Permlight for Signs™ Aims to Lead European LED-Based Signage Market

Permlight for Signs™, a division of Permlight Products, Inc., announced that it has expanded to the United Kingdom to manage increased demand for LED signage solutions from overseas customers. The company named Guy Young as national sales manager for the United Kingdom to support the expansion.
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Russian Companies Establish Joint Venture to Develop LED Lighting Products

RUSNANO, ONEXIM and the Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant (UOMP) establish the joint company to manufacture the new generation lighting products which based on the gallium nitride(GaN)semiconductor chips. The successful establishment of a new enterprise will allow to return one of the most promising projects developed by the Russian scientists back to Russia.
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Epistar to be Samsung’s Supply Chain of LED-backlit LCD TVs

It’s reported that Taiwan LED maker Epistar Corp. brings its green-blue LED chips with brightness of 2000mcd to join Korea’s Samsung Electronics’ supply chain of LED-backlit LCD TVs.
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New Measurement of LED Brightness and Color

The researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a new, economical method for measuring the optical properties of high power LEDs to allow LED lighting manufacturers to obtain accurate, reproducible, and comparable measurements of LED brightness and color. By mounting the LED on a temperature controlled heat sink, the researchers can test the LEDs at their normal operating temperature at high speed.
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Panasonic LED lighting business planning

It’s reported that Panasonic Electric Works Co Ltd will launch about 300 kinds of new LED lighting products in spring 2009 to strengthen its LED lighting business.
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Global LED output growth is only 5% in 2009, while Taiwan accounts for 20%

It’s reported that the global LED output is expected to grow by only 5 percent next year, given the impact of the global economic downturn. While Taiwan, which accounts for 20 percent of the world’s LED output, is projected to fare slightly better with a 7 percent increase, according to an analyst with the Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center (IEK) under the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).
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SemiLEDs releases new class of MvpTM LED for battery powered mobile appliance apps.

Recently, SemiLEDs, a market leader in LED lighting with proprietary technology releases its new-generation, high-brightness, low voltage LEDs designed for battery powered mobile applications. It’s disclosed these new GaN based LEDs available in Blue, Green colors feature extremely low operation voltage, normally below 3V for standard current density, resulting in much longer battery life for mobile appliance applications such as flash for cameras, back light for notebook computer, small cell phone and PDA screens….
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Osram Introduces LED Technology to Studio and Film Lighting At LDI 2008

It’s reported that Osram introduced the Kreios™ family of LED modules to the entertainment lighting industry at LDI 2008.
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Cree revenues up 24% to $140.4 million in 1Q09

Cree Inc. has announced revenue of $140.4M for its fiscal 1Q09, ended September 28, 2008. This represents a 24% increase over revenue of $113.4M in 1Q08 and a 3% increase over 4Q08 revenue.
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Rubicon Focuses on Shift to Larger Diameter Sapphire Substrates

It’s reported that Raja Parvez, CEO of Rubicon Technology, Inc., a leading provider of sapphire substrates and products, discussed the importance of the shift in the LED industry to larger diameter sapphire substrates in order to speed adoption of LEDs into high volume, high performance, green applications such as commercial lighting and large area display backlighting units.
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Epistar Contracts to Make LED Chips For Samsung

It’s reported that LED chipmaker Epistar Corp. has landed hefty contracts to build the chips for Samsung and begun shipping the chips last month.
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Neo-Neon to start making LED chip

It’s reported that Neo-Neon Holdings, one of the world's largest decorative lighting companies, plans to enter the LED chip-making sector, making it more vertically integrated. The company already has its own LED packaging capabilities and manufactures a wide range of LED lighting products.
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Osram gives up OLED Displays for OLED Based Lighting Solutions

It’s reported that Osram GmbH will cease production of OLED-based displays and close the related fab in Penang, Malaysia. In the future, the company will focus on lighting solutions, also based on OLED technology.
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Taiwan ITRI, LED Makers Forms R&D Alliance to Develop AC LED Apps

It’s reported that Taiwan’s government-funded Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has teamed up with scores of LED makers to form an R&D alliance, in a bid to integrate industry resources to develop applications for AC LED technology.
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Neo-Neon to Produce LED Chips

It’s reported that Neo-Neon, a decorative LED lighting company based in China, announced that it will be making some of its LEDs at its LED plant in Quangdong, China.
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Evident to commercialize nanocrystal-based LEDs

It’s reported that Evident Technologies, Inc, a Try, NY-based company that develops and commercializes technology based on semiconductor nanocrystals, has signed a non-exclusive licensing agreement with Philips Electronics. This will pave the way for Evident to commercialize nanocrystal-based LEDs. Evident Technologies is intending to immediately launch a new line of low-power LEDs and LED-based products that use semiconductor nanocrystals as a phosphor.
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Lite-On Ventures Into LED Chip Market by investing US$10 million to SemiLEDs

It’s reported that Lite-On Technology Corp., a world leading supplier of mobile keypads, is venturing into the LEDchip market by investing US$10 million in SemiLEDs Corp., a U.S. producer of high-power LED chips.
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Record 4Q08 and FY08 revenue from Cree

Recently, Cree Inc. has announced revenue of $493.3M for FY08, representing a 25% increase over FY 07, citing XLamp sales growth and increasing demand for HB-LEDs as major drivers. 
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Taiwan LED chipmaker Arima Opto stresses financial health

It's reported Taiwan-based LED chipmaker Arima Optoelectronics has stressed that its finances and operations remain healthy despite heavy losses in 1Q.The company saw its June sales drop 59% on year to NT$104 million, with a net loss of NT$82 million for the month. It posted net losses of NT$124 million for the first quarter of 2008. It attributed the poor results to the spinning off its laser diode business last August, and fierce pricing amid weak demand.
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Osram claims a record from R&D LED

It's reported Osram is claiming a record for luminous flux and efficacy from an LED driven at 350 mA. It says that its development engineers have achieved new records for the brightness and efficiency of white LEDs in the laboratory. Under standard conditions with an operating current of 350 mA, brightness peaked at a value of 155 lm, and efficacy at 136 lm/W. White prototype LEDs with 1 mm2 chips were used. The light produced had a color temperature of 5000 K, with color (x,y) coordinates at (0.349, 0.393).
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Toshiba Releases LED-based midget Reflector and Beam Lamps

Recently, Toshiba released new LED lights that are shaped like midget reflector and beam lamps.LED-based midget Reflector and Beam Lamps can be used with the existing light bulb sockets without any special adjustment because they have the E26 base. The new lights use Nichia Corp's LED. The light source comes in two types, with one incandescent and the other white. They are expected to be used as the illumination lighting for signboards, facilities and shops.
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