“Red, Green, Blue into one”... Lumens developed ‘RGB one-chip’ monolithic micro-LED

Implemented on a single epitaxial wafer Reducing the transfer process by one-third Reducing costs and increasing productivity Targeting the promotion of commercialization the TV/XR market A technology that can dramatically increase the utilization and productivity of micro light emitting diode (LED) has been developed in Korea. It is gaining much attention on whether the popularization of micro-LED will be accelerated, which has been making slow progress due to technical difficulties. Lumens announced on the 24th that they have developed a Monolithic...
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Lumens to Develop Soft LED Display with Mass Production Lock and Loaded

According to the coverage of South Korean media, South Korean LED supplier Lumens has decided to expand its business of soft LED display. The company had announced a few days ago regarding the development of a soft LED display, with mass production ready to go, and has started to expand on production applications, whilst looking for potential clients. As reported, this soft LED display adopts LED pixels, with its thinness and lightweight as the largest selling point. The display is merely 3mm in thickness that is 1/3 of the thickness of existing soft LED display...
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Lumens Looking to Grow Its Flexible LED Display Business

Lumens has decided to make flexible LED display as its new business. It is set to compete against others in the industrial display market after making LED lighting components that go into TVs, laptops, monitors, and LED car lights. The company announced on Tuesday that it developed one of the industry’s best flexible LED displays and is finished with making preparations for mass-production. It explained that it has begun expanding applications and searching for possible customers. Flexible LED display uses LEDs as pixels and displays images or videos. Due...
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【CES 2020】Multi-size Micro LED Displays Revealed by Japan and Korea Tech Giants

At CES 2020, it is easy to find out that Micro LED displays are demonstrated by more and more companies. Even though the chips used in those so-called “Micro LED” might not small enough to meet the definition of Micro LED, which is below 100 µm, Micro LED display as a term has become a trend in the display industry. Samsung The Wall series is still the focus of Samsung at this year’s CES. The 292-inch mega-size self-emitting 8K LED displays adopted Sanan’s Mini LED chips and PCB backplane with passive matrix. Sam...
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Lumens Started the Supply of Micro LED Display Module in Indian Market

Korea-based Lumens made a stunning debut by delivering Micro LED display module called “MLD” in Indian market.
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Progress Updates from 10 Companies in the Global Micro LED Manufacturing Force

As time is moving forward to the second quarter of 2018, more and more rumblings and updates about Micro/Mini LED emerged and have been circulating in the industry. In February, LEDinside collected and revealed information of Micro LED development from nearly 50 companies around the globe. Here, we would like to share some progress updates released after that from 10 companies.
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LG Display to Rival Samsung in Micro LED TV Space

TV makers, especially Samsung and LG Display, are scrambling for changes and quality upgrades for their products. In 2018, the focus of the competition between the two Korean display manufacturers will shift from QLED vs. OLED to Micro LED.
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[Photos] Large Sized Lumens Micro LED Displays at CES 2018

Not just Samsung, another Korean display maker is unveiling its Micro LED displays. We covered last December that Lumens started producing two types of Micro LED displays and it alleged to bring them to CES 2018. It seems the company made it, too.
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Lumens Begins Producing Both Small and Large Sized Micro LED Samples

Successfully obtaining technologies able to mass produce Micro LED products, Korean mid-sized LED maker Lumens begins to produce both small- and large-sized Micro LED display prototypes planned to be showcased at CES 2018.
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Lumens to Introduce 200 l/w Flip-Chip Mid-Power Package

Lumens, a Korean LED packaging manufacturer, introduces new Mid-Power LED 5630F, a new family of ErgonTM.  Based on Lumens’ Flip Chip technology, the new 5630F4 provides the superb reliability to the conventional LED components while delivering the highest efficacy up to 200lumens-per-watt at 65mA, 5000K CCT, 80 CRI. Thanks to the world’s first silver-free flip chip technology, the new 5630F provides higher Reflectivity and Robustness. The 5630F also features high color uniformity with 3-step MacAdam Ellipses and Excellent light quality.
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Top Korean LED Manufacturer Lumens To Expand in Japan Through Joint Venture

Vying the lucrative Japanese market, leading Korean LED manufacturer Lumens announced it has signed a joint venture agreement with Japanese company TN Holdings, according to a Japanese media SankeiBiz report.
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Korean Manufacturers Showcase Latest Lighting Technologies at Light + Building 2014

Korean manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Seoul Semiconductor, Woree and Lumens were huddled in Hall 6 of Light + Building 2014 show that recently took place in Frankfurt, Germany. These Korean manufacturers displayed their latest LED packages, LED smart controllers, and new OLED products.
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Epistar refuted setting up a new joint venture in china with Lumens and Hanso LCD

Recently, LED chipmaker Epistar thought those reports was a rumor, that Epistar, Lumens and backlight unit (BLU) maker Hansol LCD would set up a joint venture in eastern China, with 10 billion won (US$8.84 million), 30 billion won and 10 billion won investment respectively. Epistar spokesman Chang Shie-Shien noted that Epistar hadn』t known anything about the deal and nothing related to it was being discussed.
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Unity Opto Also to be Samsung’s Supply Chain

Taiwan Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd. holds a 25% stake in South Korean LED packager Lumens, making it the primary institutional shareholder of the South Korean packager. Now, Unity has been contracted by Lumens to supply it LED emitters. Which Lumens will build into backlight modules for Samsung’s LCD TVs. Unity will use chips made by Formosa Epitaxy Inc. of Taiwan, which has its chips verified at Samsung.
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Small and mid-size LED makers are busy running manufacturing lines

During the economic downturn, many manufacturers are setting to reduce the output and dismiss workers at manufacturing lines. But, small and mid-size LED makers are busy running manufacturing lines.
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