Micro LEDs for medical applications: ALLOS’ GaN-on-Si epiwafers are used for in-vivo brain/machine interface by Toyohashi University

Toyohashi, Japan and Dresden, Germany – 3rd March 2021 – The team of Prof. Sekiguchi of Toyohashi University of Technology and ALLOS Semiconductors have engaged to realize high efficiency nitride-based micro LED chips for novel in-vivo neutral application. Since their evolution in the 1990s, nitride LEDs have made inroads into our daily lives, saving energy and enabling many new applications. They are known for their ubiquitous use in numerous illumination applications and the emerging micro LEDs are famous in particular for use in super large TVs...
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【Exclusive Interview】ALLOS’ GaN-on-Si Wafer to Connect Semiconductor Technology and Micro LED Display Production

Featuring high resolution, high contrast and high brightness, Micro LED is regarded as the “ultimate display technology.” However, due to production difficulties, the technology has not yet entered the commercial market despite that the first prototypes were revealed back in 2012. Recently, driven by leading brands including Apple and Samsung, we have seen more and more Micro LED displays presented. But industry experts forecasted that it would take at least three years for the technology to truly enter the consumer market. Mass transfer is a notorious challenge...
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ALLOS Partners KAUST Research Team to Develop High Efficiency InGaN Red Micro LED on Silicon

ALLOS Semiconductors announced its collaboration with Prof. Ohkawa and his team at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) for realizing high efficiency nitride-based red LEDs on large diameter silicon substrates. The collaboration will focus on solving fundamental issues like the large lattice mismatch and the quantum-confined Stark effect (QCSE) which limit the adoption of red nitride-based LEDs for practical industry usage. In particular, for the emerging field of Micro LED displays there is a strong demand to enable red LEDs on ...
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ALLOS Semiconductors to Focus on Micro LED and Sells High Power Electronics and RF Business to AZUR SPACE

GaN-on-Si epiwafer expert ALLOS Semiconductor announced that its high power electronics and RF business have been sold to AZUR SPACE, a provider of III-V epitaxy for solar cells. AZUR SPACE will use the acquired technology to expand its III-V epi business into the booming market for GaN-on-Si high power electronics and RF epiwafers. ALLOS Semiconductors will continue its optoelectronics business with the focus on the emerging Micro LED display market. (200 mm GaN-on-Si epiwafer example for HPE application; image: ALLOS) Si...
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Bringing Micro LEDs to the Dimensions of the Silicon Industry with ALLOS’ 200 mm and 300 mm GaN-on-Si Epiwafers

To address the wafer size mismatch and to tackle the yield challenge in Micro LED production, ALLOS has applied its unique strain-engineering to show outstanding uniformity and reproducibility for 200 mm GaN-on-Si epiwafers. Additionally the company reports about its success on the roadmap to 300 mm. Yield plays a crucial role to make Micro LED displays successful. It has a direct impact on the manufacturing complexity and cost. To enable the needed cost reductions, large wafer diameters are essential. This is particularly true for Micro LED applications in which...
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ALLOS Confirms Dynamic Ron Performance of Carbon-doping Free GaN-on-Si

ALLOS Semiconductor, the Germany-based IP licensing company, has announced its technology to avoid carbon-doping enable excellent performance of GaN-on-Si wafer as confirmed by the date of its customers. In an invited talk at the E-MRS scientific conference in Warsaw ALLOS’ co-founder and CTO Dr. Atsushi Nishikawa showed this data and the underlining analysis. Being able to make this proof is important for the high power electronics (HPE) industry because it confirms the widespread believe that the absence of C-doping can help reduce switching los...
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Veeco and ALLOS to Showcase Breakthrough Achievements for 200 mm GaN-on Silicon Micro LED Solution at Japan IWN 2018

Veeco Instruments Inc. (Nasdaq: VECO) and ALLOS Semiconductors GmbH announced today the completion of another phase of their mutual effort to provide the industry with leading GaN-on-Silicon epiwafer technology for microLED production. The purpose of the companies’ most recent collaboration was to demonstrate the reproducibility of ALLOS’ 200 mm GaN-on-Si epiwafer technology on Veeco’s Propel® MOCVD reactor when producing epiwafers for many prominent global consumer electronics companies.
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Veeco and ALLOS Update Their Progress for 200mm GaN-on-Si Micro LED Production and Applications

Veeco Instruments and ALLOS Semiconductors have continued their collaboration in developing GaN-on-Si epitaxy wafer for Micro LED production. The two companies have partnered to demonstrate the reproducibility of ALLOS’ 200 mm GaN-on-Si epitaxy wafer technology on Veeco’s Propel® MOCVD reactor. “To bring Micro LED technology into production, simply presenting champion values for a single metric is insufficient. It is essential to achieve the whole set of specifications for each wafer with excellent repeatability and yield,” ...
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Epistar Acquires ALLOS’ GaN-on-Si Epiwafer Technology License

Leading Taiwanese LED maker Epistar announced recently that the company had acquired German manufacturer ALLOS unique GaN-on-Si technology. ALLOS has licensed the related patent to Epistar, and the two companies have concluded the initial phase of its technology transfer project. For further information please see original press release below.
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