Adura LED Solutions Announces Color Tunable LED on Board Modules

Adura LED Solutions announced a new line-up of High Power LED on Board (LoB) modules for Indoor and outdoor Lighting that features color tunability and increased design compatibility.
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Osram Presents Innovative SMARTRIX Modules

Matrix light not only contributes to greater road safety but also gives headlight designers greater freedom thanks to its smaller dimensions. This technology is therefore very much on the march. To meet the demands of the automotive industry for more and more compact smart headlights Osram has taken this technology an important stage further with the development of innovative SMARTRIX modules. SMARTRIX is an amalgam of “smart” and “matrix”. “By using new materials for the lens systems we have been able to make the SMARTRIX modules even smaller and more durable, so our customers have even more freedom in designing their headlights”, explained Hans-Joachim Schwabe, CEO Specialty Lighting at Osram. 
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Keystone Launches the New Alumagroove LED Module

Keystone Technologies, a major manufacturer of quality-driven lighting solutions for over 70 years, announces the release of a new LED module that installs 50% faster than a standard LED module. AlumaGroove is a patented technology combining a rigid aluminum chassis with a pre-mounted linear LED module. It is a stand-alone system that can be installed almost anywhere without the need for further heat sinking. Integrated thermal management means exceptionally cool operating temperatures. 
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Osram Reveals the Future of Entertainment Lighting at Prolight + Sound 2017 in Frankfurt

It would be difficult to imagine the entertainment sector without fascinating lighting effects and precision lighting from Osram. For years the company has been setting new standards in the entertainment sector. Together with its renowned brands – Claypaky and ADB – Osram offers lighting solutions to cover all requirements and is presenting the latest generation of entertainment lighting: at Prolight + Sound 2017. 
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Reliable Even Under Harsh Conditions

Warehouses, factories and multi-storey car parks all need robust luminaires that provide high lumen values. Industrial lighting has to be energy-efficient and durable. Tridonic offers the right LED light sources for diffused lighting in the form of its CLE G1 ADV IND and QLE G1 ADV IND modules. A luminous flux of 26,000 lumen per module and three different colour temperatures of 4,000, 5,000 and 6,500 K make it easier to develop and manufacture LED high-bay luminaires for industrial applications.
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Principal LED Releases New LED Module for Signage Applications

The story of the development of Principal LED’s latest product release, the Fusion Freedom™, is one of classic American inspiration and innovation.
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BrightYolk to Launch Eco-Friendly LED Module Replacement Bulbs

Taiwanese LED luminaire manufacturer BrightYolk is preparing to introduce a more environmental friendly LED bulb, where consumers can directly replace broken bulb components.
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Lumileds Launches LUXEON XR-3020 Module for Indoor Tube Lights and Industrial Lighting Designs

Lumileds introduces the LUXEON XR-3020, an ultra-slim module that serves as a building block for TLEDs or thin office and industrial fixtures. These slim (20 mm) products are available with 24 LEDs on a 280 mm thermally-conductive board (~1 ft) or 48 LEDs on a 560 mm board (~2 ft). The modules provide 1100 or 2200 lm, respectively, at 160 lm/W and 100 mA drive current per LED, with a board temperature of 45°C. LUXEON XR-3020 is the latest addition to the Matrix Platform family of infinitely configurable LED boards, linear flex strips and modules utilizing the industry’s most dependable LEDs.
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OSRAM SYLVANIA Opens First U.S. Based LED Module Production Line

OSRAM SYLVANIA has expanded the Hillsboro manufacturing capabilities by adding the first advanced Surface Mount Technology (SMT) production line for manufacturing LED modules in the plant.  OSRAM as the automotive lighting leader is pushing the transition to LED systems by investing in R&D and production capacities, infrastructure and talent to support the technology migration. 
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Xicato Publishes IES TM-30-15 Color Rendering Data for LED Modules

Xicato®, a leading manufacturer of intelligent light sources, published today on its website TM-30-15 Color Rendering results for its entire product range of XTM and XIM modules.
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Xicato Expands XTM LED Module Product Portfolio

Xicato, a manufacturer of intelligent light sources, announced today that it has expanded its XTM product portfolio. The new module features a 9mm light-emitting surface (LES) that enables the narrow beam angles and high center beam intensities that lighting designers require, especially for retail, hospitality, and museum applications.
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Edison Opto Launches AC COB LED Modules

Edison Opto is the first manufacturer to launch AC COB Modules in the LED industry. Edison Opto releases 7W omnidirectional AC COB module─EdWing Series and high efficacy driver on board module─DOB Series respectively.
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LeDiamond Opto Expands Double Side Emitting LED Module

LeDiamond Opto, a leading double side emitting LED manufacturer from Taiwan, has announced its new Tesla 1010 module today.
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FuturoLighting Launches Smart AC LED Module

FuturoLighting, A company focused on LED lighting solutions, introduces a smart AC LED module operating directly from 230 VAC network. Module integrates AC driver with high PFC above 0,97 offering ON/OFF and dimming functionality with stand-by consumption below 0,5 W. The module was designed in several versions covering basic, triac dimmable, analogue dimmable and smart functionality. Dimensions of the module are 100 x 100 mm with height of 5 mm for basic and 25 mm for smart version. It is first integrated approach of an AC driver together with movement sensor and smart behavior. Practically these modules are electrically behaving as real incandescent bulb (resistive load). 
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LeDiamond Opto Launches New Double Side Emitting LED Module

LeDiamond Opto, a double side emitting LED manufacturer from Taiwan, has announced its new revolution in Tesla 4003 2in1 module today.
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MechaTronix Launches Universal LED Cooler for BJB LED Modules

With a thermal resistance of 1.1°C/W in a diameter of 99 millimeter, the BJB LED star cooler offers a perfect passive cooling platform for luminaires up to 5000 lumen. Through a modular mounting pattern the GH36d LED cooler offers a wide platform of mechanical exchangeability – including Zhaga book 3 and Zhaga book 11 mounting platforms.
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Refond Receives RMB 4M Government Subsidy

Refond Optoelectronics announced that the company had received RMB 4 million (US $647,708) subsidy from China’s Ministry of Finance on December 16.
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New LED signage at Lyon airport

New signs and display panels improve navigation through Lyon St. Exupéry airport. LED modules and LNU dimmers from Tridonic ensure optimum readability of the signage in all areas of the buildings at all times of day and night. The brightness of the light sources is adjusted according to the amount of ambient light, reducing energy consumption by around 40 percent compared with a standard LED solution. 
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Litecool Launches New LED Modules

Litecool (//www.litecool.co.uk), announced its LineX modules achieved new levels of light output, efficiency and light intensity. This enables more high powered lighting applications with minimal form factor and maximum reliability.
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Edison Opto’s New Filament and AC LED Modules To Debut in Hong Kong Int’l Lighting Fair

The Taiwanese LED packaging manufacturer, Edison Opto, will participate in the attention-getting lighting event - Hong Kong International Lighting Fair from 27 October to 30 October, 2014, and showcase a series of high efficiency and high lm/$ components. Also, filament and AC LED modules, which have been launched recently by Edison Opto, will make its debut in this event.
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Prolight Opto to Focus on LED Module and Automotive Lighting Market After Listing

Entering its 10th anniversary this year, Taiwanese LED package manufacturer Prolight Opto Technology (Prolight) will become registered on the Taiwan bourse on Sept. 24, 2014. At a press conference, the company explained it expects to apply for listing during first half of 2015, and projects becoming listed on the bourse during third quarter that year.
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Samsung Expands Linear Type LED Modules Line-up with M-series and F-series

Samsung Electronics reinforces its linear type LED modules line-up with M series and F series, which have a high lumen density and highly efficacy offering tremendous convenience to LED lighting fixture makers with one of the most reliable and design-friendly feature-sets in the industry.
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LG LED Modules for Outdoor Lighting Now Available in 3000K

Access Fixtures now offers LG LED modules used in wall packs, bollard lights, and flood lights in 3000K. Until now, most LED outdoor lighting has used cool white or daylight lighting, a harsh bluish white light.
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Cree Introduces Industry’s First 8000-Lumen LED Module

Cree, Inc. introduces the new 8000-lumen LMH2 LED Module, a no-compromise, easy-to-use solution for high-ceiling applications. The 8000-lumen LMH2 is designed to replace 150-watt ceramic-metal-halide (CMH) lamps while using only 63 percent of the power and lasting three times as long. With the addition of the 8000-lumen LMH2, the Cree® LMH2 LED Module family offers the industry’s greatest range of lumen output from a single form factor, making it possible to obsolete CMH technology.
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Samsung Mass Produces Lens-attached LED Modules with Optic Technology

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in advanced component solutions and LED component technology, said it has begun mass producing a value-added line-up of highly efficient lens-attached LED modules (LAMs), for use in office LED lighting applications that include linear and line lighting, cove lighting and troffers.
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GPI’s Kunshan Factory to Launch New LED Module Production Capacity in 2014

Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer Genesis Photonics Inc. (GPI) has begun its vertical integration strategy in 2013, and will be moving from chip manufacturing to packaging and module production. The company’s new Kunshan factory will be focused in the areas of LED packaging and module production, said the company Chairman David Chung. GPI’s current flip chip monthly production capacity for LED chip packaging is about 4KK.
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The 12th “HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)”-LED Light Bulbs and Lighting Fixtures

LED Light Bulbs and Lighting Fixtures In exhibition, we can see LED light bulbs and light bars displays everywhere. no mat-ter how professional LED package manufacturers, traditional light bulb vendor or LED lighting new entrants are almost display this kind of product to provide a variety of plugs, brightness specification and watts, CRI and color temperature to meet cus-tomer needs.
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The 12th “HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)”-LED Component

LED Encapsulated Components LED package manufacturers comprise of Cree, Nichia, Citizen, Seoul Semiconductor, Everlight, etc. have developed improving products with increasing LED luminous efficacy and colour ren-dering index. Among LED package manufacturers, Citizen lately has launched indoor lighting with 26W and 41W LED, 3000-5000K color temperature, 2800-4390 lm of luminous flux.   26W Product/ Citizen 1
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The 12th “HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)”-Opening

The 12th “HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)” was held on 27-30 October 2010.The lighting exhibition has divided into several areas, which includes LED lighting, eco-friendly lighting, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, business lighting and lighting accessories and components.
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Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) announces an expansion of the XLamp® High Current LED Array family with new CMT LEDs that extend Cree’s latest metal-based chip-on-board (COB) LED technology to the most prevalent COB form ... READ MORE

Luminus Devices, Inc., a manufacturer of high-performance LEDs and solid-state light sources, has expanded its horticulture LED portfolio with new SST-20 series white LEDs to complement the extensive range of discrete wavelengths from UVA (365... READ MORE