RECOM 100W and 150W LED DRIVERS Receive PSE Certification

RECOM is a manufacturer of a wide range of DC/DC converters, switching regulators, board-mounted power supplies and LED drivers for the global market. In May 2014, a new sales subsidiary, RECOM Power Japan K.K., was established in Tokyo, Japan.
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Ultra-compact 25Watt LED Driver

Due to the banishment of low efficiency illuminants, modern LED-lighting solutions are enjoying an increase in popularity and the lighting market is gradually adapting to these changes.
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RECOM’s RCD family of LED drivers deliver up to 1200 mA

Recently, RECOM Electronic GmbH has introduced its RCD series of constant current LED Drivers. They deliver a maximum of 1200mA to provide the higher currents needed by the next generation of high brightness LEDs. The company says the LED drivers have been designed to be as reliable as the LEDs they are driving and contain no electrolytic or tantalum capacitors.
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RECOM Constant Current LED-Driver module with wires

RECOM Power, Inc. announces its Constant Current LED-Driver is now available with flying wires. This is No.1 Constant Current LED-Driver module that no knowledge of electronics is needed, just connect the wires and light it up! That means plug and play. The company says this package style is ideal for applications with an overcrowded board or applications without a board.
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