LED Beer Bottle Lamps –Beer Bottle Recycling + LED is New Green Energy Concept

Soda-lime glass is occupied more than 90% of glass bottle market, a variety of options for different glass bottle design including all beer bottles and all soft drink bottles. Soda-lime glass is beautiful with variety of different shapes but no one to make it as a light bulb because easily being broken with heat and high temperature situation.
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Nan Ya Conducts Transformation by Integrating Solar PV, LED, and Lithium Battery Energy Storage

Nan Ya Photonics Incorporation (NYPI), a leading LED lighting manufacturer, has begun to develop system products over the past two years. The company removed its mid-to-upstream LED production lines in 2016. In order to operate in coordination with the government’s green energy policies and expand revenue, NYPI conducted transformation in 2H16 and entered the green energy industry. LEDinside had the privilege to interview the vice president of NYPI, Jung-huang Lo, to discuss about NYPI’s transformation process and its future business direction.
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Goldman Sachs Lists LED Technology as Top Market Disruptor in Green Energy Sector

In the green energy sector, solar, wind, and lithium batteries prices all plummeted, which has disrupted markets and transformed existing market orders, leading to new developments.
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Green Energy Trends for 2010: the Compound Annual Growth Rate of LED Light Source Reaches 32% with the Advancement of LED Lighting Technology

Energy-saving is one of the key focuses of current social concerns. There are significant differences between various energy-saving technologies – while any technology that reduces power consumption saves electricity fees, and reduces environmental pollution by lowering carbon dioxide emission levels, some technologies consume so much energy to an extent that it offsets the amount of energy saved. Nonetheless, these technologies help lower pollution levels.
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Green Energy Technology of Top Priority in Taiwan's New Industry List to Promote

Green energy technology was named the top development priority by Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou on Wednesday, with Solar and LED technologies highlighted as two areas where the island has potential to lead. Green energy technologies have become a popular target. Governments of U.S., Germany and Japan all have listed clean environment technologies as key development fields and have invested to promote the energy saving devices including solar panels.
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Tokushima, Japan – 17 June 2022: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, announces the addition of the Direct Mountable Chip Series (Part Number: NVSWE21A-V1) to the portfol... READ MORE

DURHAM, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cree LED, an SGH company (Nasdaq: SGH), announced today the launch of XLamp® Element G LEDs, delivering a new product class with unmatched light output and efficiency for LEDs of this size. The... READ MORE