Khatod Optical Solutions for Lighting

Khatod products leverage nearly three decades of hands-on experience with the toughest challenges in making lenses for SSL in a wide range of applications. Since our inception in 1985, unique on the international scene, Khatod has specified and developed the entire product process 100 percent in-house, Milano, Italy. A full optical service – from project to object - encompassing all the product development processes based on the latest in technology. Khatod offers full series of optical solutions for endless applications as well as a great capability in the realization of custom optics. We are able to develop the customers’ projects by collaborating with their designers or being their designers.
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Plessey Wins Elektra Award for MAGIC HB-LEDs

Plessey Semiconductors Ltd of Plymouth, UK has won the Solid-State Lighting Application Category of the Elektra Awards 2012 for its new MAGIC (MAnufactured on GaN ICs) High Brightness LEDs (HB-LEDs). The winners were announced at the European Electronics Industry Awards ceremony in London last week. Plessey’s MAGIC HB-LEDs are manufactured on standard silicon substrates, rather than on sapphire or silicon carbide, using industry standard, high volume processing. The firm’s technology uses gallium nitride (GaN) on 6-inch ...
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Epistar and Azzurro Jointly Made Breakthroughs on GaN-on-silicon Technology

Epistar and Azzurro have jointly made breakthroughs on developing GaN-on-silicon based LEDs utilising Epistar’s HB LED structures and Azzurro’s technology for 150mm GaN-on-silicon in just 4 months. The firms transferred Epistar’s existing LED structures built on sapphire to the GaN-on-silicon material system, marking GaN-on-silicon one step further towards implementation in mass production. GaN-on-silicon growth is often associated with many technological challenges. But the use of templates with unique strain‐engineering technology from A...
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Sapphire Wafer Wet vs. Dry Etching

LEDs have a very bright future. According to a market research report published by Strategies Unlimited (SU), the high-brightness (HB) LED market, experienced a 93 percent growth rate between 2009 and 2010. In 2009, the global market for packaged HB LEDs was $5.6 billion. In 2010, it grew to $10.8 billion. SU is predicting that by 2015 the global market will be worth $18.9 billion, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.8 percent. Despite the positive forecast, there is one element that has the potential to stifle the growth of the LED mar...
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Seren Receives £230k Grant for Nano-technology Development on HB LED

Seren Photonics Ltd, the LED technology portfolio company from UK-based university IP commercialization company Fusion IP plc, has won a £230,000 grant from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), the UK government’s national innovation agency. The grant will be used to fund a project based on nano-technology to further increase the amount of HB LEDs. Developed by professor Tao Wang of the University of Sheffield, Seren’s new processing technique can increase an HB-LED’s luminous efficacy and reduce heat generation under normal ...
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SAFC Hitech® Opens New Taiwan Facility to Enhance Global Capacity for High-Brightness LED Precursor Manufacturing

SAFC Hitech®, a member of the Sigma-Aldrich® Group, today underlined its commitment to the Asia-Pacific electronics markets with the opening of its new multi-million US dollar facility in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The 270,000ft2 expansion significantly increases the site's existing capacity for the high-volume manufacturing of high-quality Trimethylgallium (TMG), Triethylgallium (TEG) and Trimethylindium (TMI) precursors for High Brightness LED (HBLED) applications. The site will also produce Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and Chemical Vapor ...
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LEDinside: LED Perspective from Jason Wu, Chairman of Edison Opto

Aiming to become the leader of Taiwan’s LED lighting industry, Edison Opto has been committed to high power LED development over ten years. It has not only founded an LED component brand but also proposed Lighting Design Manufacturing Service (LDMS), the first integrated lighting service program of its kind in the industry to provide customers a series of lighting solutions. Besides, it has a unique insight into the channel management. LEDinside had the honor to invite Mr. Jason Wu, chairman of Edison Opto to talk about its product planning and channel strategy.
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Samsung Appoint Young Electronics Group as Distributor for HB LEDs in UK and Ireland

YEG Opto, the opto electronics division of Young Electronics Group, is pleased to announce their new partnership with Samsung to distribute their range of Medium and High Power LEDs in the UK and Ireland.
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Ultratech introduces Sapphire 100 lithography system for HB LEDs

Ultratech, Inc., a leading supplier of lithography and laser-processing systems used to manufacture semiconductor devices, today introduced its newest lithography system, the Sapphire 100 for high-brightness light-emitting diode (HBLED) manufacturing. By leveraging its lithography and technology leadership, the Sapphire 100 lithography system is designed to enable Ultratech customers to meet the growing demand for illumination products with HBLED technology.
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Nanometrics Receives Multiple Metrology Orders for High-Brightness LEDs

Nanometrics Incorporated, a supplier of advanced process control metrology systems used primarily in the manufacturing and packaging of semiconductors, solar photovoltaics and high-brightness LEDs, today announced multiple orders from new and existing HB-LED customers for RPMBlue™ and IVS185™ metrology systems, which will be used for photoluminescence (PL) mapping and critical dimension and overlay control, respectively. These systems are scheduled to be delivered and qualified in the fourth quarter of this year.
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OnChip Introduces Submounts to Improve Efficiency of HB LED

OnChip, a global provider of Integrated Passive Devices (IPD), last week announced the ability to provide Silicon and Ceramic Carriers or Submounts for HB LED (High Brightness Light Emitting Diode) manufacturers. With major advantages of power savings, increased life expectancy and faster response time over traditional bulbs, HB LEDs are rapidly taking over many applications such as LCD backlighting, traffic lights, automotive lighting, camera flash and even standard lighting.
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Cypress’s EZ-Color™ HBLED Controller Family Enables Fast Design of WAC Lighting’s New Energy Efficient Display and Accent LED System

Cypress Semiconductor Corp. announced that WAC Lighting, a manufacturer and designer of track, recessed, undercabinet, decorative and monorail lighting, has selected Cypress’s EZ-Color™ high-brightness LED (HBLED) controllers to control the LEDs in its new color-changing tape light system.
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Shin-Etsu Chemical Develops a Silicone Reflector Material for High Brightness LEDs and Transparent Protective Film

Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. announced that it has developed new silicone products used for high brightness LEDs. The new SWC Series is advanced silicone reflectors designed to greatly improve the brightness performance of LEDs. The new LPS-AF Series is protective film materials that are transparent and possess high heat resistance. These new materials will be used to improve the performance of high-brightness LEDs that are used for lighting products and for backlighting units in LCD TVs.
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California Micro Devices Introduces New LuxGuard™ ESD Protection Solution for High Brightness LEDs

California Micro Devices(CMD) today announced the latest product in the LuxGuard™ family of turnkey solutions for ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection and thermal management for high power, high brightness LED (HBLED) lighting applications.
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M-TUBE High Brightness: First Homogeneous LED Light System

Unlike conventional LED strips which emit isolated, lined up spots of light, the M-TUBE from MENTOR is the first LED light guide system that dissipitates light perfectly homogeneous to the environment. The principle of the targeted light reflection along a crystal clear light guide makes this possible: The light is simply fed in at the side of two LED housings and is dissipitated in a targeted way to the environment along an imprinted reflector line inside the bar.
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Huaguang of China Qualifies Veeco’s MOCVD for LED Production

Raysun Huaguang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. of China has qualified gallium nitride (GaN) and arsenic phosphide (AsP) metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) systems from Veeco Instruments Inc., a tool provider in comprehensive fields, for high volume production of red and blue high-brightness light emitting diodes.
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Leadis Offers LED-Sense(TM) Temperature Sensing and Compensation Engine

Leadis Technology, Inc. has announced that its proprietary LED-Sense(TM) Temperature Sensing and Compensation Engine, implemented in the LDS8160, is now available for licensing to third parties as an embedded, stand-alone IP block.
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The 10th Strategies in Light 2009 — Lighting the Future with LEDs

The 10th annual business-oriented conference and exhibition on high-brightness LEDs will be held on February 18-20, 2009 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California by Strategies Unlimited and PennWell Corporation.
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Seoul Semiconductor Releases Ultra-Slim LED — Z-power 'Z1' series

Korea LED maker Seoul Semiconductor announced it released a 1.4W ultra-slim Z-power LED series 'Z1'; Warm White (part #: NZ10150) and Pure White (part #: WZ10150). The high performance Z-power LED 'Z1' is only 1.2 mm of thickness, but maximum lumens reach 120.
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Aviza Technology received multiple orders from LED maker

Recently, Aviza Technology, Inc., a supplier of advanced semiconductor capital equipment and process technologies for the global semiconductor industry and related markets, announced that it has received multiple orders from one of the world's leading optoelectronics manufacturers.
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AIXTRON AG order power LED capacity form Century Epitech Corp.

Recently, AIXTRON AG announced a multiple order from Century Epitech Corp, located in Shenzhen, China, one of China's leading players in the high brightness LED sector.
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The LED BR40 bulb

Recently, GlacialTech Inc announced the availability of BR40 LED light – the LED-BR40 Globes come in three models which range in brightness from low, to medium to high. The LED BR40 bulbs are designed to replace the equivalent 80W BR40 globes and lamps available in markets today. The innovative product incorporates the same structure and style of traditional BR40 bulbs but delivers a brighter performance per watt, with less heat radiation.
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The market growth of high-brightness LEDs in lighting

It’s reported that High-brightness LEDs have demonstrated dramatic improvements in performance in recent years, as well as significant cost reduction, such that they are undergoing a period of rapid market growth in a variety of niche and general lighting applications.
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Lumileds introduced the LUXEON CZ Color Line, a product line optimized to deliver maximum punch. “The LUXEON CZ features up to 48% higher punch than any other undomed color LED,” said Jennifer Holland, Product Line Direct... READ MORE

LG Innotek today announced that it has supplied UV LED module for water purifiers to the famous Japanese purifier manufacturer for the past year and achieved the perfect quality of zero defect rate.