JBD Red MicroLEDs Microdisplay Brightness Surpass 1 Million Nits

JBD, a leading MicroLED display manufacturer, has announced that the brightness of its 0.13-inch red MicroLED chips has exceeded 1 million nits, once again setting a new record in the industry. Boosting red brightness has been the toughest challenge in MicroLEDs. Since its founding, JBD has focused on hybrid integrated semiconductor tech and insisted on AlGaInP for red LEDs. With the ideal bandgap for red, AlGaInP is the most mature material for high-performance red LEDs. Red MicroLED panelslight-up image JBD's achievement on record h...
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JBD Releases Native Monolithic RGB MicroLED Platform

Shanghai, China, 28 August, 2023: Jade Bird Display (JBD), a world leader in MicroLED technology has announced prototype shipments of Phoenix series, which is the highly anticipated single panel monolithic RGB MicroLED micro-displays. While the Hummingbird, previously released and currently in volume production, targets 30-degree FOV application, the Phoenix series is designed to be used with 50+ degree FOV waveguides. The current engineering samples of Phoenix adopts 0.22” panel, with 2K resolution and 2.5um sub pixel pitch. A 2X2 array of sub-pix...
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JBD launches “Hummingbird” polychrome MicroLED projector, an industry supremacy for consumer AR market

JBD Hummingbird (0.4cc) polychrome MicroLED projector (May 23, 2023, Los Angeles, USA) — JBD (Jade Bird Display) unveiled its "Hummingbird" polychrome MicroLED projector at SID which is already in mass production since May 2023. This revolutionary product incorporates JBD’s cutting-edge MicroLED display panels which just won the SID "2023 Display of the Year" award. The Hummingbird features lightweight, ultra-compact form factor, ultra-high brightness, vivid and saturated colours and best-in-class energy efficien...
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JBD has made a major breakthrough in R&D technology, helping Smart Glasses lead the consumer market

As the world's leading micro-display manufacturer, JBD has built complete lines for MicroLED micro-display development by possessing independent IC design, MOCVD epi growth, hybrid-integration technology, packaging, testing, driver design and optical modules. With tremendous technology investment, JBD continues to innovate and rapidly grow into a benchmark enterprise in the rising display industry. Red MicroLED renews the brightness record with 750K nits! AlGaInP is the most mature semiconductor material for red LEDs. It is widely adopted in commerc...
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JBD announces the development of Native Color Monolithic RGB MicroLED displays

Shanghai, China, July 01, 2022 - Jade Bird Display (Shanghai) Limited (JBD), a leading microLED display manufacturer, has announced the development of its single chip native color monolithic polychrome (RGB) microLED displays, developed for augmented reality (AR) glasses applications. The display has a 5 μm color pixel pitch and a corresponding 2.5 μm monochrome R, G & B sub-pixel pitch. The display size is 0.22” diagonal with a qHD resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. The company is currently mass producing its flagship 0.13” 4 μm&...
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Weekly Highlights: JBD and Ennostar among Others Made New Plans with Increasing Market Attention to Mini/Micro LED

There has been big news in the Mini/Micro LED sector this week, such as Leyard’s announcement of its Black Diamond Micro LED technology and relevant products, a Micro LED TV costing less than RMB500,000 for first time ever, along with new progress made by Ennostar, Australis, Jingce as well as JBD’s achievement in mass producing red Micro LED chips. Continue reading for more details: [Major Events] ★Market Value of Micro LEDs for AR Smart Glasses Displays to Reach US$41 Million by 2026, Says TrendForce As TrendF...
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JBD Announces Mass Production of High-Performance Red Micro LED Display with 500,000 nits of Brightness

Jade Bird Display (JBD), a Shanghai-based Micro LED microdisplay maker, has recently made a technical breakthrough by mass producing a red Micro LED microdisplay featuring 50 nits of brightness. Photo of a red LED Producing a red Micro LED with high brightness has long been a challenge in the display industry, which is also a critical turning point for the microdisplay sector. JBD overcame the current efficiency limit by developing a 0.13" red light microdisplay with 500,000 nits of brightness, shattering previous records. The company’s high-pe...
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JBD unveils construction of Hefei plant to accelerate the production of MicroLED Displays

Shanghai, China June 6 - Jade Bird Display (Shanghai) Ltd (JBD), announced that part of the main building of the factory being constructed in the comprehensive bonded area of Hefei, China has been preliminarily completed and the whole project will enter the stage of full roof sealing. JBD has a fab in Shanghai and the new factory in Hefei is constructed to expand production capacity. It is reported that the JBD Hefei plant project covers 79 acres, funded with an initial investment of 650 million RMB and a construction cycle of 12 months. The commissioning of thi...
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JBD and tooz Enter Partnership for a New Generation of Smart Glasses with Prescription and Full Color Virtual Screens

Aalen, Germany & Shanghai, China     Under the newly formed collaboration, JBD and tooz are the first to achieve a new milestone in the development of smart glasses for end consumers by combining a curved waveguide including prescription with a color microLED display engine.   Jade Bird Display, a leading manufacturer in the development and mass-production of microLED displays, and tooz technologies, a start-up focused on the development of optics for data glasses, announced their strategic partnership to jointly develop a new generation of op...
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JBD’s AmµLED™ MircoLED Projector Development Kit for Smart Eyewear

Shanghai, China, November 24, 2021 – Jade Bird Display (Shanghai) Limited, JBD a leading microLED display manufacturer, has announced the release of its AmµLED™MicroLEDprojectors & optical modules for smart eyewear. In addition, development kits are available to aid OEMs in their rapid development, evaluation and prototyping of their smart eyewear & Augmented Reality products.    JBD has released both polychrome & monochrome projectors. The monochrome & polychrome projector/optical module development kits come wi...
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AR Smartglass Supplier Partnership to deliver the next generation of AR wearables

WaveOptics, the pioneering designers of diffractive waveguides for Augmented Reality (AR) wearables, has announced a strategic supplier relationship with Jade Bird Display (JBD) for MicroLED microdisplays. The Leopard is the latest development kit by WaveOptics which demonstrates to their customers the advanced level of readily deployable and customisable AR technology.   It is the closest form-factor akin to traditional consumer eye wear available from the UK based company which recently was acquired by Snap Inc. Alongside the paten...
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JBD Announces Mass Production of Its 0.13-inch Micro LED Display

JBD reported that it will release its JBD4UM480P Micro LED display series extending the AmµLED™ family in November this year. This series has a display area of 0.13-inch (3.3 mm) in diagonal and a resolution of 640X480. Approaching the size of a grain of rice (Figure 1), the display panel can be easily designed into a smart glass due to its ultra-compact footprint. The panels deliver luminance of 0.2 million nits, 2 million nits, and 0.15 million nits for red, green, and blue, respectively for a power consumption of only a few hundred mW under average oper...
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【Display Week】Micro LED Display for Automotive and Wearable Applications

Despite the interruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, the development of novel display technologies have to go on. At the virtual Display Week held last week, there were still several new Micro LED display exhibits showcased by worldwide experts. LEDinside selects a few innovations that cannot be missed. AUO AUO exhibited an integrated full color TFT driven Micro LED automotive displays with two 9.4-inch flexible Micro LED panels. Its S-curve shape enables the display to be mounted into automotive interior design. It also demonstrated a 12.1-inch Micro...
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JBD Showcases Micro LED Display with 3 Million Nits Brightness for AR/VR Applications

Jade Bird Display (JBD) from China revealed its latest Micro LED development at CES 2020. The company showcased a 0.31-inch display with a brightness of 3 million nits and another ultra-fine pitch display, reported online media Road to VR. (Image: Pixabay) The high brightness Micro LED display has a resolution of 1280*720 and a pixel pitch of 5µm. Despite its small size, JBD realized a brightness of 3 million nits, which is 4800 times brighter than the display of iPhone 11. With ultra-brightness, the display is made for AR/VR application in o...
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【SID Display Week 2019】Micro LED Display Products Progress with Chinese Panel Makers Joining the Field

Display Week is an iconic event for the display industry across the world. Micro LED display is still a major focus of the show in 2019. Most of the Micro LED display exhibitors have demonstrated their products last year and came with upgraded Micro LED display this year. LEDinside noticed that Chinese panel manufacturers have joined the game of Micro LED and showcased active driven solution on glass backplane, indicating the technology progress of Micro LED display. Let’s take a look at the latest Micro LED developments at SID Display Week 2019. ...
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Micro LED Technology Progress Highlights in 2018 – Technology Breakthroughs

Having looked back at the industry updates of Micro LED technology, let’s keep on reviewing the technology breakthroughs of Micro LED in the past year. KAIST Team Develops Flexible Vertical Micro LED to Cure Hair loss Problem In January, a researcher team at KAIST announced the development of flexible vertical micro LEDs (f-VLEDs). These f-VLEDs achieved optical power density (30 mW/mm2) three times higher than that of lateral Micro LEDs and can be applied to optogenetics for controlling the behavior of neuron cells and brains with...
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[Display Week 2018] Micro LED Attracts Audience’s Attention and Becomes the Focus of the Exhibition

Display Week, held by SID (Society for Information Display), is a world-famous display forum and exhibition. It was held in Los Angeles this year, attended by renowned display manufacturers. As the market attention of Micro LED gradually increases, LEDinside is on spot to provide the latest display market information for you.
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Progress Updates from 10 Companies in the Global Micro LED Manufacturing Force

As time is moving forward to the second quarter of 2018, more and more rumblings and updates about Micro/Mini LED emerged and have been circulating in the industry. In February, LEDinside collected and revealed information of Micro LED development from nearly 50 companies around the globe. Here, we would like to share some progress updates released after that from 10 companies.
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JBD Devises New Micro LED Technology to Make Ultra-Compact Micro LED Microdisplays

JBD, a HK-based startup founded in 2015, carried out extensive research and development work to realize inorganic compound semiconductor material based display technology. Near the end of 2017, JBD introduced a new Micro LED technology for microdisplay manufacturing. LEDinside contacted Dr. Fang Ou, CTO, and Dr. Lei Zhang, CEO of JBD, and got the information about the technique in detail.
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JBD Demonstrates Monochromatic Ultra-high Resolution Active Matrix Micro-LED Micro-displays Using Wafer Scale Monolithic Hybrid Integration Technology

JBD, a Hong Kong based technology startup company, reports the realization of monochromatic red, green and blue active matrix micro-LED (AMµLED) micro-displays with >5,000 dpi pixel density using wafer scale monolithic hybrid integration process. 
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