【CES 2020】Multi-size Micro LED Displays Revealed by Japan and Korea Tech Giants

At CES 2020, it is easy to find out that Micro LED displays are demonstrated by more and more companies. Even though the chips used in those so-called “Micro LED” might not small enough to meet the definition of Micro LED, which is below 100 µm, Micro LED display as a term has become a trend in the display industry.


The Wall series is still the focus of Samsung at this year’s CES. The 292-inch mega-size self-emitting 8K LED displays adopted Sanan’s Mini LED chips and PCB backplane with passive matrix. Samsung addressed that the modular design offers flexibility for splicing the display into different sizes and shapes.

As for active matrix Micro LED display, Samsung combined its “The Window” series and PlayNitride’s RGB Micro LED chips and used active matrix TFT glass backplane to make a 150-inch 8K AM Micro LED display. In addition, Samsung also showcased a 75-inch and a 93-inch AM Micro LED displays with glass backplane to exclusive visitors in its private room.


LG demonstrated the Micro LED Display that was first revealed at InfoComm last year. However, the version presented at CES 2020 delivered better performance compared to the one last year with more product details disclosed. The Micro LED display of LG is 145-inch made from 48 LTPS panels. Chip size of the Micro LED used in the display is smaller than 50µm with one RGB LED chip as one pixel, realizing Real Micro LED display。

According to LG’s staff, the product is expected to launch after 2021. LG has overcome the obstacle of mass transfer and achieve mass production standard in yield and speed so it is marching into the goal of volume production. The production cost is expected to be lower than existing LED display when it debut in 2021.


As a leading Micro LED display producer, SONY continues its advanced technology and presented Crystal Micro LED display which first launched in 2017. With increased production, SONY expects that the selling price will drop gradually for market expansion. The 220-inch 4K Micro LED display showcased cost around US$ 1 million currently.

Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul Semiconductor worked together with its subsidiary Seoul Viosys to build “Micro Clean Display.” Seoul Viosys supplied LED chips for Seoul Semiconductor to package and transferred to PCB backplane. They exhibited several different sizes Micro LED modular displays to attract clients in various fields including one display with pitch size 0.95mm made by 0404 package and one pitch size 0.83mm display module made by 0202 LED package. These displays adopt PCB backplane and passive matrix.

Moreover, Seoul Semiconductor said that it will launch Micro LED displays which transfer chips directly on PCB backplane. Staffs at CES told LEDinside that the new display will have a pitch size of 0.2mm, adding more application opportunities for Micro LED displays.


Lumens showcased a 139-inch 4K Mini LED display with a pitch size of P0.8mm. The company used the module to make an automotive display which delivers high contrast. 。

In addition to large size Mini LED display, Lumens also demonstrate a 0.57-inch mono-color Micro LED display with chip size of only 10µm and CMOS backplane. The company presented the Micro LED display in blue and green color and aims to enter the projector market with the products.


Original article by Roger Chu / LEDinside; translated and edited by Yining Chen / LEDinside

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