Environmental Lights Announces the Launch of Cove Wash - Dual Bend LED Lighting Products

New high-output cove lighting products bend around corners and adapt to contours, while providing a strong light throw suitable for commercial applications. "The high lumen output, flexibility of each unit, and 10-meter run lengths with side exiting wires makes this one of the most versatile cove lighting solutions on the market today.” — Matt Altieri, Director of Sales & Support at Environmental Lights Cove Wash 4-in-1 PixelControl - Dual Bend Cove Wash - Dual Bend - Monochrome SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, June 27, 2024 /EINPr...
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Environmental Lights Acquired by Pfingsten Partners

Environmental Lights announced it has been acquired by private equity Pfingsten Partners, who has acquired 139 manufacturing, distribution and business services companies since inception in 1989. "Pfingsten's experience in the lighting industry, growth-oriented approach and focus on the customer will enable us to continue delivering industry-leading products and solutions with superior technical service," said Jamison Day, CEO of Environmental Lights, who will continue leading the business. (Image: Environmental Lights) Jordan Brooks, President of En...
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Environmental Lights Debuts Continuous LED Strip Light

Environmental Lights launched announced the launch of the new Continuous LED Strip Light. (Image: Environmental Lights) Continuous LED Strip Light is a new style of strip light that utilizes chip on board LEDs to create one diffused line of light. It is ideal for use around reflective surfaces, such as marble floors and countertops, because it eliminates the dots seen with standard SMD LED strip light. It also enables designers to use diffused light in tight spaces where standard channel systems wouldn't be ideal. The LED chips on Continuous LE...
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Lighting Products Release: Environmental Lights and Litecontrol Introduce Architecture Luminaires

Luminaire producers are launching new LED lighting products targeting indoor and outdoor commercial areas as well as human centric lighting applications. Environmental Lights debuts new LED strip light The new ProFlex LED strip light of Environmental Lights features a dual-layer circuit board for added structural integrity while providing flexibility. ProFlex is injection molded and IP67 rated, making it ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.   ProFlex LED Strip Light is designed to meet the rigorous standards of Class 2 installation...
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Products Releases: Environmental Lights Launches RGB LED Light Bar and Tridonic Introduces New LED Driver

US-based Environmental Lights announced its new RGB 160 Degree LED Light Bar for shallow backlighting applications. Each RGB 160 Degree LED Light Bar is equipped with six high power RGB LEDs for bright and consistent illumination. The light bars utilize an optical lens over each LED to ensure even distribution of light with a wide beam angle of 160 degrees. The wide beam angle of the RGB 160 Degree LED Light Bars enables users to illuminate shallow light boxes and reduce hotspots using fewer light bars. (Image: Environment Lights) Featured...
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Environmental Lights Releases Flexible Silicon LED Lighting Product

Environmental Lights launched its new line of silicone neon, ProFlex LED Neon. ProFlex LED Neon utilizes a flexible silicone housing to provide a greater level of UV protection and weather resistance than standard PVC-based neon. It is specifically designed for outdoor lighting applications. (Image: Environmental Lighting) "ProFlex LED Neon raises the bar in LED neon lighting applications," stated CEO of Environmental Lights Jamison Day. President Jordan Brooks added, "It is the ideal outdoor neon solution thanks to its durab...
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New High-Capacity, Single-Channel LED Dimmer

Environmental Lights, specializing in LED lighting solutions, announced the availability of a new high-capacity, low-cost single-channel dimmer.
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Introducing 5-in-1 RGB LED Strip Light

Environmental Lights, specializing in LED lighting solutions, announced they will be launching a new revolutionary LED strip light, the 5-in-1 RGB LED Strip Light.
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Environmental Lights Introduces Eco Flex LED Neon

Environmental Lights announced the launch of Eco Flex LED Neon, an adaptable and flexible option for achieving the creative potential of neon while getting all the benefits of LED in a cost-effective new silicone design.
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Environmental Lights Introduces the PowerTrack System

Environmental Lights announced the launch of the PowerTrack System, an affordable and dynamic UL-recognized solution for distributing low-voltage power to LED lighting.
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