Samsung launched its first LED monitor in India

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has launched its latest 70 series PX2370 eco-friendly LED monitor, Magic Lux and Magic Angle in India. The PX 2370 is the first LED monitor, which can support RGB 100% thereby delivering nature-like picture quality.
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Samsung's new Nori F phone features LED illumination

Samsung has announced new device of Nori series, the Samsung Nori F (SHW-A200), known as LED illumination, which enable users to customize LED illumination on the front of their mobile phones. Nori F is a flip form factor phone set for South Korea. This device will be available in four fleshy colors such as Bleu Marin, Red, Orange and Light Blue. 
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Philips to expand its LED product lineup in South Korea

The leading global LED lighting company Philips plans to expand its LED product lineup in South Korea, the company begins releasing affordable LED lamps, targeting Korean households. Philips stressed that although the market for home LED lighting currently takes up 1 to 2 percent of the whole market for home lights, it is expected to expand at a rapid speed. Philips will do its best to boost the commercialization of LED lights.
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South Korea’s LG will show off its latest 31-inch 3D OLED TV at IFA Berlin

South Korea’s LG will be showing off its latest slim 31-inch OLED TV at 2010 IFA Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin.
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LG Electronics unveils new LED 3D TV featuring ‘Nano’ Lighting at IFA 2010

LG Electronics of South Korea has unveiled its new ultra thin LED-Backlit 3D TV based on LG’s next gen flat Panel featuring NANO lighting technology at the recently held 2010 Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin.
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LG Display to show 31-inch OLED TV and 72-inch 3D LED TV at IFA show

LG Display of Korea will show off a 31-inch OLED TV at the IFA show. LGD said the TV is the biggest of its type. LGD has not unveiled other details on the set, including resolution, thickness or price. Also on display at the event will be LG's 72-inch 3D LED TV and what is being described as the thinnest LCD TV, at just about 0.28 inches.
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LEDinside: Concerns of high LED inventory; Japan’s orders will spur the next wave of LED industry growth

Recently, panel manufacturers have been concerned about the excess inventory, triggering uncertainty toward demand for LED TV backlight. LEDinside’s survey showed that Korean panel vendors have started to save LED inventory since the end of 2009. Therefore, when facing the slack season, they hit the brake for LED procurement in advance. Taiwan-based panel manufacturers have formally adopted large quantities of LED backlight products; AUO is the fastest of all at this stage, creating short supply for its LED plant Lextar.  
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LG Display to Team Up with Everlight and Amtran To Set Up LED Packaging JV In China

LG Display Co. of South Korea, Taiwan LED maker Everlight Electronics Co. and Taiwan TV maker Amtran Technology Co., will team up to set up a joint venture in Suzhou, China that will provide LED packages for backlight units for flat panels.
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LG Display Shows LCD Panel With Quantum-dot LED Backlight at SID 2010

LG Display of South Korea has exhibited an LCD panel whose color gamut was expanded by using quantum-dot LEDs for the backlight at SID 2010.
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Everlight:One Stop Solution for the LED backlighting and lighting market

As the market penetration rate of LED-backlit LCD TVs gradually picks up, LED makers from Japan, Korea, Europe, Taiwan, and China are implementing their strategies in LED chips and LED package modules for LCD TV backlights. As for TV vendors, Korea’s Samsung and LG are very optimistic about the outlook for the LED market. Their projections of LED penetration in TV backlighting reflect high LED consumption. Furthermore, these two companies have their own LED chip and package capacities, and they outsource the unmet portion to Taiwan manufacturers.
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Seoul Semiconductor's LED applies to the 'Oasis of the Sea' which is the biggest cruise in the world

Seoul Semiconductor, a world leading LED manufacturer, has announced that its LED products were selected for the external balcony lights of 'Oasis of the Seas' , the world's largest and most innovative cruise liner, which made its inaugural voyage on 5 December 2009.
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Samsung to make all monitors LED backlit by the end of 2010

Samsung, South Korea’s largest PC maker, is preparing an onslaught of new product in the new year, with tablet PCs, more 3D and all monitors LED backlit by the end of 2010. Samsung will have those products in the future or coming into 2010. Samsung is also planning multitouch monitors and notebooks, as well as more 3D. The touchscreen monitors will likely be CCFL backlit to start, but later will be LED backlit.
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LED Price trends for Q2 2009

According to the industry research institute LEDinside, as demand for LED TV and LED NB expands, LED chips are running short of supply during the second quarter of this year, which has resulted in a more stable price of white LED compared to that of 2008.
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South Korea to Invest $85 billion in Green Industries

South Korea plans to spend 107 trillion won ($84.5 billion), or 2 percent of its annual GDP, in green industries over the next five years, the presidential office said in a statement on Monday. The investment, mainly for encouraging environment-related industries and technologies such as renewable energy, LEDs (light-emitting diodes), smart power grids and hybrid cars, is expected to create up to 1.81 million jobs, the government said.
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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2009: South Korean Wave

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2009: South Korean Wave Seoul Semiconductor In addition to high-power LEDs, Seoul Semiconductor introduced its new AC LED-related products at the exhibition.
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LEDinside predicts LED TV penetration rate to be 2% in 2009 and 11% in 2012

LED TV market features infinite imagination space but is immature yet, LEDinside estimates the market penetration rate of LED TV to be 2% in 2009 and 11% in 2012
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Samsung LED to Have Cautious Start in 2009

It’s reported that Samsung Group's LED business unit will begin operation in June with an initial target production of 120,000 LED panels. However, Samsung indicated that this production target is not big enough to challenge leading foreign makers in terms of market share. They expect the production capacity will be tripled by 2010.
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Samsung Pico Projector Phone Using LED Technology from Luminus Devices

It’s reported that Samsung revealed a pico projector equipped phone at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, Spain. The phone is in a shiny silver and black case with touchscreen, it has a 1080p resolution. Besides, the key features are LED technology from Luminus Devices and Digital Light Projection technology from Texas Instruments.
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Samsung Electronics, affiliate to set up LED venture

South Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics Co. is reportedly setting up a 50-50 joint venture with its affiliate Samsung Electro-Mechanics to jointly produce LEDs. It’s disclosed the veture is tentatively named Samsung LED. LEDs are known to have many advantages to traditional light sources, such as low energy consumption, longer lifetime, which are increasingly used in products from mobile phones to flat-screen televisions.
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Seoul Semiconductor’s AC-driven Acriche has decorated Business Center in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Seoul Semiconductor has announced to replace outdoor lightings of a Senator business center with exclusive solid state light, Acriche. The project has been completed by a Russian lighting expert company Vitrulux Oy.
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Samsung to order Epistar’s LEDs for LCD TVs

Taiwan LED maker Epistar Corp. announced that it has won contract orders from Korea’s Samsung for LEDs used in LED-backlit LCD TVs.
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Seoul signs cross-licensing agreement with Nichia

Two rival LED makers, Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. and Nichia Corporation announced that they have settled all litigations on patent and other issues as well as other legal disputes currently pending between them in the United States, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, and Korea. The settlement includes a cross license agreement covering LED and laser diode technologies, which will permit the companies to access all of each other's patented technologies.
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Cree to supply LED chips to LG Display

South Korea's LG Display, announced that it had signed a deal with U.S.-based Cree Inc. to secure supply of LED chips for its flat screen products. LG Display reportedly signed a supply agreement in early January.
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CES 2009: Samsung shows off its LN-B8000 LED-backlit TV

Samsung Electronics showed off a new line of high-end, ultra-slim, energy-efficient televisions at CES 2009 and planned to increase the proportion of TVs it makes using LED technology. The company has put a big emphasis on LED-backlighting on this year's LCDs, and its LN-B8000 series are the most souped-up models at CES 2009.
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CES 2009: LG to unveil the world’s slimmest LED LCD TV

It’s reported that LG will unveil the world’s slimmest LED LCD TV - “LH95” at CES in January in Las Vegas. The LG LH95 is expected to be only 24.8mm thick, which should be good enough to back the manufacturer’s claim. The LH95 will feature a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio screen and come with 240Hz TrueMotion Drive technology. It’s disclosed that this LED LCD TV will be the 2009 CES Innovation Award winner in the Display category.
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'True Blue' Material for Better OLED Screens

South Korean scientists have developed an efficient “true blue” material that can accelerate the development of next-generation organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays.
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The Great Future of LED TV(2)-- The maturity and productization of LED TV Technology

In the IFA 2008, many manufacturers introduced LED TVs to show their capability of combining LED and TV technology.SamsungFor example, Samsung introduced the A950 series, which supports Full HD(1920*1080) with screens made 46 or 55 inches, and adopts LED back light, which can control the brightness more efficiently.Sony
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Industry Interview with the Liquidleds Lighting Corp(Demo Vedio Clip)

LEDinside recently conducted an in-depth interview with Liquidleds Lighting Corp (Liquidleds) CEO, Mr. Kun-Yuan Chiang (Chiang), in relation to the industry of LED.
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Samsung Electronics, SDI to jointly develop OLED Display

Recently, Samsung Electronics, the world's largest maker of liquid crystal displays, and Samsung SDI, a plasma display panel maker, announced they will set up a joint venture to develop an organic electroluminescent display panel.
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New Top View LEDs have high CRI, efficacy and reliability

It's reported Seoul Semiconductor has recommended a new Top-View LEDs with high CRI, high efficacy and high reliability. Generally, the Warm White part (CAWT722-S) has a CRI of 96 and achieves 68 lm/W, while the Pure White (CWT722-S) has a CRI of 92 and produces 70 lm/W. moreover, it is important to note that these figures are for a drive current of 60 mA and a power consumption of 0.192 W. The light output of the pure white and warm white devices is only 13.9 and 13.1. lm, respectively.
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