ET25: The Revolution in Quiet LiDAR Technology

All sensory experiences of the driver and passengers in a vehicle fall under the scope of "NVH", which stands for Noise, Vibration, and Harshness. For automobiles, NVH is a crucial indicator of quality that directly impacts the user's driving experience. This is why high-end and luxury vehicles often have stricter requirements for NVH levels, as they strive for a quieter and more comfortable driving environment. (1) ET25 is placed behind the windshield, enabling a sleek vehicle design that covers practical functionality without affecting aerodynamics. How...
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Luminar and Plus Partner for LiDAR and AI-Based Assisted Driving Software for Trucking

Plus selects Luminar as the exclusive long-range lidar in factory-installed PlusDrive for its commercial vehicle OEM partners Luminar and Plus collaborate to provide assisted driving software to commercial vehicle OEMs ORLANDO, Fla. & SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Luminar (Nasdaq: LAZR), a leading global automotive technology company, and Plus, a global provider of highly automated driving and fully autonomous driving solutions, announced a partnership to advance highly automated driving and safety systems for commercial veh...
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The Secret of In-Cabin LiDAR - How AR-Coated Windshield Complements the ET25

As smart cars become more popular, lidars have been installed in various places: on the car roof, in the grille, and beneath the headlights...These installation locations have one thing in common: they are all outside the vehicle cabin. Where else could lidar be installed? The obvious answer is "in the cabin." There are many benefits to installing lidar in the cabin: First, since the lidar is installed behind the windshield, it is physically isolated from the outside. The glass can effectively protect the lidar from external interference such as dust and rain, thr...
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Keysight Expands Autonomous Driving Test Portfolio with Lidar Target Simulator

Compact bench setup saves test floor space by simulating target distances and surface reflectivity Automated testing software provides insightful analytics to improve sensor design and performance while accelerating testing to support volume sensor production The Keysight the E8717A Lidar Target Simulator is a compact, automated benchtop solution that enables automakers and lidar sensor makers to test and validate lidar sensors for autonomous vehicles. (Photo: Business Wire) SANTA ROSA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Keysight Technologies, Inc. (N...
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The Philippines Needs Offshore LiDAR To Accurately Measure Wind Power In Upcoming OSW Projects

As the world is quickly adopting to less intrusive, more efficient power generation schemes, offshore wind is topping the list because of its ability to deliver power either directly to the grid or into battery storage systems. Offshore wind is also becoming a default because it doesn’t interfere with a landscape of a seashore or a mountain range and is located far enough from human settlements so as to not cause disruptions in the case of massive typhoons or hurricanes typical of areas where OSW are sited. On March 15th, BlueFloat Energy, a major offshore wind devel...
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Innoviz Expands Collaboration with a Major Customer, Adding InnovizTwo for New Light Commercial Vehicle

Fast-moving new program with an accelerated timeline Framework agreed, pending final requirements and commercial terms Strong financial contribution, expected start of production mid-decade Collaboration with a major compute platform provider, may lead to additional opportunities TEL AVIV, Israel, May 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Innoviz Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: INVZ) (the "Company" or "Innoviz"), a leading Tier-1 supplier of high-performance automotive grade LiDAR sensors and perception software, today announced that a ...
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InnovizTwo LiDAR Wins Gold at 2023 Edison Best New Product Awards™

InnovizTwo won the gold award in the Smart Transportation category for its technical excellence TEL-AVIV, Israel, May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Innoviz Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: INVZ) a Tier-1 direct supplier of high-performance, automotive grade LiDAR sensors and perception software, (the "Company" or "Innoviz") announced today that its second generation LiDAR sensor, InnovizTwo, won Gold in the Smart Transportation category of the 2023 Edison Awards™. Recognition from the Edison Awards coincides with InnovizTwo...
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SICK’s multiScan masters precision 3D LiDAR navigation and collision avoidance

SICK has unveiled a milestone advance in its three-dimensional LiDAR technology, with the launch of the multiScan multi-layered LiDAR sensor. The SICK multiScan combines floor-to-ceiling 360° environment perception with high-resolution navigation for reliable real-time localisation, mapping and collision avoidance in automated mobile robots (AMRs) and industrial vehicles. Developed on the foundations of SICK’s industry-leading multi-echo LiDAR technology, the SICK multiScan is a compact, lightweight and rugged 3D sensor designed to maximise...
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Quantum lidar prototype acquires real-time 3D images while fully submerged underwater

Researchers developed a lidar system that uses quantum detection technology that can capture 3D images while submerged underwater. They demonstrated the system by using it to capture a 3D image (left) of a pipe (right). The scan was obtained in low scattering conditions with the single-photon system submerged in a tank. Credit: Aurora Maccarone, Heriot-Watt University For the first time, researchers have demonstrated a prototype lidar system that uses quantum detection technology to acquire 3D images while submerged underwater. The high sensitivity of this system could allo...
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Innoviz Technologies named as direct LiDAR supplier for Volkswagen subsidiary CARIAD SE

As of May 2, 2023, Innoviz Technologies Ltd. remains a leading Tier-1 supplier of high-performance, automotive grade LiDAR sensors and perception software. One of its major clients, CARIAD SE, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, has chosen Innoviz as its direct LiDAR supplier for the automated vehicle segment within the Volkswagen brands. Innoviz will provide InnovizTwo LiDAR sensors and perception software, both of which are crucial elements of advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles (AVs). Since being named as CARIAD...
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Auto Shanghai 2023 ushers in a new era of intelligent vehicles! Nearly 20 mass-produced models equipped with RoboSense LiDAR

Part of EV models equipped with RoboSense LiDAR showcased at Auto Shanghai 2023 (Photo: Business Wire)   SHENZHEN, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--RoboSense, a world-leading provider of Smart LiDAR Sensor Systems, announced today its M series LiDAR products, which assisted more than 10 well-known global automakers showcase nearly 20 intelligent vehicle models at the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2023 (referred to as the Auto Shanghai 2023), presenting the excellent performance of their intelligent drivi...
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TrendForce 2023 Infrared Sensing Application Market and Branding Strategies- Sensing is the Future

TrendForce 2023 Infrared Sensing Application Market and Branding Strategies focuses on four sectors with strong growth momentum, namely the consumer electronics, smart cockpit (DMS / OMS), advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) / autonomous driving, and industrial / logistics automation. As SWIR LED / VCSEL / EEL become increasingly mature, TrendForce has also explored its business opportunities, techniques, as well as product specifications and prices.     According to TrendForce 2023 Infrared Sensing Application Mar...
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Valeo’s third generation LiDAR chosen by Stellantis for its level 3 automation capability

Stellantis has chosen Valeo's third-generation LiDAR to equip multiple models of its different automotive brands from 2024. The Valeo SCALA 3 LiDAR will enable these vehicles to be certified for level 3 automation, allowing drivers to safely take their hands off the steering wheel and their eyes off the road. As Yves Bonnefont, Chief Software Officer and member of Stellantis’ Top Executive Team, explains: “What sets cars apart from others today is the driving experience they offer. Thanks to our L3 autonomous driving solution leveraging Valeo...
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To know more about the 3rd generation of Valeo’s LiDAR

An interview with Clément Nouvel, Valeo LiDAR Technical Director LiDARs are essential to the development of the autonomous car and the drastic road safety improvements that come along. Up to 30% of premium new vehicles are set to reach level 3 automation by 2030, and to do so will be equipped with LiDAR technology. As well as cars, robotaxis, delivery droids, autonomous trucks or vehicles for industrial and agriculture sectors will come equipped with this technology. Clément Nouvel is LiDAR Technical Product Line Director and leads over 300 ...
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【Exclusive Interview】Artilux’s GeSi Technology Leads Global SWIR Optical Sensing Innovation, Revolutionizing Emerging Industries like Consumer Electronics, Autonomous Driving and Industrial LiDAR

Well-known for the world leading GeSi (germanium silicon) photonic technology innovation, Artilux is a provider of SWIR spectrum sensing fundamental semiconductor optical technology platform and solution. Based on this key technology, Artilux takes the crossover challenge of developing integrated optics, system architecture and algorithm, bringing innovation to emerging industries such as consumer electronics, augmented reality, autonomous driving, industrial LiDAR. Recently, TrendForce was honored to invite Erik Chen, CEO of Artilux, to share his prospective on the ma...
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MRSI Systems, Mycronic Group announces a new collaboration to provide LiDAR solutions for the Automotive Industry

MRSI Systems is delighted to announce a new collaboration with Lumentum Operations LLC (“Lumentum“, NASDAQ: LITE), a leading global photonic chip and module supplier for the automotive LiDAR industry. This collaboration promises to generate innovative LiDAR solutions for the industry. LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology is becoming the standard equipment in medium-end and high-end vehicles. In the next five years, the demand for automotive LiDAR in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) applications will grow at a compou...
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Velodyne Lidar’s Intelligent Infrastructure Solution Deployed in Helsinki Traffic Safety Improvement Project

Velodyne’s Solution Delivered Traffic Monitoring with Lidar and Edge AI Computing Velodyne Lidar announced its Intelligent Infrastructure Solution was deployed in Helsinki, Finland to collect traffic data and improve roadway safety. The project demonstrated the high accuracy and value of the solution in multimodal traffic counting and classification, and in near miss collision detection and monitoring. Test site 1: Tyynenmerenkatu – Välimerenkatu – Jätkäsaarenlaituri (Helsinki, Finland). (Graphic: Nodeon Finland) SAN JOS...
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Toshiba’s New Palm-sized Projector Unit Pushes LiDAR’s Detection Range to 300m, the World’s Longest, with Industry-leading Image Quality

-Flexibility to combine multiple projectors allows customization of detection range and angle, realizes wide application from autonomous driving to infrastructure monitoring.- TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) has revealed major advances in shrinking the laser projector unit of its LiDAR to one quarter the size of the previous version released in June 2021. Using two of the new projector units, the new LiDAR is just 206cm3 in volume that can fit comfortably into the palm of the hand. Its range has been pushed out to 300m, the world’s long...
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TrendForce 2022 Infrared Sensing Application Market and Branding Strategies- Open up New Horizons

According to TrendForce 2022 Infrared Sensing Application Market and Branding Strategies, various crucial topics—such as metaverse, ADAS / autonomous driving, in-cabin sensing- DMS / OMS, and industrial automation—will rise rapidly in 2022 as brand manufacturers implement their strategies and plans. The applications as follows will all witness higher-than-expected growth momentum!   Metaverse- Eye Tracking and 3D Sensing   In response to the rise of metaverse in 2021, brand manufacturers become more active in developing AR and VR pr...
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【Exclusive Interview】Velodyne LiDAR Shines an Incredible Era for Autonomous Vehicle, Smart City and Industrial Markets

Velodyne, a leading LiDAR company and 3D sensor solution for autonomous vehicles and industrial robots, is going to showcase the latest product at CES 2022. LEDinside of TrendForce was honored to have an exclusive interview with Jim Barnhart, COO of Velodyne, to understand how the company’s advanced LiDAR system ushers in a new and incredible era of ADAS / autonomous driving, smart city, and industrial / delivery markets.   Jim Barnhart, COO of Velodyne   TrendForce: What has Velodyne achieved in 2021?   Jim Barnhart...
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【Exclusive Interview】Excelitas Advanced Photon Emission and Detection Solutions to Usher Industrial LiDAR and Range-Finding Markets

Excelitas Technologies Corp. is a global technology leader providing innovative and customized photonic solutions. For decades, the company has been actively engaged in the development of pulsed lasers, fast and sensitive detectors for Industrial LiDAR and range-finding markets. LEDinside / TrendForce had the honor to have an interview with Dr. Jürgen Schilz, Vice President Detection, to share his extensive industry experience in photonics, and gain valuable insight into the LiDAR and range-finding markets and Excelitas’ current progress in LiDAR Lase...
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ROHM’s 75W High Optical Output Laser Diode for LiDAR

High density emission, along with the industry’s narrowest width, supports longer distances and higher accuracy in LiDAR-equipped applications Santa Clara, CA and Kyoto, Japan, Oct. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ROHM Semiconductor today announced they have developed a high optical output laser diode, the RLD90QZW3, for applications such as AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) and service robots in the industrial equipment sector and robot vacuums in the consumer field that incorporate LiDAR for distance measurement and spat...
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Does Tesla Test LiDAR?

Luminar, a company which develops LiDAR for ADAS and autonomous driving, hasreported that Tesla is testing Luminar’s LiDAR sensors on its Model Y electric vehicles. This is interesting. Tesla relies on a camera-based system for its autonomous-driving system, with CEO Elon Musk previously dismissing the use of LiDAR sensors. But, being the world’s most valuable auto company, Tesla testing out LiDAR might appear positive for an emerging company, and it probably needs to be observed long terms about Tesla’s sensor strategies. Since Te...
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3D Holographic Head-Up Display Could Improve Road Safety

Researchers have developed the first LiDAR-based augmented reality head-up display for use in vehicles. Tests on a prototype version of the technology suggest that it could improve road safety by 'seeing through' objects to alert of potential hazards without distracting the driver. The technology, developed by researchers from the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford and University College London (UCL), is based on LiDAR (light detection and ranging), and uses LiDAR data to create ultra high-definition holographic representations of road object...
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XenomatiX launched the next generation true-solid-state LiDAR

LEUVEN, Belgium, April 20, 2021 -- XenomatiX, a pioneer of true-solid-state LiDARs for ADAS, autonomous vehicles, and other road applications, including construction and maintenance, is launching the next generation of XenoLidar-X. As the latest true-solid-state solution from XenomatiX, the new XenoLidar-X is designed to meet the performance requirements needed by today's leading OEMs. XenoLidar-X, a standalone, off-the-shelf solution with no moving parts, is modular in design and fit for centralized or distributed integration via two distinct versions...
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Vector Photonics’ £1.6m equity investment for next generation laser commercialisation takes its seed funding round to £4m.

Vector Photonics has received £1.6m of equity investment to commercialise its unique, PCSEL-based, semiconductor laser technology. The company’s PCSELs (Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Lasers) revolutionise semiconductor laser manufacture and performance, with real benefits over existing laser technology in data communications; additive manufacturing, including metal and plastic printing; LiDAR; and optical sensing – some of the fastest growing technology markets in the world right now. Neil Martin, CEO of Vector Photonics, said, “We...
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CEA-Leti Envisions Widespread Use of LiDAR Systems Based on Integrated Optical Phased Arrays (OPAs)

©metamorworks - Fotolia.com OPAs with Solid-State Beam Steering Can Reduce the Cost and Size of LiDAR Systems & Improve Performance; Results Reported at Photonics West 2021 GRENOBLE, France – March 8, 2021 – Taking a critical step toward developing LiDAR systems for widespread commercial applications, CEA-Leti has developed genetic algorithms to calibrate high-channel-count optical phased arrays (OPAs), as well as an advanced measurement setup enabling wafer-scale OPA characterization. OPAs are an emerging technol...
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【Exclusive Interview】OSRAM's Diversified Infrared Sensing to Welcome the Market Demands on Automotive LiDAR, Industrial Automation and Smart City Markets

Alvin Tse, Vice President of Sales of Greater China & Japan, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is a leading manufacturer of infrared sensing components in the industry. With its broad portfolio including Infrared-LEDs (IREDs), Edge-Emitting Lasers (EEL) and VCSELs the company addresses applications like advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) like automotive LiDAR or driver monitoring, biometrics and 3D Sensing for consumer electronics as well as industrial automation and many more. . LEDinside / Trend...
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Sense Photonics Demonstrates the World’s First 940nm Global Shutter Flash LiDAR with 200-Meter Range for Mass-Market Automotive Applications

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 6, 2021 — Sense Photonics announced today that it has achieved an industry-first by successfully demonstrating 200-meter detection with its proprietary global shutter flash LiDAR system. The Sense system leverages the company’s proprietary emitter and SPAD sensor technologies. Sense Silicon, a backside illuminated CMOS SPAD device with more than 140,000 pixels, is designed to work seamlessly with the Sense Illuminator, a distributed 940nm laser array of more than 15,000 VCSELs. Together, they are the core buildi...
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LiDAR Revenue Expected to Reach US$2.9 Billion in 2025, with ADAS/Autonomous Vehicles as Primary Applications, Says TrendForce

The LiDAR market encompasses such applications as ADAS, autonomous vehicles, industries, deliveries, and smart cities; while these applications are estimated to have driven the LiDAR market to reach US$682 million in revenue in 2020, total LiDAR revenue is projected to further expand to $2.932 billion in 2025, a 34% CAGR, according to TrendForce’s latest investigations. TrendForce indicates that, with regards to automotive LiDAR applications (ADAS and autonomous vehicles), automakers have continued to release NEVs in spite of the COVID-19 p...
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Cree LED announced today that three of its recent product releases have been recognized with BrightStar Awards by LEDs Magazine. The XLamp® Element G LEDs and XLamp® Pro9™ LEDs were recognized in the “LED Light Sources&rdqu... READ MORE

New TARA2000-AUT-SAFE family includes unique interlock loop method for completely safeguarding ultra-fast detection of faults that can compromise eye safety Interlock method reduces bill of materials resulting in lower system cost 940nm emitte... READ MORE