CLSA: Three Catalysts Contribute to Rapid Increase in LED Penetration Rate

The LED lighting market has seen a boom in growth starting in the last half of 2013. Rapid growth is attributed to price drops, government policies, and rising cost in power usage, according to investment group CLSA. These three catalysts are anticipated to drive up LED lighting penetration rate from 20 percent in 2013 to 44 percent by 2016.
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Financial Analysts Weigh in on San’an Opto and Seoul Semiconductor Joint Venture

San’an Optoelectronics (San’an Opto) announced the joint venture with Seoul Semiconductor and Seoul Viosys (Viosys) on April 10th 2014. San’an Opto holds the largest share in the venture with 49 percent, investing around US $980,000. Seoul Semiconductor has a 25 percent share with US$ 500,000 investment, while Viosys holds 26 percent with a US$ 520,000 investment. The joint venture will cover areas including design, R&D, production, LED product sales, and provide related services. 
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Korean Manufacturers Showcase Latest Lighting Technologies at Light + Building 2014

Korean manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Seoul Semiconductor, Woree and Lumens were huddled in Hall 6 of Light + Building 2014 show that recently took place in Frankfurt, Germany. These Korean manufacturers displayed their latest LED packages, LED smart controllers, and new OLED products.
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Seoul Semiconductor Launches Acrich MJT 2525 Series

The Acrich MJT 2525 series features Seoul Semiconductor's proprietary high voltage architecture "Acrich MJT- Multi-Junction chip Technology" in a mid-power package enabling simpler, smaller, cheaper and more efficient driver topologies.
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Seoul Semiconductor Breaks the ‘1 Trillion Korean Won' Mark in 2013 Sales Revenue

Global leading LED company, Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. has announced on February 13th that it has achieved the company’s greatest sales revenue, reaching 1.0321 trillion Korean won and an operating profit of 965 hundred million Korean won in 2013. In comparison to 2012, the company’s sales increased by 20% and the operating profit by 190%.
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Seoul Semiconductor and LEDLab Partner UC Davis for Luminaire Design Competition

Students enrolled in Designing with Light at the University of California, Davis this semester will be competing in the 10th Annual Luminaire Design Competition this spring. The students must create original luminaire prototypes for outdoor pathways using an energy-efficient LED module manufactured by LEDLab using Seoul Semiconductor's Acrich2 AC-LED module.
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Seoul Semiconductor Optimistic HV LED to Drive up Demand in Acrich Products

Seoul Semiconductor participated in Lighting Japan 2014 Exhibition which was held in Tokyo International Exhibition Center from January 15th to 17th. With LED lighting applications gradually maturing and limited space for LED dropping prices, HV LED products with advantages in simplified electric current module design are increasing in popularity. Seoul Semiconductor displayed their new Acrich series of products during this year’s Lighting Japan exhibition.
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IEEE Selects Seoul Semiconductor as the World’s Top Patent Power Company for Two Years in a Row

Seoul Semiconductor has announced on 23rd of December that the company has been recognized for its intellectual clout in semiconductor manufacturing. According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), among the companies which manufacture LED components only, Seoul Semiconductor was the only one to be selected in the 2013 Semiconductor Manufacturing Patent Power Ranking. Seoul Semiconductor was also selected in the same category in 2012.
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Seoul Semiconductor Introduces New Generation of High Power LEDs

The advancements made in chip architecture and phosphor technology are the key ingredients to the performance enhancement of the new high-power LED Z5-M1 series.The efficacy enhancements in the new Z5-M1 series not only ensure a reduction in luminaire development costs incurred by Seoul Semiconductor customers, but also enable the best possible color over angle homogeneity with the new phosphor coating technology
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Seoul Semiconductor Launches 3030 to Compete with Nichia 757 Series

For the past three years, Seoul Semiconductor’s main product had been the mid-powered 5630. However, the company has recently turned its attention towards 3030 LED in 2013, to compete with Nichia’s better price/performance (P/P) 767 series on the market, said Scarphen Sun, Principal Engineer for Korean LED package manufacturer Seoul Semiconductor at the company’s LED Lighting Application Seminar on October 22nd.
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Seoul Semiconductor Enabling Designers to Customize Form Factors with Acrich Kit

With the Acrich kit, customers can now make their own LED lighting modules without the traditional AC to DC converter. Seoul MJT LEDs decrease the component count and shrink board real estate giving designers more layout options, decreased costs and smaller fixture sizes and the Acrich AIC provides low THD, high power factor and dimming functions to control LEDs directly from AC power.
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Seoul Semiconductor LED Modules Luminous Efficacy Reaches 140 lm/W

Seoul Semiconductor, a global LED manufacturer, has announced that Acrich2 LED modules powered by AC are now achieving luminous efficacies of 140lm/W, nearly a 20% upgrade from previous versions. The technology has been incorporated into lighting fixtures already being sold in major North American lighting retailers and has become the world’s best luminance efficacy AC LED module in the global solid state lighting market.
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Seoul Semiconductor Brightens Up the Streets of China with New Streetlights Powered by Acrich AC LED Modules

Seoul Semiconductor, a global LED manufacturer, has announced Acrich LEDs are powering streetlights installed successfully on Weiyang road in China. This is the second installation of Acrich AC LED module streetlights the first of which were installed in Yangzhou city in April 2013.   This new streetlight can adjust its brightness according to the brightness of the surrounding environment using built-in dimming controls. The Acrich2 AC LED modules have a dimming interface on the AC power integrated circuit which the streetlight takes advantage of. The mo...
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Seoul Semiconductor Achieves 180 lm/W and Cuts Cost 50% with New Mid-Power LEDs

Seoul Semiconductor, a global LED manufacturer, has announced two new mid-power packaged LED lighting products, the 5630C and the 3030. These packaged LEDs have been improved dramatically in terms of luminance efficacy (lm/w) and cost efficiency (lm/$).                 STW8Q14C (5630) Mid-Power LED(left) and STW8C2SA (3030)  Mid-Power LED(right) The 5630 package is the world's best performance in light output with 180 lm/W efficacy and is an extension of the mid-powe...
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Seoul Semiconductor's Streetlights Based on Acrich2 LED Cover a Section of Yang-Zi River Road

Seoul Semiconductor(SSC) has announced the completion of its installation of Acrich LED streetlights covering a section of 30km on Yang-zi River road in Yangzhou city. The company contends that Acrich LED streetlights, were chosen for the project in the city because they minimize the payback period within three years. The company says that this reduced payback period is because the cost of installation and maintenance are dramatically reduced. Seoul Semiconductor also asserts that Acrich streetlight is brighter and lighter than conventional DC LED streetlights. T...
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Seoul Semiconductor has Achieved Qualification for the UL Witness Data Test Program for Testing LEDs and Modules

(Photo: LED Module in Test at a Seoul Semiconductor Lab) Seoul Semiconductor (SSC), a global LED manufacturer has announced it has achieved qualification for the UL Witness Test Data Program (WTDP) allowing the company to conduct UL tests on LEDs and modules in its own laboratories, under the supervision of an UL engineer. This allows the company to build on its foundation of manufacturing high-quality LED products such as Acrich, MJT, and nPola by adding in-house testing for the international standards that customers require. An added be...
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Seoul Semiconductor Launches the Global Campaign Named Acrich for Trees

Seoul Semiconductor announced it will launch the global campaign named ‘Acrich for Trees’ to actively encourage the use of eco-friendly AC LED bulbs with Acrich LEDs from April 11 to April 30, 2013 via their official website, //www.seoulsemicon.com. Among participants who access the website and subscribe to the Seoul Semiconductor Newsletter, 1,000 subscribers will be chosen to receive a LED bulb or a LED desk lamp. This global campaign hopes people to use eco-friendly LED bulbs with Acrich LEDs to save more trees than conventional DC LED...
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Seoul Semiconductor Targets LED Outdoor and Streetlight Markets with a New MJT 4040 Package

Seoul Semiconductor, has announced the new MJT 4040 package which uses Multi Junction Technology to bring performance and size advantages to the LED outdoor and streetlight markets. The company also announced it recently won a retrofit project for streetlights using this new product in China. The MJT 4040 uses multi-junction technology that allows multiple LED junctions to be combined in a single chip thereby increasing the operating voltage and concentrating more light output within a given area. Operating at a nominal 64 Volts and 20 mA, the device can reach o...
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Seoul Semiconductor Announces World’s Best Performing 0.6T Side View LED

Seoul Semiconductor, has announced a 0.6T side view LED that achieves 8.8 lumens, the world’s best performance in light output, to occupy the fast-growing phablet market. (phablet: smart PHone and tABLET PC) This new side-view LED achieves the world’s best brightness and energy efficiency by improving the efficacy and the design of its LED chip, package and phosphors. The added performance improves the visibility of phablets in bright places and gives the added benefit of energy savings which helps extend battery life. The company plans to apply this techn...
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Seoul Semiconductor, Verbatim Introduces Halogen-replacement Lamps with New LED Chip Technology

Verbatim will launch a new range of LED products based on Seoul Semiconductor (SSC)’s ”nPola” technology. Since 2010, Verbatim has been introducing a growing portfolio of high performance LED lamps to the lighting market. To address market requirements for LED lamps that more closely approximate the characteristics of halogen lighting, Verbatim will launch a new range of LED products based on Seoul Semiconductor (SSC)’s ”nPola” technology. “nPola” utililizes gallium nitride (GaN) substrates from Verbatim&r...
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Seoul Semiconductor Makes Breakthrough on MJT Series Sales

Seoul Semiconductor announced that it would be accelerating the sales of MJT(Multi Junction Technology) series, which uses Seoul’s integrated Acrich technology, on November 21. A big advantage of the MJT series is that its 5630 and 3528 packages offer LED lighting manufacturers easier production with the standard (module) size and enable lighting fixtures to deliver world-class performance up to 100 lumens per watt. Unlike the conventional method that requires complicated circuitry to connect multiple LED chips, the MJT series is designed to operate at va...
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Seoul Semiconductor’s Acrich2 module of 100 lm/watt Starts Volume Production

Seoul Semiconductor’s latest Acrich2, AC LED module, which performs at 100 lm/watt is now available for volume production. And the company says this Acrich2 AC LED module will help the performance of the power grid. Acrich2 provides lighting designers with a high efficacy light source which also has a high power factor, and improved Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) performance. In traditional solid state lighting solutions, additional components and costs are required to provide an offline driver solution with acceptable dimming performance. Seoul Semi say...
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Seoul Semiconductor Made the Jump to GaN Substrate, nPola May Rock Sapphire Substrate Industry

In July 2012, Seoul Semiconductor (SSC) announces a new LED product called “nPola,” which takes SSC more than ten years to develop. The product features the non-polar technology that increases brightness levels 5 times over existing LEDs. Currently most mass-produced LEDs’ luminous efficacies are around 100lm, but SSC’s nPola product’s luminous efficacy reaching 500lm, five times higher. Simply put, a 60W equivalent LED light bulb usually requires 10-20 LEDs, but it only needs 1-2 LEDs if adopting nPola product. According t...
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LEDforum 2012 Guangzhou Highlights: The Demands for LED Lighting will keep Increasing

LEDforum 2012 Guangzhou organized by LEDinside and Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, as well as co-sponsored by CNLEDW.com ,has grandly opened at the Chinese Export Commodities Fair Pazhou Complex, Area B, Room #8 on June 11, 2012. This LEDforum has invited global LED market leaders from Osram, Philips Lumileds, Seoul Semiconductor, Henkel (China), Lextar, Aixtron, Veeco Instruments, KLA-Tencor and Laytec to give wonderful presentations.   Dr. C.L. Liu from TrendForce Corp. gave an opening speech Louis...
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LEDforum 2012 Guangzhou to Kick off on June 11

LEDforum 2012 Guangzhou is to kick off with industry heavyweights at the Chinese Export Commodities Fair Pazhou Complex, Area B, Room # 8 on June 11th. Organizer :       Co-organizer: Date : June 11, 2012 Time : 9 am – 5 pm Venue : Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex (Please enter directly from Area B) Overview This time, LEDforum 2012 will provide a perfect platform to interact with global LED market leaders from Osram, Philips Lumileds, Seoul Semiconductor, Henkel (China), Lextar, Aixtron, Veeco Instrume...
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LEDforum 2012 Guangzhou to Hold on June, Don't Hesitate to Join in Global LED Cooperation

As June is coming near, LEDinside is ready to hold a grand and perfect LEDforum 2012 Guangzhou at the Chinese Export Commodities Fair Pazhou Complex, Area B, Room #8. Currently, global LED industry is in the process of changeful period. In Japan, nuclear power shortage has driven up demand for LED lamps after the March 11 earthquake. Also, benefiting from the ban imposed by certain countries against selling incandescent light bulb of high wattage in 2012, Europe has become one of the most fast-growing LED markets in the world besides Japan. Meanwhile, S...
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Seoul Semiconductor Showcases 3020 Series at LightFair International

Seoul Semiconductor has showcased its 3020 Series, adding to mid-power LEDs family in booth 3538 at the Lightfair International trade show in Las Vegas . The 3020 Series will be offered in the full range of ANSI white space, with standard binning and LM-80 testing. The entire family is general illumination class and comes with coloring rendering index (CRI) versions of 80 or 90 (minimum) and with luminous efficacies as high as 151lm/watt (cool white) and 136lm/watt (warm white). Following the firm’s 5630 package, the new LED is particularly suited to sma...
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Seoul Semiconductor’s Acrich2 Modules Passed UL Recognition

Recently, Seoul Semiconductor’s two Acrich2 AC-powered LED modules have passed the Component Recognition Program of UL. The modules, which operate directly from AC line voltages, contain newly developed high-voltage LEDs that utilize Seoul Semiconductor’s patented Acrich technology and a capacitor-free power-conditioning integrated circuit. The modules were investigated using the requirements contained in the Standard for Light Emitting Diode (LED) Equipment for Use in Lighting Products, UL 8750, First Edition, dated November 01, 2011...
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Seoul Semiconductor Launches AC-powered Acrich2 LED Solution

Newly, Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd has announced the release of another AC-powered LED solution in its second-generation Acrich2 family at the Strategies in Light 2012 conference in Santa Clara, CA, USA. The new product features the removal of the AC/DC converter and consequently the optimized form factor. The company claims that this type of solution increases reliability by removing many of the components that cause early lifetime failure of other fluorescent replacement solutions. In particular, the design also provides more flexibility and space to work inside...
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Seoul Semiconductor Gets 10,000 Patents for LED

Seoul Semiconductor has broken a record on applying, registering and securing more than 10,000 patents for LED. The company invests 10-20 percent of its annual revenue in Research and Development, including funding of an affiliate company. In particular, the company holds patent rights for Acrich, the semiconductor light source using a multi-cell architecture, as well as patent rights for deep UV LED technology. The company anticipates that deep UV LED technology will be commonly used in the future and it will be prepared to produce and sell this technology. &...
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Innovative tunable white, mid-power LED enables luminaire manufacturers to improve colour tuning, shrink optics and fixture profiles, while enabling new design options. Nichia, the leader in and inventor of the high-brightness LED, announces i... READ MORE

Natural colour rendering of Optisolis™ LEDs lets visitors experience artwork as the artist intended without degrading the work. Tokushima, Japan – 23 July 2019: Nichia Corporation, the leader in high brightness LED technologies, an... READ MORE