Philips Lighting Unveils LED Light Bulb Range with Multiple Light Settings

Philips Lighting, a global leader in lighting, has launched the new Philips SceneSwitch LED range – a unique range of light bulbs which provide multiple light settings, to meet the changing needs of homes and consumers. Many houses and flats have become multi-purpose spaces: somewhere to work, relax and entertain. The Philips SceneSwitch LED range caters for this need, allowing you to use your existing light switch to select the light scene best suited to a given task.
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Russian Startup Launches Fotogen Portable LED Lamp on Indiegogo

Fotogen is a wireless portable desk lamp with a variety of features to light your home and entertain you. Main features are: Bluetooth control Touch turn on/off Aluminium body
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Waterproof LED Dimming Power Supply from MEAN WELL Enables Dimming Application

NPF family and PWM family are two recently unveiled high efficiency LED power supplies (or drivers) of the leading standard power supply brand—MEAN WELL. The product design of these two families are planned to adopt the identical plastic cases and equipped with various dimming functions in light of the application demands from market. The whole product line covers the output wattage from 40W to 120W.
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Osram Adds New Warm Glow LEDs to Its Product Portfolio

In the evenings, and especially when evenings become longer, many people love the snug, warm glow of a burning candle or open fire. Incandescent and halogen lamps create similarly cozy light by simple dimming, but with modern LED lamps this is technically not quite as simple. To create the popular light effect with 2,000 Kelvin here as well, Osram has integrated state-of-the-art LED technology into its new Glow-Dim models.
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LED Engin’s New Module Powers Tuneable White LED Spotlight for Art Illumination

LED Engin, Inc. reveals that its LuxiTune compact white LED engine, which enables precise and easy control of colour tuning and dimming, is at the heart of tuneable versions of Havells-Sylvania’s award-winning Beacon spotlight. Beacon Tune is designed for museum and gallery applications where lighting has a vital role to play in presenting exhibits in the most attractive way. It’s also suited to high-end retail environments. In all of these applications, LuxiTune empowers users’ creativity by delivering precision control of consistently high quality white light across a wide colour temperature and dimming range.
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