Signify Launches Streetlights Designed for Circular Economy

Signify announced new products, two street luminaires that meet the requirements of a circular economy and can be connected to City Management Systems such as Interact City. Signify is developing products, systems and services for a circular economy to meet the increasing demand for sustainable technologies. (Image: Signify) Signify has been a proactive industry player to reach sustainable goals. The company recently announced that 82.5% of its revenues came from energy efficient products, systems and services. It also achieved carbon neutrality in the market in Latin Ame...
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Signify to Install Solar LED Street Lights in Seville to Cut Energy Cost and Carbon Emission

Signify announced a new project of installing solar panel powered street lights in the Infanta Elena Park in Seville, Spain to enhance the safety of visitors as well as to improve energy efficiency. With the pilot project, 20 Philips SunStay solar street lights will be set in the park, underscoring both Seville’s and Signify’s commitment to sustainability. By integrating solar panel, luminaire, charge controller and battery in one housing, the Philips SunStay street lights are compact and easy to install and maintain. They will also help Seville, a city commi...
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Blue Light of LED Streetlights Linked to Breast and Prostate Cancer

The “blue light” emitted by street lights including LEDs, and commercial outdoor lighting such as advertising, is linked to a significant increase in the risk of breast and prostate cancer, innovative new research has concluded.
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Thorn Introduces Flow – Its Most Versatile Outdoor Luminaire Yet

Thorn Lighting announces the launch of Flow, taking versatile outdoor lighting to the next level. The timeless, understated design language of this brand new luminaire makes it easy to picture in any setting. But it’s not just Flow’s appearance that makes it so flexible. The luminaire features six mounting variants: post-top, lateral, amenity, suspended, catenary and wall-mounted. There are a range of positive and negative tilting options, and a total of 13 optical possibilities. As a result Flow suits all kinds of urban applications including large urban roads, smaller streets and residential areas, city centres, car parks, cycle paths, footpaths, train platforms, education and sports institutions, industrial buildings and area applications.
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Western Norway Gets Connected LED Street Lighting from Philips Lighting for ‘Smart City’ Initiative

Philips Lighting announced that 11 municipalities in southern Rogaland in Western Norway will be transformed into smart municipalities over the next two years. Over 18,000 connected Philips LED street lights will be installed and controlled remotely using the Philips CityTouch lighting management system. The combination of LED luminaires and remote monitoring and control will transform the management of lighting across the municipalities, enabling energy and operational savings.
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DOE Publishes Report on LED Street Lighting's Impact on Sky Glow

DOE has published the results of a study of the expected contributions to sky glow from converting high-pressure sodium (HPS) street lighting to broader-spectrum (i.e., white light) sources, with specific focus on LEDs, and presents the contributions in a manner relative to HPS baseline conditions. These conditions represent typical conversions in the U.S. and include changes in spectral power distribution (SPD), percent uplight, and lumen output.
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Malaysian Researchers Develop Hybrid Powered LED Mosquito Lights that Mimic Human Scent

A research team headed by Chong Wen Tong from University of Malaysia has developed a hybrid energy LED outdoor light, capable of imitating human scent to trap mosquitos.
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U.K. County Asks Opinions from Local for Public LED Lighting Conversion

Kent residents and businesses are being asked for their views on options for street lighting across the county. Kent County Council has secured funding to convert the county’s 118,000 street lights to Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology – which will mean annual savings of up to £5.2million for Kent’s council taxpayers.
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Sri Lankan Ministry of Highways Approves Funding for LED Lighting Solutions

Viper Networks, Inc., an intelligent LED lighting solutions provider, is pleased to announce that in partnership with Apollo Metro Solutions, Inc., the Company has received LED Luminaries product approval from the Sri Lankan Ministry of Highways. Furthermore, the Company has forwarded a term sheet from a major U.S. bank to fund a $20 million transaction to finance manufacturing and delivery of Apollo's LED street lights for the initial order from the Sri Lankan Ministry of Highways, Ports and Shipping.
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LEDtronics LED Street Lights Reduce Energy Consumption by over 72% at NRG Power Station

LEDtronics announced that their LED Cobraheads Streetlight Fixtures helped NRG reduce energy consumption by over 72% and decrease light pollution in the local area.
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Silver Spring Networks to Connect Copenhagen Street Lights Smartly

Silver Spring Networks, Inc., a leading networking platform and solutions provider for smart energy networks, announced today it has been selected to deliver the networking platform for a citywide intelligent street lights project in Copenhagen, Denmark. Under a new partnership with Citelum, the global leader in lighting, traffic management, and other urban electrical systems, Silver Spring is expected to begin networking 20,000 street lights in Copenhagen in 2014. 
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New York Street Lights to be upgraded to LED

Streetlights in the Big Apple are getting a major makeover to more energy efficient LEDs, according to Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and Newsday news reports. New York will be replacing 250,000 street lights with LED lamps by 2017, said the city mayor Michael Bloomberg. The LED replacements are expected to help the city cut US$ 14 million in electric and maintenance costs. 
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GE Lights Up Indiana Communities

The Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA), a wholesale power supplier, was awarded a recent U.S. Department of Energy grant to fund the retrofitting of outdoor street lights in member communities with light emitting plasma and LED street lighting fixtures. Through a competitive process, the communities collectively selected the GE’s energy-efficient Evolve™ LED Roadway Cobrahead fixtures to replace mercury vapor, metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps, some of which had been in use for more than half a century.
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City of Pompano Beach Selects Evolucia's LED Cobra head Fixtures

Patented Aimed Optics™ technology saturates the roadway with cool white light at a mounting height of 60 feet and pole spacing of 300 feet.
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Excellence Opto, Inc. Expands Its Facility in Michigan to Serve the LED Automotive Lighting Market

Excellence Opto, Inc. (EOI) is pleased to announce its expansion of its new facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The new 10,000 square foot facility will serve the increasing demands of the LED Automotive lighting market. EOI has actively focused on LED automotive lighting in the past 12 years. As a result, the LED automotive lighting now accounts for about 60% of the revenue of the company. The LED lighting products that include industrial lights, roadway lights, and signal lights makes up the rest. The new facility located in Grand Rapids will now serve a...
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Next Generation Luminaires Outdoor Design Competition Opens for LED Street Lights

The 2013 Next Generation Luminaires (NGL) Outdoor Design Competition was opened on July 8, 2013. The NGL Competition partners include the Illuminating Engineering Society, the International Association of Lighting Designers, and the US Department of Energy represented by Pacific Northwest National Laboratories. The entries of this competition can be street and roadway lighting which includes traditional cobrahead LED street lights and decorative post top LED street lights. All entries must register products through the LED Lighting Facts program...
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The First Local Authority in the United Kingdom to Use LED Street Lights

Recently, Bath & North East Somerset Council is celebrating that being the first local authority in the United Kingdom to replace all main road lights with LED street lights. After this conversion, the energy consumption is expected to be decreased by over 1.5 Kilowatt Hours (Kwh) and the council is likely to save about £200,000 per year in electricity bills. For the environment, carbon emissions are expected to be reduced by more than 780 tones. There were some intelligent lighting lanterns installed, which will reduce energy usage by adjusting their output ...
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LED Street Lights will Installed at all Newton Streets in 2014

Tom Butler, an electrician for the City of Newton Public Buildings Department, uses tape on a sensor to make an LED street light turn on. Newton, Massachusetts - City crews have installed a series of energy efficient LED street lights around City Hall as a pilot program that could expand to all Newton streets in the coming year. A total of 26 lights were installed along Homer Street, Walnut Street and Commonwealth Avenue last week at a cost of $10,000. The lights use just less than half the energy of the standard 100-watt bulb, and city officials hope to ex...
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Leotek Electronics Co.: Company vision: Become world’s leading Lighting brand from North America to rest of the world

Leotek Electronics Co. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lite-on Technology Group with over two decades of history in LED Street light and traffic light products development experience in Taiwan. While 2012, Leotek becomes a leading brand in a highly competitive market with world’s famous lighting companies in North America. 
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Kingsun LED Street Lighting Project Lights Up in Gunma, Japan

Recently, LED street lighting project completed by Kingsun and Yamada Denki lit up officially in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. The project includes seven roads'LED street lights retrofit and is the first time to apply LED street lighting - in wide range in Japan. It's learned that the demonstration project has strictly demand in lights quality, technology, and stability. It adopts Kingsun star products—Apollo series LED street lights with advantages such as accurate light distribution, modular heat radiation structure, flexible drive configuration. The...
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LED Street-lighting Tests Conducted at Wailuku Millyard

Wailuku, Hawaii, U.S., hosts an LED street-lighting demonstration in Wailuku, Mayor Alan Arakawa announced. The walking tour reportedly features four energy-efficient “smart” light-emitting diode streetlights on Wili Pa Loop in the Wailuku Millyard. "The first of its kind in Hawaii and one of the most advanced of its kind in the US, the testing process is examining the use of wireless remote controls to dim the streetlights late at night to save energy," county officials said in a press release announcing the presentation. As part of the t...
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Seoul Semiconductor's Streetlights Based on Acrich2 LED Cover a Section of Yang-Zi River Road

Seoul Semiconductor(SSC) has announced the completion of its installation of Acrich LED streetlights covering a section of 30km on Yang-zi River road in Yangzhou city. The company contends that Acrich LED streetlights, were chosen for the project in the city because they minimize the payback period within three years. The company says that this reduced payback period is because the cost of installation and maintenance are dramatically reduced. Seoul Semiconductor also asserts that Acrich streetlight is brighter and lighter than conventional DC LED streetlights. T...
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Excellence Optoelectronics Inc: Leader in Automotive Lighting Industry

Excellence Optoelectronics Inc (EOI) is one of the major manufacturers of LED traffic signals and LED street lights. EOI has a vertically integrated LED supply chain, consisting of upstream epitaxy company High Power Opto and midtream packaging, module and downstream lighting fixtures maker EOI. Aside from traffic signals and street lights, the company also holds the key technologies and clients in the automotive lighting market. LEDinside conducted an interview with Mrs. Fanny Huang, President of EOI, who shed light on LED automotive lighting, traffic s...
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Mexico planed to install 25,507 units GE Evolve LED street lights

The Mexican municipality has announced plans to install 25,507 GE Evolve LED street lights in Quintana Roo, which would be the largest installation of LED street lights in Latin America.
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Osram Opto provides 50 units of environmental friendly LED street lights to Chuo-ward, Tokyo

Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd. and OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, a Siemens Group Company jointly provided 50 units of street lights (LEDioc STREET 40VA) to Chuo-ward, Tokyo. It is one of their programs to ensure further security and environment in society. The street lamps employ OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ Golden DRAGON Plus LEDs as the light source, of which is characterized by its 60,000 hours long life, achieving significant savings in energy cost and environment-friendliness.
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LSG and BHP Energy jointly to Provide DC-powered LED Street Lights for Mexican Superhighway

Lighting Science Group’s Prolific DC LED street lights will soon light up Mexico City's newly constructed "Viaducto Bicentenario" elevated superhighway, which runs 23 kilometers from Lomas Verdes to Tepotzotlan. BHP Energy Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. is LSG's exclusive representative in Mexico. Gerstl Consultores selected BHP Energy Mexico to provide LED-based street lights to work with Gerstl Consultatores' solar power systems. LSG and BHP Energy Mexico are jointly announcing the nearly completed project.
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Hi Score and NexPhase Enter Agreement to Develop Energy Saving LED Street Lights

High Score Corporation has entered into a licensing agreement to develop a line of Energy Saving LED Street Lights and Parking Lot Lights with NexPhase Lighting. In spite of earnest efforts on the part of management this funding has not fully materialized. As a result, the previous President of the company, Dror Svorai, stepped down from his position as CEO and created an LED Lighting Factory.
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DOE Launches National Collaboration on LED Street Lights

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced today that Seattle City Light, Seattle's publicly owned power utility, has been selected to lead a national effort to guide municipalities in evaluating light emitting diode (LED) street lights. The Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium will collect, analyze, and share information and lessons learned about LED street-lighting demonstrations to facilitate the adoption of this energy efficiency technology.
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Gulf Power and the City of Pensacola trial LED street lights

Gulf Power is teaming up with the City of Pensacola to test a new lighting technology for streets and selected downtown areas. The two-year test, which also involves the Electric Power Research Institute, will analyze Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights for energy savings and maintenance costs and serve as a research database for utilities and municipalities for evaluating LED technology for more uses.
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Valdez, Alaska, Joins Cree LED City® Program, Converting All Street Lights to LEDs

Citizens prefer new lights and appreciate energy savings Cree, Inc., a market leader in LED lighting, announces that the city of Valdez has joined the Cree LED City® initiative, an international program that promotes the deployment of energy-efficient LED lighting. Valdez is in the process of converting all 343 street lights to LED technology.
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San Jose, CA – April 26, 2022 – Lumileds today announced a new, higher performance level comprised of 21 new parts for its horticulture and illumination mid-power 3030 LEDs. Typical flux, PPF, and efficacy have increased 2%. In a lumi... READ MORE

Tokushima, Japan – 26 April 2022: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, announces the launch of the Hortisolis™ series of white LEDs. By incorporating only the light... READ MORE