Saphlux Unveils T2 Series Monolithic Full-Color Micro-Display with Enhanced Brightness and Color Performance

In a recent announcement, Saphlux, Inc. revealed that its NPQD® Monolithic Full-Color Micro-LED (mLED) technology has successfully undergone a new round of technological upgrades. Following this advancement, the company has launched the enhanced T2 series micro-displays. The Saphlux T series micro-displays incorporate core technologies, including NPQD® and large-scale silicon-based bonding, specifically tailored for AR display applications. The series currently encompasses 0.12-inch monochrome single-color (red, green, blue) micro-displays and 0.39-inc...
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Saphlux Unveils Revolutionary Full-Color NPQD® Micro-Display for AR/VR Headsets

SAN DIEGO--Saphlux today demonstrated an industry leading 0.39” full-color micro-LED display (T1-0.39 RGB) that will enable virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) manufacturers to create true outdoor-compatible brightness and high-resolution display systems with color rich image quality (Figure 1). Figure 1: Prototype T1-0.39 NPQD® RGB Light Engine “Light engines offering wide ranges of brightness, contrast, and color i.e., high dynamic range (HDR) within the power, thermal, and form-factor constraints is the biggest challen...
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Saphlux Releases Red Micro-LED Solution for AR Displays, Achieving 67% Color Conversion Efficiency at the Pixel Size of 2 µm

July 21st, 2022-Saphlux Inc, a start-up company from Yale University, announced the release of NPQD® red Micro-LED light engine for AR displays. This light engine has achieved 67% red-blue photon conversion efficiency at a pixel size of 2 µm, providing a solution to the long-standing f red efficiency and brightness problem.   2 µm NPQD® red Micro-LED light engine   It is widely known that the low red efficiency and the challenges in RGB integration have come main bottlenecks in AR micro-LED display development. The ef...
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Yale Startup Saphlux Raises $200,000 to Develop Semi-polar LED Chip

Yale startup Saphlux has found a way to significantly advance LED technology and recently received US $100,000 in funding from the YEI Innovation Fund, backed by Yale, Connecticut Innovations and First Niagara Bank, as well as an additional $100,000 from Elm Street Ventures. Saphlux is building the next generation of LED chip designed by Jung Han, Professor and Chair of Electrical Engineering at Yale. Chen Chen (SOM ’16) was paired with Han by the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute (YEI) and is currently developing the venture as part of a 10-week YEI Fellowship.
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