OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, X-Celeprint Enter into License Agreement Covering Micro Transfer Printing

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors recently entered into a technology and patent license agreement with X-Celeprint. The agreement covers X-Celeprint’s micro transfer printing technology.
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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is Continental's Supplier of the Year 2012

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is Continental's Supplier of the Year 2012. Each year Continental's Automotive Group identifies its best partners from more than 900 strategic suppliers and presents a total of 13 performance awards in five categories, namely electronics, electro-mechanics, mechanics, investment and engineering services, and division-specific solutions. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors impressed the jury in the Electronics category (IVA Interfaces, Voltage Regulators, and Analog ICs & Opto). With the award, the high-tech company was praised as a...
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High Power Diode for Laser Projectors

Blue laser diode with high optical power from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors With the new high power laser diode PL TB450, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors strengthens its leading role in lasers on indium-gallium-nitride basis. Mounted in a compact TO56 package, the blue laser diode features an optical power of 1.4 Watt (W). Thus it is particularly suitable for high-quality projectors in the professional field. Other applications for this high power component reach from laser systems for stage and decoration illumination to medical applications. Professional projectors ...
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LED-Component Duris P 5 sets standards for lifetime and corrosion stability

More and more frequently, luminaires in the professional sector are equipped with LEDs. This applies both for indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. In the process, luminaire manufacturers give particular importance to durable, efficient and high-quality LEDs. “The demand for high-quality and robust light emitting diodes will continue to increase in the future. The Duris P 5 represents a true leap in innovation, in particular owing to its minimal error rate during long-term use,” explains Christian Neugirg, product manager at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. D...
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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors appoints Avnet Electronics Marketing as “Preferred Global Partner”

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of optoelectronic semiconductors announced today that Avnet Electronics Marketing, an operating group of Avnet, Inc., has been selected as OSRAM’s preferred global partner. The appointment is effective immediately in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA), Japan and Asia. As one of the world’s largest distributors of electronic components and embedded systems, Avnet Electronics Marketing’s team of illumination-focused light emitting diode (LED) and ...
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Crosstalk? No Problem! Combined proximity and ambient light sensor for straightforward and flexible design

A new hybrid sensor of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors eases the installation of proximity and ambient light sensor technology in smartphones and similar devices. The sensor combines emitter and detector and it is designed to eliminate crosstalk in many applications. Suppressing this effect normally requires large efforts. For the first time, designers are also able to adapt the sensitivity of the ambient light sensor to the transparency of various smartphone covers. The digital sensor SFH 7773 detects objects up to a distance of 15 cm and simultaneously measures the intensity of...
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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors presents the smallest infrared LED in the 1-Watt class

The IR OSLON SFH 4715S of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is today’s smallest infrared LED with more than one Watt optical power. The device measures only 3.75 x 3.75 mm² and therefore facilitates very compact illumination units for CMOS and CCD cameras. OSRAM’s nanostack chip technology and a temperature stable OSLON Black Series package paved the way for the record-breaking high performance device. The infrared OSLON typically provides 1070 mW optical power at 1 A operating current, and it features a typical thermal resistanc...
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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Adds to its TOPLED Black Series Portfolio

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has added three colors to its TOPLED Black Series 60° beam angle portfolio and now offers all five colors with a 30° beam angle. “This means that we have the broadest portfolio of ‘black’ LEDs on the market and can cover a wide range of applications”, said Product Manager Sven Weber. The LEDs are particularly suitable for monochromatic and multicolor displays, such as those in electronic  road signs, travel information displays, parking control systems and price information pillars at gas stations. T...
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OSRAM Extends its LED Product Portfolio in the Low-power Range (< 1 W)

Uniform illumination in linear and flat lighting solutions The new product family in the low-power range from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors starts with Duris E 3. The small dimensions and wide beam angle of these new LEDs make them ideal for applications that require uniform illumination. These highly efficient LEDs can be used as replacements for conventional fluorescent lamps in T5 or T8 luminaires for example. Duris E 3 has been designed specifically for applications that call for uniform distribution of light, high efficiency and low procurement costs. The main ...
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A New LED Concept from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Achieves 30 Percent Greater Luminous Efficacy with a High Color Rendering Index

“Brilliant-Mix” LED concept for warm white feel-good light Warm white light with a high luminous efficacy (110 lm/W) and a color rendering index (CRI) of more than 90 are the result of the new “Brilliant-Mix” concept from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. The intelligent color mix based on powerful OSLON SSL LEDs in EQ-White and Amber covers a broad white spectrum from 2700 to 4000 K. Depending on the required luminous flux, a different number of these LEDs can be combined to produce warm white feel-good light of high quality that w...
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Osram’s LEDs Lights up Near-desert Conditions of Ningxia

Currently, Osram Opto Semiconductors’s OSLON SSL LEDs have been installed in solar-powered street lamps to stand up to the harsh near-desert climate conditions of Ningxia, China. The 174 new street lamps line the 2.6km of Da Xue Road in Shizhuishan City. Due to the city is close to the Gobi Desert, with an average of 28 days of fine weather per month and great temperature difference between day and night, the local government has decided to use solar energy to power the new street lamps.  According to Xin-jun Dang, managing director of street-lam...
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LEDinside: Face to Face with Master-level LED Industry Experts

Overview LEDinside is the market research institute specialized for global LED industry. Orgainized by LEDinside, LEDforum China of International Market Trend and Lighting Applications will be grandly open in Shenzhen On May 27, 2011. Management from well-known LED industry giants of the world will be invited as forum speakers. If you want to learn about Asian LED market trend, business opportunities and how to make it in the competitive LED market, you are sincerely invited to LEDforum 2011. Conference Title: LEDforum China of Internationa...
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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Releases "LED Fundamentals" Website

According to OSRAM Opto Semiconductors , it has released a new section within its LED Light Site www.ledlight.osram-os.com - "LED Fundamentals," which is dedicated to providing instruction and educational tutorials on a range of subjects from LED lighting applications to LED system design considerations, and with a special focus on engineering discipline for thermal, optical and electrical applications. LED Fundamentals is an expansion of OSRAM Opto's existing LED Light Site, which serves as the leading source of LED information, reso...
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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Introduces New TOPLED Compact for LCD-Backlighting

With the new TOPLED Compact 5630 OSRAM Opto Semiconductors announces a truly innovative addition to the world of LED lighting. By adapting the successful TOPLED packaging technology to the special needs of backlighting applications, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has created a brilliant LED that will enhance PC screens and flat screens of all sizes. Two new versions of the LED with different coverage of the color space according to the sRGB standard are available to meet various customer requirements.
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Russian cities gleam with LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

Kemerovo in Siberia is converting to street lighting with LEDs by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors on a broad scale. The city of 520,000 inhabitants on the Trans-Siberian Railway has installed 200 street luminaires made by LLC TD Focus, which are equipped with Golden DRAGON oval Plus LEDs. The city can therefore achieve significant savings in energy costs and CO2 emissions.
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BMW motorcycles to be equipped with durable OSRAM LED modules

OSRAM’s highly efficient LED modules are used in fog lights on BMW motorcycles. The modules are very resistant to shocks and vibrations with a lifespan that usually exceeds that of the motorcycle itself.Therefore, headlamps with LEDs need to be maintained far less often than conventional halogen-based lamps. With just 14 watts of power input per fog light, the LED module is considerably more efficient than the halogen version’s 55 watts.
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Osram Opto Releases Mini Components with Thin-Film Chips

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is launching three new generations of mini components with thin-film chips (InGaAlP technology): CHIPLED 0402, CHIPLED with lens and Firefly. All three benefit from the optimum extraction of light from surface emitters and have impressively high efficiency and brightness.
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LED solutions by OSRAM let the 2010 Ford Mustang shine - inside and out

Introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the new Ford Mustang boasts the latest lighting technology by OSRAM. The American sports car, which hits the market in 2010, features variable LED interior lighting with OSRAM TOPLED. The JOULE LED system is the basis for the American muscle car’s rear signal lighting and gives the car a modern look as well as added efficiency and security.
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Cypress' intelligent lighting solutions simplify Osram DRAGON LEDs

Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has announced that its easy-to-use intelligent lighting solutions support DRAGON LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors.
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New generation of Ceramos and Oslux LED from Osram

The new generation of Ceramos and Oslux LED flash products from Osram Opto Semiconductors are twice as bright as their predecessors. The brightest LED without a lens for flash photography is the Ceramos. The brightest LED without a lens for flash photography is the Ceramos. With its clear encapsulation it produces bright light and it is also available with a diffused encapsulation for a neutral white appearance. Oslux with its special lens is suitable for use without external optics in cell phones or digital cameras.
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OSRAM and BASF Set OLEDs New Standards

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors and BASF have developed a highly efficient white organic light-emitting diode (OLED). This is for the first time that an OLED not only is able to achieve a light yield of more than 60 lm/W, but also meets the international Energy Star SSL Standard with regard to color requirements.  
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New OSTAR Headlamp LED with brightness data and accurate cut-off-line

The new Ostar Headlamp LED from Osram Opto Semiconductors has a number of features that improve the accuracy of the light pattern. They emit clearly defined light with high efficiency without the need for further external shutters. The LED can be equipped with between one and five chips. Instead of the usual silicone encapsulation, a glass cover bonded to the frame protects the chips, and also prevents scatter losses.
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Industry executive sheds light on energy benefits of LEDs

According to an industry executive at the Electronica 2008 exhibition, the integration of intelligence with LED technology will lead to a greater significant energy savings for many lighting applications.
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The new LED Engineering Kit from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

It’s reported that the new LED Engineering Kit from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to test LEDs with various accessories and applications while gaining practical knowledge of LED lighting.
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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors backlighting unique new 42" ultra-wide curved display from Ostendo Technologies

OSTAR®-Projection LED modules from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, Inc. are backlighting a new ultra-wide curved display from Ostendo Technologies, Inc. Frontal view of Ostendo CRVD™-42 display with keyboard & mouse. OSTAR®-Projection 6-chip LED modules using Thinfilm and ThinGan® chip architecture backlight the CRVD™-42 display.
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Tokushima, Japan – 17 June 2022: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, announces the addition of the Direct Mountable Chip Series (Part Number: NVSWE21A-V1) to the portfol... READ MORE

DURHAM, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cree LED, an SGH company (Nasdaq: SGH), announced today the launch of XLamp® Element G LEDs, delivering a new product class with unmatched light output and efficiency for LEDs of this size. The... READ MORE