Epistar Red LED Shipment Grows Steadily, LED Filaments Show Market Potential

There has been stable growth in the global LED lighting market supply chain and distribution channels, the plateaued LED backlight market has ushered surging innovative LED applications in the market. How has soaring demands in new LED applications affected Taiwanese LED manufacturer’s Epistar’s LED shipments?
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EPISTAR Settles Patent Litigation with Adamax in U.S.

Epistar announced that it agreed to settle its patent litigation against Adamax d/b/a Newhouse Lighting (“Adamax”) pending in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, for infringement of Epistar’s light-emitting diode (“LED”) filament patents (U.S. Patent Nos. 6,346,771, 7,489,068, 7,560,738, 8,240,881, 8,344,353, 8,791,467, 9,065,022). 
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Epistar Next Generation QD Coated CSP LEDs to Make Breakthrough in Displays

At LEDforum 2016 hosted by LEDinside in late September in Taipei, Taiwan, industry insiders were all focused on innovative technologies including Quantum Dot (QD), Micro-LEDs and other new technologies. Saturation in the LED backlight market, while the LED lighting market might have high market potential, but requires specialization has ushered development of new applications in the LED industry. Some of these include small-pitch LED displays for billboards, large indoor displays, automotive LEDs, non-visible LED light (UV and IR applications), grow lights and other important emerging applications. Future technology developments include integrating QD technology with micro-LEDs to optimize LED performance.
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Epistar and Supertrend Sign LED Filament Patent License Agreement

EPISTAR announced it signed a license agreement with Super Trend Lighting (Group) Ltd. (“SUPERTREND”) to use Epistar’s filament patents in its products. Epistar holds key intellectual property regarding the LED filament technology used in making LED filament bulbs. The LED filament patents relate to, among other things, LED filament structure(s), and light-emitting product(s) using LED filament(s). This patent portfolio covers Taiwan, China, United States, Europe and other territories.
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Taiwanese Manufacturers Benefit from AlInGaP LED Shortages Caused by VR Applications

Rising VR, security and small pitch LED display demands has led to severe shortage in AlInGaP LEDs, reported Chinese-language newspaper Commercial Times.
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Epistar Files U.S. Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Adamax

Epistar, a leading innovator and manufacturer of LED solid-state lighting technologies, filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Adamax Inc.(d/b/a Newhouse Lighting) in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California on August 30, 2016. The complaint asserts that Newhouse Lighting products and technology infringe six Epistar patents and seeks injunctive relief to halt the further sale of the infringing Newhouse Lighting products.
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Epistar Aims to Turn Around Losses in 3Q16 Despite Challenges Ahead

Top LED chip manufacturer Epistar’s shipment volume rose in second quarter, and the company revenue climbed up on the back of easing price falls, but still faces financial challenges ahead, reported Taiwanese media Money DJ.com.
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Epistar Orders Multiple Veeco EPIK 700 MOCVD Systems

Veeco Instruments announced that Epistar has ordered multiple TurboDisc® EPIK™700 Gallium Nitride (GaN) Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) Systems for the production of light emitting diodes (LEDs).  The Veeco systems will be used to meet demand for various applications.  
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Epistar to Benefit from Iris Recognition Trends

Samsung’s latest flagship phone Note 7 iris recognition features created a new buzz in the market, as the new phone’s IR modules used for optical recognition is expected to benefit IR LED manufacturers, such as Epistar and High Power Lighting, reported UDN.
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Epistar Runs into AlInGaN LED Supply Shortage

Soaring demands for AlInGaN LEDs for virtual reality (VR) and security applications caused severe chip shortages for Epistar, reported Taiwanese media Commercial Times.
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Epistar Restructures Resources to Turn Around Losses

Affected by oversupply issues in the LED industry, leading Taiwanese LED EPI-wafer manufacturer Epistar (the company) lowered production costs by adjusting its production capacity and integrating subsidiaries FOREPI and Huga Optic resources, reported Taiwan media Apple Daily.
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Epistar Improves Product Structure and Profitability by Specializing in Niche LED Lighting Applications

The global LED industry benefited from emerging lighting market demands, but the LED backlight industry has entered a mature plateau phase. Price wars intensified in mainstream LED chip and application sectors, turning into an overtly competitive red sea market. In 2015, global LED market value declined for the first time by 3% to US $14.33 billion, according to statistics compiled by LEDinside, a research division of Taipei-based market research institute TrendForce.
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Epistar Gross Margins Improves in 2Q16

Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer Epistar revenue in June 2016 was down 2.3% to NT $2.11 billion (US $65.87 million) compared to a month earlier, due to inventory take during the end of second quarter, according to a MoneyDJ report.
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Industry Leaders Back Epistar’s Production Reduction

Leaders in the LED industry have been supportive of Epistar’s decision to scale down production capacity, the Taiwanese company has frozen nearly a quarter of its production capacity and initiated the largest scale down since its founding, reported China Times. This move could lower increasing cost pressures from depreciating old equipment, but at several large manufacturers shareholder meeting last week, Everlight Chairman Robert Yeh and Unity Opto’s Chairman Alpha Wu supported Epistar’s move, and from a chip buyer perspective announced chip prices had reached rock bottom.
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The Good and the Bad of Epistar’s LED Chip Price Hike

Epistar announced it will be raising certain LED chip costs by 15% in mid- May 2016, which excited certain media and investors, who projected LED chip prices would soar. There is nothing to support this theory, though. More than a month has gone by, and none of the other manufacturers have raised prices. A closer inspection raises questions on the LED chip pricing strategy, and whether it will reach the aim of reducing the company’s revenue losses requires further observations, however, the company is at risk of losing clients.
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Epistar to Raise InGaN LED Prices due to Uptick in Production Costs

Epistar, a leading Taiwanese LED chip maker, is to be the first manufacturer that raise the price of heavily-oversupplied InGaN LEDs. The company plans to raise up to 15% of the price in order to profit.
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Epistar Rebuts Reports Claiming it Laid Off 100 Employees

Taiwanese LED EPI-wafer manufacturer Epistar has vehemently denied claims made by local media Apple Daily that it had laid off more than 100 employees following the shut down of its subsidiary FOREPI’s EPI-wafer fab.
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Epistar Upholds Positive Outlook for Small Pitch LED Display Market

The LED display market preference in 2015 were small pitch LED displays, and high definition products. These products that have been under the industry spotlight last year continued to show strong growth this year, especially in China. Small pitch LED displays is gaining traction in other regional markets including Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe. Emerging markets, such as Middle East and South America where the 2016 Olympics will be hosted in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, also witnessed soaring growth for small pitch LED displays. To learn more about display technology advancements and trend analyses, LEDinside spoke to international and Taiwanese LED chip manufacturers and other related industry players.
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Epistar to Partner with End Product Manufacturers with Increased Issues of 165M Shares

The board of Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer Epistar decided to invite strategic partners through Global Depository Receipts (GDR) or private equity (PE). Epistar locates at the upstream in the industry supply chain and the partnership with application clients secures the company’s oversea exit, said Epistar Spokesman RiderChang. In other words, the company intends to partner with the clients of their client through stake investment. The company’s shareholder’s meeting is to be launched on June 17, 2016. The stake released by two...
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LED Luminaire Design Trends at TILS 2016

Several notable trends LEDinside observed at Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS) 2016, which took place at Nangang Exhibition Hall from April 12-16, 2016 in Taipei, was more manufacturers showcasing filament LED bulbs, smart lighting products, and an emphasis on reducing glare in luminaire designs.
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Epistar Operations Unaffected by N3 Plant Fire

Smoke and flame shot from Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer Epistar’s plant in Northern Taiwan last night. The source of the fire was located at the waste water tank next to the parking lot at B2 (second level in the basement) in the company’s N3 plant. The fire started at around 6 PM and was soon under control. There were zero casualties, no one was wounded. The fire has no impact on the company finances and sales.
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Epistar Readjusts Product Portfolio as Revenue Slides in 1Q16

Leading Taiwanese LED epiwafer manufacturer revenues dropped 12% YoY to NT $1.64 billion (US$ 50.63 million), the lowest revenue reported over the last three years, according to a report from Taiwanese media Money DJ earlier this week.
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Epistar Files Lawsuit Against Epileds for Infringing Three IR LED Patents

Taiwan’s largest LED die manufacturer Epistar has filed a patent infringement complaint against Epileds in Taiwan’s courts for selling infringing products to downstream suppliers, the company announced in a recent press release.
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Epistar Provides Best LED Filament Technology to Partners

LED filament bulbs is an emerging product on the market that holds great market potential, with high visibility in the Middle East, Americas and Europe. It is also one of the most important lighting products in the Asian manufacturing supply chain. For instance, Taiwanese LED manufacturer Epistar currently holds crucial LED patents that comprise the core technology in LED filament bulbs. In an exclusive interview with Epistar managers and directors including Alexandar Wang, Director of the company’s Marketing Center Segment Group, the company’s Intellectual Property Division Meng-chun Kuo, Director, and Walter K.Y. Chou, Manager of the company’s Intellectual Property Department III, these managers revealed LED filament bulb market’s latest trends, technology development, and patent strategy deployment.
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Epistar Sells Factory in Hsinchu to Mediatek for Around US$22 M

Taiwan’s largest LED manufacturer Epistar has sold its Duxing factory in Hsinchu Science Park to IC design manufacturer Mediatek for NT$ 736 million (US $21.98 million), reported CNA.
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Epistar Denies Acquisition and Merger Rumors

Shortly after Epistar held its board meeting on Monday, numerous reports from Taiwanese media claimed the company was about to be merged. MLS, Philips and even Lumileds were named by speculators as potential buyers, following the reports Epistar’s shares climbed up to NT $29.5 (US $0.88) per share, reported TechNews. However, Epistar Spokesman Rider Chang has denied all these claims.
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Epistar, Epileds and High Power Lighting Join Invisible LED Bandwagon

The LED lighting industry outlook for invisible LED business opportunities has been increasingly optimistic, with many international and Taiwanese companies jumping in this new blue sea market. Japanese, Korean, European and American manufacturers are all developing UV LEDs for curing, sterilization, medical, water and air purification systems. Security, retina recognition markets that require IR LED, are also presenting new business and technology opportunities for LED companies specializing in these fields.
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MLS Denies Rumors of Acquiring Epistar

Chinese LED maker MLS as a potential acquisition of Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer Epistar has become the latest gossip in Taiwan’s LED industry. Following the market rumors, the LED chip maker’s shares have soared, giving the LED stock market a major boost. Market rumors claim Chinese manufacturers potential investments in Taiwanese companies have allowed local LED enterprises to reevaluate their market value. However, LEDinside interviews with local market research companies noted the chances of MLS acquiring Epistar was fairly low, and the Chinese company’s current focus was mostly directed towards bidding Osram’s lighting business.
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Epistar’s Merger and Alliance Strategies

Epistar has come a long way from its foundation in 1996 to become one of the largest players in Taiwan’s LED industry, mergers and acquisitions played a significant role in the process of building up the company. The company Chairman B.J. Lee shared some insights on the company’s business strategies at the 2015 Pan Wen Yuan Prize Award Ceremony on Monday, which took place at the Shangri-La Hotel in Taipei.
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Epistar Chairman: Lighting Market and Tube Light Breakthroughs to Support LED Market Growth in 2016

The LED backlight industry might still experience an exceptionally cool season in 2016, but breakthroughs are expected in the tube light replacement market, said Epistar Chairman B.J.Lee at the 2015 Pan Wen Yuan Prize Award Ceremony at the Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan earlier today.
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Lumileds introduced the LUXEON CZ Color Line, a product line optimized to deliver maximum punch. “The LUXEON CZ features up to 48% higher punch than any other undomed color LED,” said Jennifer Holland, Product Line Direct... READ MORE

LG Innotek today announced that it has supplied UV LED module for water purifiers to the famous Japanese purifier manufacturer for the past year and achieved the perfect quality of zero defect rate.