronics will sponsor the LED Luminaire Design Competition in association with the California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) at the University of California, Davis.
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Optek's HB LED assembly provides extensive color output range

TT electronics Optek Technology has integrated four 1W LED die into a single assembly for multi-colour and monochrome solid state lighting and has developed a star-shaped red/green/blue/amber LED assembly with exceptional thermal performance.
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Optek joins Osram's "LED Light For You" network as partner

Recently, Optek Technology will bring many years of experience in the areas of LED lighting and assemblies to join Osram's "LED Light For You" (LLYF) network for optical, thermal and electronic solution categories as partner.
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Optek launches LED module strips

Recently, Optek Technology has developed a series of LED module strips for signage and channel-letter applications. The LED strips are available in three models: OVM18F4x7 Series 4 and OVM12F3x7 Series 3 LED module strips, and OVQ12S30x7 Series flexible LED light strips Available in red, amber, green, blue and white, the LED strips provide fast response times and low power consumption
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LED rings in the IR spotlight

The OPA80 Series and OPA83 Series from Optek Technology are available in a variety of ring sizes and configurations, and feature an optional ambient light sensing device to minimise current consumption during high ambient light conditions "The OPA80 and OPA83 Series light rings were designed to easily illuminate a specific area with infra-red light", says Roland Chapa, Vice President of Optek Technology's Assemblies Business Unit
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Lumileds introduced the LUXEON CZ Color Line, a product line optimized to deliver maximum punch. “The LUXEON CZ features up to 48% higher punch than any other undomed color LED,” said Jennifer Holland, Product Line Direct... READ MORE

LG Innotek today announced that it has supplied UV LED module for water purifiers to the famous Japanese purifier manufacturer for the past year and achieved the perfect quality of zero defect rate.