Researchers Explore Perovskites and Why It Emits Broad Range of Colors

Some LEDs made from perovskite emit light over a broad wavelength range. To further explain the feature, scientists from the University of Groningen inspected some cases and proposed new explanation which may help other scientists to design perovskite LEDs capable of broad-range light emission. The study was published in the journal Nature Communications on May 11, 2020. Low-dimensional (2D or 1D) perovskites emit light in a narrow spectral range and are therefore used to make LED of superior color purity. However, in some cases, a broad emission spectrum at energy le...
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Advanced Efficiency of Perovskite LEDs Achieved with Interlayer Reaction

Scientists at Linkoping University working with colleagues from China have shown how to achieve efficient perovskite LEDs. In an article published in Nature Communications, they provide guidelines on fabricating high-quality perovskite light emitters for high-efficiency perovskite LEDs. Since solution-processed perovskites contain large amounts of defects, which are mostly halide vacancies, efficient control of the perovskite crystallinity is required for high-performance optoelectronic devices. The research group at LiU, under the leadership of Senior Lecturer Feng G...
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