Rejection of OSRAM’s infringement case vs. DOMINANT issued by OLG Karlsruhe

The OLG Karlsruhe and the Landgericht Mannheim has confirmed that 10 of the claims against DOMINANT are not valid. As a result of the proceedings, the Federal Patent Court of Germany have also nullified 4 OSRAM intellectual property rights and the European Patent Office has revoked one. Osram has been ordered to pay court fees. Following the ruling, Higher Regional Court Karlsruhe only considered two OSRAM patents have been infringed. Dominant has filed oppositions against the validity of these patents and is pending. We remain confident in nullify...
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Malaysian DOMINANT Designed RGB SPNovaLED

Malaysian SMT LED manufacturer DOMINANT has designed RGB SPNovaLED (NMRTB-WSG) of its SPNovaLED series, to replace the NMRTB-USD device. The RGB SPNovaLED is capable of driving each chip in the package individually to mix and match any requested color even white; to provide balanced lighting distribution. Additionally, with an operating current of 250mA this LED features a typical luminous intensity of 9000mcd for Red, 12,000mcd for True Green and 4000mcd for Blue.
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Dominant Semiconductors changes name to Dominant Opto Technologies

To better reflect our core business, DOMINANT Semiconductors Sdn. Bhd. has change its name to DOMINANT Opto Technologies Sdn. Bhd. on 08th February 2010. Dominant will be changing the names on its internal and external documentation beginning 1st April 2010 and will be completed in 12 months time.
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Longer Life and Higher Light Intensity of PLCC 4 Package – Dominant Power DomiLED

DOMINANT introduces new high intensity InGan devices, DWx-LJG of its Power DomiLED series, alternative to the existing DWx-YJG device and completing their product portfolio of medium power LEDs. With an operating current of only 30mA, this LED features a luminous intensity of 1800mcd (typical) for true green and 560mcd (typical) for blue.
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Dominant seeks European distributors

DOMINANT Semiconductors Sdn. Bhd. is a dynamic Malaysian company belonging to the world leading SMT LED manufacturers. It has an excellence driven organization and offers a comprehensive product range for all kind of lighting applications needed in the automotive, consumer, communications and industrial market segments.
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Dominant cost-efficient white DomiLED with higher light output

DOMINANT introduces a new high intensity white DomiLED, the DomiPlus White (DPW-EJG), which is designed to provide a high intensity light output using a miniature package optimized for application where space is a premium. With an operating current of 60mA, this LED features a typical luminous intensity of 4,500mcd (12.5lm). With its high flux output and convincing luminous intensity, the DPW-EJG reveals its ability being the perfect fit for all lighting applications.
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DOMINANT Releases New High CRI Primax White 0.5-Watt LED

In order to complete the Primax product portfolio and fulfil the lighting market demand, DOMINANT is now extending this series with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) product in a 0.5-Watt white version, the NAW-BSC. This high CRI LED is compliant to the United States Energy Star guidelines; fulfilling the required minimum CRI of 75.
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DOMINANT Introduces New H-Series LEDs

DOMINANT introduces the new high intensity and cost competitive 5mm round and oval lamp InGaN LED series Lxx-Hxxxx as alternative to their Lxx-Nxxxx products. At an operating current of 20 mA, the 5mm round LEDs feature a typical luminous intensity of 4000mcd for blue, 12000mcd for true green. For their 5mm oval lamp part are two versions of viewing angle available; 70/35° and 100/40°.
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DOMINANT Releases Hot White SpiceLED

DOMINANT introduces a highly reliable white SpiceLED part, the SSW-HLG. This device provides a typical luminous intensity of 500 mcd at an operating current of 20mA withstanding high operating temperatures of up to 110°C.
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Dominant Unveils K Nova Alingap Package; Cost-Competitive with Impressive Brightness

DOMINANT Semiconductors has recently released its new series product, K Nova 3W AlInGaP. The new product measures just 7.2 mm x 7.2 mm in size while provides an impressive brightness of typical 90lm at 700mA, according to the company. This LED is designed for exterior automotive lighting, general lighting and signage.
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The Radiant High CRI Primax White 0.2-Watt - Energy Star Guideline Compliance

In order to complete the Primax product portfolio and fulfill lighting market demand, DOMINANT is now extending this series with high Color Rendering Index (CRI) products in 0.2-Watt white and warm white versions, NA2W-PSC and NA2F-PSC. These high CRI products are compliant to United State Energy Star guidelines; fulfilling minimum CRI required of 75.
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Dominant Releases New Right Angle DomiLEDs of Longer Life and Higher Light Intensity

Dominant Semiconductors recently added new high intensity white (DSW-NSG) and warm white (DSF-NSG) which feature longer life and higher light intensity to its Right Angle DomiLED series, replacing the existing DSW-USD device.
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