LEDinside: Observing the Development Trend of Micro LED Display from Micro LED Technology Challenges

According to LEDinside’s 2019 Micro LED Next Generation Display Key Technology Report, Micro LED possesses excellent features no matter in high brightness, high contrast, high response time and power saving, which are all better than LCD and OLED. With Micro LED, various applications, such as watch, mobile phone, automotive display, AR, VR, monitor, TV and large display will develop towards a higher level in the future. According to LEDinside, although Micro LED technology faces many challenges, compared with two years ago, the current technological progress has been much improved. The early patented technology has already appeared in the physical sample display machine. In the future, Micro LED’s commercialization will be driven by the growth of Micro LED technology. In addition, the manufacturing process of Micro LED is complex and the requirement becomes stricter. The raw materials, process consumables, production equipment, testing instruments and auxiliary fixtures used in the process require sophisticated specifications and relatively high precision.
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LEDinside: Micro LED Display and Fine Pitch Display Technology

According to the latest report from LEDinside, a division of the market research firm TrendForce, Micro LED Next Generation Display Industry Market Report- 2Q17 Micro LED Display and Fine Pitch Display Technology, The application of fine-pitch LED display roughly covers four fields, including studio (15%), security control room (16%), commercial display (40%) and public and retail application (29%). In the case of more competitors joined, the profit margin of fine-pitch display market will be eroded to some extent, and the fine pitch LED display market scale is expected to increase from USD 1,141 million in 2017 to 1,770 million in 2021, achieve CAGR of 23% during 2015-2021.
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