Toyota Connected ‘Cabin Awareness’ Concept Uses New Tech to Detect Occupants

Cabin Awareness concept uses millimeter-wave radar to detect people and pets throughout the vehicle cabin Patent-pending concept introduced in prototype Toyota Sienna minivan and May Mobility Sienna AutonoMaaS shuttle Cabin Awareness technology could help prevent heatstroke deaths by alerting drivers about occupants left behind   PLANO, Texas (May 31, 2022) – Toyota Connected North America (TCNA), an independent software and innovation center of excellence, today introduced its Cabin Awareness concept technology that ...
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Toyota Showcases Dazzling Futuristic AI Concept Car

Toyota announced at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas its groundbreaking concept artificial intelligence car, recently. The company does not go into detail about the dazzling light sources used to illuminate the interior and exterior of the automobile, but judging from the car's appearance a lot of programmable lights were probably used to give it the distinctive style and look.
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Revolux Donates LED Solutions for Food Pantry in Toyota in New Orleans

When Revolux, the automotive industry’s largest provider of dealership LED lighting solutions, recently visited Premier Automotive’s Toyota of New Orleans, it wasn’t to discuss how to light the showroom or service bays, but rather to help those in need see their way to their next hot meal.
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Toyota Vehicles to Feature Next-Generation LED Array Lighting from 2015

Starting next year, some of Toyota Motor Corporation's new models will feature a newly-developed adaptive high beam technology that enables more precise control of light distribution through independent LED control.
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