UK Leisure Park Realizes Dynamic Light Show with LEDs

Jarman Square, previously known as Leisure World, is a new leisure park in Hemel Hempstead. With the re vitalized complex welcoming a host of popular new restaurants and leisure facilities, the project team wanted to use lighting in an engaging way to enhance the visitor experience.
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Etta Dannemann Reflections on Philips Lighting Designer in Residence Program

Stephanie Cohn from Philips Color Kinetics interviews Etta Dannemann about her thoughts on the company’s Lighting Designer in Residence Program.
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Al Jassimiya Tower in Doha Radiates Colorful Hues after LED Upgrade

Al Jassimiya Tower is transformed into a colorful architecture after receiving LED upgrade from Lumasense designers using Philips Color Kinetics products. 
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Philips Lighting Honors Founders with Light Show

In 1891, Gerard Philips, later joined by his brother Anton, began a small lighting company in the Netherlands, using two connected buildings as a factory. Over one hundred years later, a crowd of people gathered in front of the buildings — named Gerard and Anton after the founders — to watch Philips Color Kinetics fixtures perform a light show in celebration of impressive architectural lighting.
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Philips Color Kinetics Lights up Historic 8 Northumberland Avenue

8 Northumberland Avenue's history is as colorful as the LED fixtures that now illuminate it. Built in 1887, the building operated as a 500-room first-class hotel until 1940, when it was requisitioned by the War Office. The building remained occupied by the Crown and inaccessible to the public until 2007, when it underwent a year-long, full-fledged restoration. It finally reopened its doors for general use in 2010, armed with brand new Philips Color Kinetics color-changing LED fixtures in the Old Billiard Room and Ballroom.
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Campus’ Mood Shines Through new Interactive Philips Color Kinetics Light Installation

Students at Northeastern can display their feelings though a three-dimensional LED matrix set up on the side of Ryder Hall through a voting system. Students can select red for anxious, purple for exhausted, or blue for relieved.
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Philips Lighting: When Light Becomes Data With Information

A sideways triangle means “play.” A red hand signals “don’t cross.” A white outline of a woman in a dress indicates “women’s restroom.” These are some very basic symbols that translate information without anyone thinking twice about from where they came.
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Philips India Teams up with MTDC to Give Gateway of India Lighting Makeover

Philips India and Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) have teamed up to give the Gateway of India a spectacular lighting makeover on January 24th.
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Saint-Gertrudis Church in Nijvel, Belgium

One of the oldest and largest Romanesque churches in Europe, the Saint-Gertrudis Church in Nijvel, Belgium needed a new interior lighting solution that would emphasize its detailed architecture and artwork. Philips Color Kinetics provided the church with a LED lighting solution and helped it achieved its goal.
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The Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge in Boston, Massachusetts, USA is one of the widest cable-stayed bridges in the world. Named for both the local civil rights activist Leonard P. Zakim and the American colonists who fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill, the ten-lane bridge spans the Charles River and carries over 200,000 cars each day to and from major interstates on the north side of the city. At night, lit with bright blue light, the Zakim Bridge is an instantly recognizable feature of the city skyline. In an interview with The Boston Globe, bridge architect Miguel Rosales said: “the bridge is supposed to have the feel of a regal entry to Boston, the towers bathed in blue, the cables highlighted in gleaming white."
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LED Technology Turns Iconic Infrastructures into Public Art

LED light technology is putting a new spin on city icons and classic infrastructures while still keeping resource usage and costs in check. To many designers, the city acts as a blank canvas providing countless possibilities. With the rise of LED lighting popularity, designers are presented with a unique tool to bring life to the city through light.
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The Peace Bridge Shines with Philip's LEDs

The Peace Bridge, a landmark crossing between United States and Canada, has achieved a dramatic new look with the energy-saving light emitting diode (LED) technology. The $1.2 million project was funded by the federal government's Transportation Enhancement Program, with support from the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority.
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Boston Tower installs LED lighting to save energy up to 66%

It’s reported that Boston's first official skyscraper, the Marriott Custom House Tower has been restored to its fully-illuminated state using LED fixtures that consume just one third the energy of the previous sources.  
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