Ennostar Focuses on Core Optoelectronics Technologies to Showcase Innovation at Touch Taiwan

Ennostar Inc. (TWSE: 3714, hereafter referred to as Ennostar) will exhibit at Touch Taiwan from April 24th to April 26th, 2024, under the theme "Drive Enlightening Innovation." The showcase will feature forward-looking products and technologies based on Ennostar's expertise in III-V compound semiconductor optoelectronics materials, targeting automotive, advanced display, and smart sensing fields. Comprehensive Automotive Lighting Solutions to Meet Diverse OEM Needs Ennostar is one of Taiwanese suppliers capable of meeting comprehensive a...
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Ennostar Strives to Become the Premier Supplier of Comprehensive Automotive Lighting Solutions

Ennostar Inc. (TWSE: 3714) will participate in the largest smart display exhibition in Taiwan, Touch Taiwan, from April 24th to April 26th, 2024, unveiling a brand-new appearance under the theme 'Drive Enlightening Innovation'. This exhibition will showcase Ennostar's comprehensive strength in automotive light sources, covering automotive displays, lighting, and sensing, providing all-around light sources needed from the inside out. Leveraging advanced display and smart sensing technologies, Ennostar aims to create the total solutions for smart cockpits and s...
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Ennostar Announces Sale of Zhunan MicroLED Plant for $21M

(Source:TechNews) Taiwan’s Ennostar has announced that it is moving ahead with the strategic sale of some assets as its board of directors approves measures for the company to facilitate a reorganization of its finance. As a result, it is selling its Zhunan plant for NT$670 million ($21 million) with a small profit from the sale. Ennostar has low utilization rates at existing blue LED at its Jingdian and been actively reorganization resources in Taiwan, and optimizing the use of plant space. The company initially planned to build a new MicroLED production ...
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Ennostar Announces High-Level Appointment

Ennostar Inc. (“Ennostar” or the “Company”) today (May 31) announces high-level personnel change that the Board of Directors appoints Mr. Shuang-Lang (Paul) Peng as Chairman and President of Ennostar while Dr. BJ Lee is going to retire at the same time. The new personnel change takes effect immediately. While being Chairman and President of Ennostar, Mr. Peng is also Chairman and Group Chief Strategy Officer (Group CSO) of AUO, the largest shareholder of Ennostar. As Chairman of AUO, he has led AUO Group to reposition...
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Ennostar's Six Arrows Shot at Once at Touch Taiwan: An Insight into Next-gen Display Technology

HSINCHU, April 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Ennostar Group (Stock Code: 3714) and its subsidiaries (EPISTAR, Lextar, Unikorn, Yenrich and ProLight) together greatly exhibited the latest cutting-edge technology products and research and development technology to demonstrate the comprehensive benefits of group integration at 2023 Touch Taiwan with the theme of "Lead the Way" which focused on topics of Micro LED, Mini LED, automotive, sensing, metaverse and next-generation compound semiconductor. Showing technology re-evolution and planting new e...
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Ennostar and PlayNitride Join Forces to Develop Micro LED, and Value of Market for Display-Related Micro LED Chips Will Reach Around US$542 Million in 2024, Says TrendForce

Nov. 11, 2022 ---- Ennostar’s subsidiary Epistar and PlayNitride’s wholly-owned subsidiary PlayNitride Display have announced that they have teamed up to build a production line for 6-inch Micro LED epi-wafers. Looking at the latest progress in the development of Micro LED, large-sized displays are regarded as the forerunners to the more advanced end products. Even though Micro LED has unresolved technological bottlenecks and cost-related issues, TrendForce is optimistic that this technology will eventually be adopted for the development of different kinds...
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Weekly Highlights: JBD and Ennostar among Others Made New Plans with Increasing Market Attention to Mini/Micro LED

There has been big news in the Mini/Micro LED sector this week, such as Leyard’s announcement of its Black Diamond Micro LED technology and relevant products, a Micro LED TV costing less than RMB500,000 for first time ever, along with new progress made by Ennostar, Australis, Jingce as well as JBD’s achievement in mass producing red Micro LED chips. Continue reading for more details: [Major Events] ★Market Value of Micro LEDs for AR Smart Glasses Displays to Reach US$41 Million by 2026, Says TrendForce As TrendF...
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【Touch Taiwan 2022】Partnerships between Giants to Create Win-Win Micro/Mini LED Display Solutions

Touch Taiwan 2022 kicked off on April 27 in Taipei, centering on the theme “Features on Cross Industry Integration , the Future of Displays”, during which major players––such as Ennostar, Macroblock, AUO and PlayNitride––showcased various products which they have spent years to make. Ennostar Ennostar focused on displays and sensing. The first thing catching visitors’ eyes was an ultra fine pitch display featuring 0404 RGB LED. The LED manufacturing group also exhibited solutions for small and large displays powered...
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Ennostar Considers a Rights Issue to Raise Funds for Constructing a 6-Inch Micro LED Wafer Fab with AUO and Innolux as the Subscribers

On March, 28, Ennostar’s Board of Directors decided to get away a rights issue (Private Equity) of 70,000,000 common shares to raise funds for constructing a 6-inch Micro LED wafer fab and purchasing equipment for epitaxy and chip fabrication. AUO, one of the directors of Ennostar, will subscribe 67,250,000 shares and Innolux 2,750,000 shares. Share price is tentatively 90% of the reference price. Ennostar explained that rights issue can quickly raise money and the shares are non-transferable within three years as stipulated, which can ensure the long-term co...
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Ennostar Sells Longtan Plant to Speed up Mini LED Development

On May 27, LED manufacturer Ennostar, on behalf of its subsidiary Epistar, announced that in order to liquidate idle assets, the company intends to sell a plant in Longtan District of Taoyuan, Taiwan to Ardentec, with a transaction amount of NT$430M (US$15M) and gain on disposal of NT$167M (US$6M). The two companies have signed a contract and are waiting for transfer approval from the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau, after which the transaction can be recognized in financial statements once the property right is transferred. Ennostar indicated that the Longtan p...
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Ennostar Inc. to Showcase Technology Advancement at Touch Taiwan Exhibition

Ennostar Inc. (“Ennostar” or the “Company”) (TAIEX: 3714) will head up a group of subsidiary companies to participate in the Touch Taiwan 2021 exhibition to be held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall from April 21 to 23, 2021. Under the banner of “LED Next,” Ennostar will showcase the infinite possibilities of LED and compound semiconductor applications. Formally established in January this year, this will mark the Ennostar group of companies’ first joint participation in an exhibition. The company will spearhead...
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Epistar-Leyard Joint Venture to Complete Production Expansion Prior to the End of May amidst the Vigorous Demand for Micro LED

The joint venture co-funded by Epistar of LED leader Ennostar and LED display supplier Leyard is currently experiencing a short supply of production capacity owing to the vigorous demand for Micro LED, and has scheduled its orders to June. The joint venture will be initiating the production expansion 7 months earlier, and is expected to arrive at a monthly capacity of 800 million (800kk) units prior to the end of May, which will also benefit Ennostar. Epistar and Leyard announced on the joint venture in March last year, where the two had joined hands on the arrangemen...
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AU Optronics Dedicates into Mini and Micro LED Market by increasing its Shareholding in Ennostar

On March 24th, panel maker AU Optronics announced that in order to strengthen business cooperation and long-term equity investment with its affiliate, Ennostar, AU Optronics has invested an additional 302 million NT dollars in the past month and will continue to increase this year. About 604 million NT dollars has been invested so far, and the controlling stake in Ennostar has risen to 7.87%.
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Ennostar Inc. Officially Established and Listed Today

Ennostar Incorporation (hereinafter referred to as "Ennostar"), a joint venture between Epistar Corporation (former stock code 2448, hereinafter referred to as "Epistar") and Lextar Electronics (former stock code 3698, hereinafter referred to as "Lextar") through share swap, is formally established today (January 6, 2021) and listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange with the stock code 3714. The company strives to be the best transnational investment platform of the compound semiconductor industry. Focusing on the rapid development of mini/micro L...
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