Inventory Preparation for Christmas Hot Season to Help Reviving LED Industry

Based on the industry researcher LEDinside's analysis and statistics, in August 2010, listed LED manufacturers in Taiwan reported total revenue of NTD 10.593 billion, posting a 2.4% decline, compared with revenue of NTD 10.853 billion in July and a rise of 64% YoY. The revenue for LED chip manufacturers in August reached NTD 4.89 billion, down by 1.6% from July. The revenue for LED package manufacturers in August amounted to NTD 5.70 billion, down by 3% from July. The constant increasing momentum in revenue for nearly half a year ended in August in the LED industry.
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LEDinside: China Plans to Increase over 1200 MOCVDs - Special Report on China’s LED Chip Industry(3)

According to LEDinside’s latest Report on China’s LED Chip Industry in 2010, China has planned to introduce over 1200 MOCVDs and more than 300 units will be added in 2010.
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Record High Revenue for July Generated by Upstream LED Chip Manufacturers; Panel Inventory Adjustment to Influence the Performance of Package Manufacturers

Based on the industry researcher LEDinside’s analysis and statistics, in July this year, listed LED manufacturers in Taiwan have total revenue of 10.853 billion NTD, a 2.7% growth compared with June revenue of 10.56 billion NTD and 80% rise YoY. The revenue for LED chip manufacturers in July reached 4.97 billion NTD, up 7.6% from June. The revenue for LED package manufacturers in July amounted to 5.88 billion NTD, down 1.1% from June.
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Strong demand for LED backlight in the market; upstream chips still in short supply

Based on the industry research LEDinside’s analysis and statistics, in May this year, listed LED manufacturers in Taiwan have total revenue of 9.65 billion NTD (~USD300 million, at USD 1: NTD 32.235), a 6.8% growth compared with revenue of 9.033 billion NTD (~USD280 million, at USD 1: NTD 32.235) in April, and 85.5% in annual growth rate. The revenue for LED chip manufacturers in May amounted to 4.273 billion NTD (~USD133 million, at USD 1: NTD 32.235) , which increased 6% compared to that of April.
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Opening ceremony at Asia’s First LED Chip Production Plant, OSRAM strengthens its position in LED arena

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors today held an opening ceremony for its 35,000 square meter new LED wafer fabrication plant in Penang, Malaysia. It is the company’s first ever LED chip plant in Asia and currently the most modern facility in the world. The plant will produce chips for light emitting diodes, the light source of the future. Y.B. Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed, the Minister of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia, Y.A.B.
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Ultratech Receives Order from Taiwan's Largest LED Chip Manufacturer

Ultratech, Inc. , a supplier of lithography and laser-processing systems used to manufacture semiconductor devices, today announced that it has received an order from Taiwan's largest LED chip manufacturer for an LED lithography system, which is specifically designed and optimized for high-brightness LED (HBLED) manufacturing.  In addition, this customer has provided a conditional commitment to purchase several additional Sapphire 100 systems to meet its ramp requirements over the next few quarters.  The Sapphire 100 tool is scheduled to be av
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Epistar and UMC plan LED joint venture in China

Taiwan-based LED supplier Epistar Corp. and United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) have formed an LED chip joint venture based in Mainland China.
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Osram’s Second LED Chip Production Plant Set to Run

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors today announced completion of the construction of its new LED chip production plant in Penang, Malaysia. Two years after the ground-breaking ceremony in July 2007, the last installation work has been completed and the test phase successfully concluded in the plant which is claimed to be the most modern LED chip production facility in the world. The routine manufacture of LED chips is thus set to run at full speed from now on.
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Neo-Neon to Open LED Chip Factory in Yangzhou

Neo-Neon Holdings Ltd. will spend around US$30 million to open an LED chip production facility in Yangzhou, China, according to an article on Taiwan Economic News.
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LEDinside: LED Chip Industry Exploding in China; LED Chipmakers Surging from 3 to 62 in Last 12 Years

According to survey by industry research house LEDinside, LED chip industry in mainland China has been exploding in the past 10 years, with the number of LED chip makers surging from 3 in 1998 to 62 by August 2009. During this period, the year 1999 marked the beginning of the fast development of LED industry with the join of 6 new LED chip manufacturers. From 1999 to 2009, an average of 2 to 7 enterprises entered into the LED section every year.
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AUO Group to Invest NT$30B to Set up New LED Factories

Taiwan’s leading panel maker AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) recently decided to invest NT$30 billion (US$923.08 million) to establish four LED chip factories in Taiwan in the fourth quarter this year, to meet the strong demand for LEDs used in panel backlight modules, Taiwan Economic News reports, and the facilities is planned to begin mass production in late 2010.
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Both upstream and downstream LED makers launched capacity expansion plans, LEDinside observed

According to survey of the industry research institute LEDinside, Taiwan's listed LED makers recorded total revenue of NT 5.982 billion in July 2009, a 5.8% growth from NT 5.652 billion in June 2009 and a 3.8% growth YoY. LED chip makers' total revenues in July gained 6.9% to NT 2.621 billion while LED packagers posted NT 3.361 billion, 5.1% growth MoM.  
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Epistar, Unity Opto Expected to Hit New High in July Revenue

According to institutional investors, Taiwan-based Epistar Corp. and Unity Opto Technology Co. are both expected to post increased sales for July from June, the Taiwan Economic News reports.
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AUO Invested NT 2.5 billion in LED Chip Equipment Expansion

AU Optronics, (AUO 2409.tw) invested some NT 2.5 billion in the LED chip equipment expansion of Lextar, and pre-ordered 15 MOCVD systems this year. AUO Vice Chairman and Lexstar Chairman H.B. Chen indicated that Lextar’s plant construction has completed, and is now on course for equipment setup. Chen emphasized that Lexstar will become the primary supplier of AUO’s LED chips, supplying over 50% of its demand.
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Taiwan's listed LED manufacturers to record total revenue of NT$565.2 billion in June 2009, Says LEDinside

According to the industry research institute LEDinside, in June 2009, Taiwan’s listed LED manufacturers recorded total revenue of NT$565.2 billion a 9.5% growth compared to NT$516 billion in May (+4.7% YoY). LED chip makers’ total revenue amounted to NT$2.453 billion, up by 13.9% MoM; and LED packagers posted NT$3.198 billion in revenue, a 6.4% growth MoM.  
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Everlight Acquires Tecore Shares to Secure LED Chip Supply

Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd., currently Taiwan’s biggest LED packager, has recently bought 15.9% of Tecore’s shares to secure supply of LED chips as it expands output to meet rising demand, according to an article on Taiwan Economic News. Everlight acquired the Tecore shares through a private-equity placement, in which Tecore put up 25 million shares for sale to raise NT$350 million (US$10.6 million at US$1:NT$33).
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LED Orders for LED TVs Tightening Supply for Other Applications; Ultra High Brightness LED Chips in Short Supply

According to the industry research institute LEDinside, total revenue of Taiwan’s listed LED manufacturers in April, 2009 was NT$5.361 billion, growing by 9.1% (YoY -13.4%) comparing with March, 2009. The total April revenue of LED chip manufacturers was NT$2.089 billion, up by 4.4% than a month earlier; and the revenue for LED packagers was NT$3.27 billion, growing by 12.4%comparing with March.  
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Chinese LED maker Aqualite ordered three AIXTRON MOCVD tools for LED chips

Aqualite Co. Ltd., a company based in Wuhan, China, has purchased three Close Coupled Showerhead (CCS) CRIUS MOCVD systems from AIXTRON AG, worldwide leading provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry. It’s disclosed that the three CCS CRIUS systems were delivered in the 31x2 inch wafer configuration in the third and fourth quarter of 2008. Aqualite intends to utilize these reactors for the development and production of blue, green and white LED chips.
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Formosa Epitaxy Plans to Set Up a Semiconductor Lighting Plant in Shandong

It’s reported that Taiwan LED wafer and chip manufacturer Formosa Epitaxy plans to establish a big-sized semiconductor lighting plant in Rushan, Shandong, east China. Chien Fen-ren, chairman of Formosa Epitaxy, disclosed that the Taiwan company is projected to invest USD 150 million in the coming firm, which will be mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacture, and sales of LED epitaxial wafers, chips, and related innovative electrics products. By now, the coming firm has been registered.
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UV LEDs Challenging $500 Million UV Lamp Market

UV LEDs are reportedly beginning to challenge the traditional $500M UV lamp business. The report notes that the UV lighting business is a market of about $500 million with traditional UV lamp technology. Thanks to its compactness, lower cost of ownership and environmental friendly composition, UV LEDs are expected to replace traditional lamps and also open the door to many new applications, especially portable ones.
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Bridgelux Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Premier Farnell

Premier Farnell's Newark now stocks Bridgelux's in Premier Farnell's Newark now stocks Bridgelux's innovative LED Array products, developed specially to provide lamp and luminaire manufacturers with a solution for simplified system level integration.
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Rohm ambitiously to enter LED lighting market

Japanese component manufacturer Rohm Semiconductor will begin selling LED-based lighting fixtures for offices and commercial facilities in March, according to a recent report. It’s disclosed that the company will sell five types of LED light fixtures, each shaped like an incandescent or fluorescent light and containing several hundred of Rohm's 1-3 mm sq. LED chips. The company had prototype versions of the fixtures on its booth at the Electronica tradeshow in November 2008 (see photo).
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Cree to supply LED chips to LG Display

South Korea's LG Display, announced that it had signed a deal with U.S.-based Cree Inc. to secure supply of LED chips for its flat screen products. LG Display reportedly signed a supply agreement in early January.
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Bridgelux Gets U.S. Patent Award for Surface Mountable Chip LED Design

Bridgelux Inc., a leading supplier of energy-saving LED technology for high-volume, solid-state lighting markets, announced the award of a U.S. patent for its surface mountable chip (SMC) LED design.  
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Wellypower to shift business emphasis to LED Lighting

Festering market of LCD panels, the major applications of various backlights, has compelled Taiwan Lamp maker Wellypower Optronics Corp. to shift business emphasis to lighting. The company will ramp up output of LED emitters and LED lighting fixtures to find an outlet for LED chips from Lextar Electronics Corp., which is a member of the AUO Group as is Wellypower.
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Opto Tech, Nichia expand cooperation on LED manufacturing

Opto Tech Corp. and Nichia Corp. will go further on LED cooperation, with Nichia pledging to increase supply of LED chips to its partner in return for Opto Tech’s commitment to making its chips on a contract basis and selling more of Nichia-branded chips to packagers.
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LED Industry to Recover Earlier than Other Segments

LED industry would recover earlier than other industries this year in consideration of incremented uses of the lamps in notebook computers, monitors, LCD TVs, lighting fixtures and outdoor signages, according to estimation form Taiwan LED makers. Tatung Group, one of leading Taiwan manufacturer of household appliances and information-technology products, says the company will contract Formosa Epitaxy Inc. to supply LED chips this year.
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Epistar and Delta to Cooperate on LED Lighting Business

Recently, Taiwan’s No.1 LED chipmaker Epistar Corp. entered into alliance to tap LED lighting market with Delta Electronics Inc. Both companies’ executives have confirmed reports related to their cooperation on the lighting business. Delta has pledged to buy its partner’s chips.
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Cree CEO says the future of LED lighting

LED lighting has long held the promise of replacing energy-thieving incandescent bulbs without the drawbacks of fluorescent lighting and is finally taking hold in some sectors of the marketplace, says Chuck Swoboda, CEO of Cree Inc.
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Microsolar's LED lamps feature copper-aluminum bonding

Microsolar Corp. provides a copper-aluminum bonding Service and products. With the state-of-the-art technology called copper-aluminum bonding, Microsolar's LED lamps are allowed to input over 1.5Amp current into a 40milx40mil single chip with over 250 lm brightness.
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