Environmental Groups in the US Sue the Government over Light Bulb Standard Rollback

Environmental Groups in the U.S. filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for challenging the recent rollback of energy-saving light bulb standard. In September 2019, the Trump’s administration withdrew the Obama’s decision in 2017 which added additional light bulb types to the lighting efficiency standard. By doing so, it is analyzed by American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) that the U.S. consumer will spend US$ 15 billion on electricity annually and the environmental impact will be intensified with more carbo...
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The US Government Reverses Energy Policy for Light Bulbs

On September 5, 2019, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) finalized a set of new rules that eliminate the policy of LED light bulbs transition requirement starting January 1, 2020. The revise policy is considered a roll-back of the efficiency standards passed by Obama in 2017 and will slow down LED light upgrade. The policy was proposed in February 19, 2019 by DOE to withdraw the definitions of general service lamp (GSL) and general service incandescent lamp (GSIL) and other supplemental definition that adopt the efficiency standards. American Council ...
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Government of Japan Issues Fire Warning for LED Light Bulbs Replacement

Switching to energy efficient and longer lifetime LED bulbs from conventional lighting source can save energy cost. However, installing new LED bulbs in old lighting fixtures might be dangerous. A report of The Japan Times noted that the Consumer Affairs Agency in Japan has issued a public warning for LED bulbs changing. LED lighting penetration rate in Japan has reached 77 percent in 2017 with the public awareness of power shortage after Fukushima disaster in 2011 and halogen bulbs ban in 2012. But the popularity of LED lighting also caused some hazards. Th...
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Rising Costs of LED Packages Slowed Down Price Decline in LED Light Bulb Market During April, Says LEDinside

In April, the global average sales price (ASP) of 40-watt equivalent LED replacement light bulbs rose by 0.2% from the prior month to US$6.6, while the global ASP of 60-watt equivalent LED light bulbs fell by 0.2% from the prior month to US$8.1. The latest report from LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, finds the price trend for LED light bulbs was generally stable through April.
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Viribright Lighting® Announces New LED Light Bulbs at the Int'l 2016 Hong Kong Lighting Fair

Viribright Lighting the preferred, energy-efficient, long-life, LED light bulb replacement for GE, Sylvania, Philips, Cree and Osram LED light bulbs, is pleased to announce their participation at the International 2016 Hong Kong Lighting Fair in booth 1C-D02 in the Aurora Hall, at the Hong Kong Convention Center in Hong Kong, China October 27th-30th, 2016.
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Lunera: Lightbulb Turf Wars (Part 1)

LED lamps (lightbulbs) are proving to be a disruptive catalyst creating a very different dynamic in the long established lamp distribution channel. While the transition to LED technology in the light fixtures for new construction and/or building renovation is being smoothly managed by the established eco-system of independent specification agents and established electrical distributors, the impact on the existing sales and distribution channels and their respective supporting processes is being felt.
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INSTEON Announces LED Light Bulbs for European Connected Home and Workplace Markets

INSTEON, creators of the world’s best-selling home automation and control technology, today introduced four new LED light bulbs – created specifically for the European market – to its product line. INSTEON’s modular connected home system, which consists of nearly 200 products, now enables European-based smart home enthusiasts to add energy-conscious lighting to their home and office setups.
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Unique Shaped Hand Crafted Biei LED Light Bulbs

A new Japanese LED lighting retailer Only 1­ is differentiating itself from comptetition by offering uniquely hand made LED light bulbs, according to a report by Spoon and Tamago.  One of the product range that stands out is Biei (meaning beautiful shadow) that is crafted by artisans.
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Cree Light Bulb Ads Entrancingly Awesome

Commercials are one of the best tools companies use to get their product noticed and their name out there. A good commercial can make a product and brand memorable. Cree is doing just that. The North Carolina based company is already ahead of competitors with their low priced consumer friendly LED bulbs, but have now gone one step further with their humorous advertising campaign. 
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SATCO Products Recalls KolourOne LED Light Bulbs Due to Risk of Injury

SATCO Products has recalled their KolourOnce brand LED lights due to cases where the metal housing/lens assembly separates from the bulb's base and falls. This poses a risk of injury from impact to bystanders.
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LEDinside: What is Next for Japanese LED Lighting Industry

As the price downtrend persists, LED light bulb market has descended into a cut-throat competition, and the future does not look bright. In order to survive, LED lighting firms have been seeking other markets such as convenient store lighting and office lighting, aiming to increase their products’ added value and increase their market acceptance. “We won Aeon’s bidding process for its first project, acquiring the opportunity to expand the company’s business in Japan. Although we did not win the second project, we will keep looking for other chances,&rdqu...
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Concerns about LED Light Bulbs and Outlook for Chinese LED Light Bulb Market

Starting from October 1, China will officially ban 100W incandescent light bulb sales on the market. With less than one month out, industry experts show reasonable concerns about the market prospects incandescent light ban can bring to LED lighting bulb. Industry experts note that Japan, Korea and North America are the major markets of LED light bulbs. With European debt crisis persists, LED industry is not too optimistic about the market prospects post October 1. According to LEDinside, global big-name companies such as OSRAM, GE Lighting, Philips al...
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LED Light Bulb Global ASP Saw Continuous Decline with Less High-End Product Releases

According to the latest price survey by LEDinside, the LED research division of TrendForce, global LED light bulb ASP saw a mild decline in July 2012. 40W equivalent LED light bulb ASP dropped by merely 1.3% in July, while 60W equivalent LED light bulb ASP plunged 4.8%, partially attributed to the new LED light bulb releases in Europe. 40W Equivalent LED Light Bulb Price in UK Dropped below US$10 According to LEDinside, 40W equivalent LED light bulb global ASP fell to US$19.6 in July, with prices in major markets staying fla...
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Lack of Universal Product Code Rule for LED Light Bulbs Proves Problematic

Among all the LED products, LED light bulb is by far the most relevant as far as the end users are concerned. However, it has always been difficult for the consumers to tell the specifications differences between assorted LED light bulbs. For example, Japanese big name company Toshiba’s LED light bulbs have three kinds of product codes. Consumers oftentimes buy the wrong products due to their inability to read the product codes. Lack of a universal product codes for global LED light bulbs proves to be a very serious issue. Global giants Philips, GE, Osr...
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LEDinside: Competition Intensified as U.S LED Bulb Price Hit a New Low in June

According to LEDinside’s latest price survey, the LED research division of TrendForce, the global ASP of LED light bulb dropped slightly in June. Global ASP of 40W equivalent LED light bulb dipped 4.5% to US$19.9 with prices in the United States and Germany undergoing more prominent decrease. As for 60W equivalent LED light bulb, global ASP in June dipped 2.3% with prices in most countries on a downtrend. LEDinside notes that prices in the United States experienced more drastic downturn in June. The lowest prices of 40W equivalent LED...
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Osram: Leditron is the future of dimming

Dimmable OSRAM compact fluorescent lamps create a pleasant ambience combined with extreme energy efficiency thanks to the new Leditron technology.
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Nexxus Lighting ships quantum-dot-based LED light bulb

Nexxus Lighting, Inc. announced today it has begun production and shipment of its new Array(TM) Quantum LED R30 replacement light bulb. Developed in conjunction with QD Vision, this is the first commercially available LED lamp that utilizes quantum dots to deliver true 2700deg Kelvin, high-color rendering (91 CRI) incandescent warm white light at an industry leading 60 lumens per watt.
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TC Interconnect Signs an Preliminary Exclusive Distributorship Agreement to Distribute 3gLED Light Bulbs in Hong Kong

TC Interconnect Holdings Limited, one of the top 10 Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturers in Hong Kong and China, announced that the group's subsidiary, TC Orient Energy Management ContractCorp. TC Orient entered into a preliminary exclusive distributorship agreement with a major lighting system wholesaler and distributor, Nicenough (China) Limited to distribute its 3gLED light bulbs in Hong Kong.
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Toshiba to Release Industry's Most Efficient LED Light Bulbs

Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corp will release high-output LED light bulbs with a total flux equivalent to that of a 60W incandescent lamp. (Left) Components of the light bulb. (Right) An LED package developmed by Toshiba Lighting & technology.
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“The Best Light Bulb in The World” Is Released by Fortuna Company

A new LED light bulb which is claimed as “the best light bulb in the world” has been released on Friday by the Fortuna-based C. Crane Company in Humboldt County, California.
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Ecomaa: The mission to develop green lighting technology

Recently, LEDinside paid a visit to Ecomaa (Taiwan), a new company whose brand wasn’t heard ever. We’re interested in their technology integration and their cooler LED bulbs.  
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LED light bulbs to illuminate Chicago’s Daley Plaza Christmas tree

The City of Chicago, IL, and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) present Chicago’s 95th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Daley Plaza. PolyBrite International announced that this year Borealis energy efficient LED light bulbs will be strung on the 85-foot tree.
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