LED Lighting Improves Sustainability for Specialty-Crop Producers

A recent U.S. Department of Agriculture blog entry introduces Purdue University's research resulgs on LED grow lights. Banks of LED illuminate plants in greenhouses. Purdue University researchers discovered that LEDs can provide a more beneficial light spectrum to greenhouse plants than conventional lighting while using 75 percent less electricity. 
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Improve Night-time Driving Safety with LED Bulb Xenon Driving Lights

Fitting the right car driving lights can be the key to improved safety when driving off-road or in rural locations at night. All Tuff Lighting knows precisely which HID lights are best suited for any off-road or rural driving purposes anywhere in Australia.
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Hydroponics System Manufacturer SuperCloset Launches “Kind” LED Grow Lights

The K3 series LED grow lights are comprised of high powered 3 Watt LEDs featuring a proprietary intensified spectrum designed for flowering large yields. This revolutionary series of LED grow lights will produce the biggest and best yields, while consuming approximately half the electricity and producing virtually no heat. The Kind LED Grow Light will cultivate record breaking yields, both in quantity and quality, while running quieter, cooler, and more efficiently than any other grow light.
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Epistar Plans to Break into Korean Automotive Lighting Market

LED wafer manufacturer Epistar’s president Li Bingjie revealed that with the company successful entrance into supply chains of European and Asian based automotive makers, their next target is the Korean automotive supply chain.
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Top Cars with LED Facelifts in 2014

With the Frankfurt Motor Show only a few weeks away, UK car dealer AutoeBid has highlighted some of the key facelift models due to be displayed.
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The First Electric Vehicle with All-LED Exterior Lighting to Arrive Early 2014

It has been reported that the Volt-based Cadillac ELR will be launched this winter as the first electric vehicle with all-LED exterior lighting. Its provocative shape and luxurious interior makes an immediate impact. The distinction of first electric vehicle is a necessary one as the redesigned 2014 Mercedes S-Class to be launched this fall is said to be the first with all-LED lighting among all cars. In any case, the Cadillac is in exceptional company, and GM first showed the car so equipped at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this year....
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Nichia’s Tunable 757 receives rave reviews from industry leaders, including the coveted LpS Best Sustainability Technology Award. Nichia, the leader in and inventor of the high-brightness LED, announced its game-changing single LES, tuna... READ MORE