Instrument Systems VCSEL analysis camera wins Photonics Award

Photonics industry awards Instrument Systems a prize for VTC 4000 infrared camera for the 2D near-field analysis of VCSEL arrays.   Munich, October 2022– Instrument Systems presented its new VTC 4000 infrared camera at Photonics West at the beginning of 2022. This camera has now received the “Laser Focus World Innovators Award 2022” in silver from a jury of experts from the photonics industry. The VTC 4000 VCSEL analysis camera was specially developed for the ultrafast, precise 2D near-field analysis of narrowband emitters, e.g....
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Instrument Systems Introduces Optical Wafer Testing for Micro LEDs

Instrument Systems of the Konica Minolta Group introduces a camera-based measurement solution for Micro LED wafer testing that generates 2-dimensional, pixel-resolved optical analyses within given cycle times. The LumiTop 4000 has a resolution of 12 MP and can detect the smallest of defects and inhomogeneities on the wafer. Thanks to a 100 mm macro lens, the camera enables fast parallel inline analysis of all Micro LEDs on a wafer at a single test station. Micro LEDs are renowned for being an exacting new display technology. According to the latest definition of L...
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Instrument Systems to Present Advanced Measurement Device for Micro LED and AR/VR Display Applications at Display Week

Instrument Systems, the Munich-based light measurement solutions provider, announced that it will showcase an ultra-high resolution version of its LumiTop targeting Micro LED displays and AR/VR display applications at the Display Week 2019. According to Instrument Systems, the ultra-high resolution LumiTop model merges a 150 megapixel camera with the high-end spectroradiometer CAS 140D to guarantee test accuracy across the whole image of the camera. The resolution of 150 megapixels thereby allows (sub-) pixel level analysis of complete displays in one single shot,...
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Productronica 2017: Spectrally Optimized LumiTop 2700 Imaging Colorimeter and Other Innovative LED, SSL and Display Measurement Solutions

Instrument Systems will be presenting a number of innovations in the areas of “Display Production Testing”, “Automotive Interior Measurement” and “Endof-Line Testing in LED Production” at Productronica 2017. 
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Instrument Systems to Present Numerous Innovations at LASER World of PHOTONICS 2017

At LASER World of PHOTONICS, due to be held in Munich from 26- 29 June 2017, Instrument Systems will be showcasing many new products for the measurement of displays, UV sources and laser diodes, together with an extensive portfolio of spectroradiometric instruments. 
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Instrument Systems Unveils New Calibration Standard Series

Instrument Systems, a Munich-based manufacturer of light management technology, has unveiled a new calibration standard of the ACS-570 series. Together with the PSU 10 controller, the company offers its own all-in-one solution for the calibration of luminous flux and luminous intensity of measurement systems.
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Instrument Systems Showcases Comprehensive Photometric Solutions at SIL in London

Instrument Systems will be showcasing various photometric solutions under the slogan “Explore the full spectrum!” at this year’s Strategies in Light Europe (SIL Europe) in London from 23-24 November 2016. Besides the proven CAS 140CT spectroradiometer and the LumiCam imaging photometer and colorimeter, the display at Stand R4 will include the LGS 350 goniophotometer.
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Instrument Systems Showcases VCSEL Laser Diode Measuring System at electronica 2016

Instrument Systems again demonstrates new and well-proven technologies in light measurement at electronica from Nov. 8 – 11, 2016. This year’s highlight is the brand new high resolution CAS 140CT-HR spectroradiometer which will be presented for the first time to trade fair visitors at booth 443 in hall A1.
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Instrument Systems adds further models to CAS type series

Instrument Systems plays a leading role in the development and manufacturing of very precise equipment for light measurement. Based on the successful and well-proven CAS 140CT spectroradiometers, Instrument Systems now adds new models particularly designed for narrow band emitters, e.g. laser diodes.  These high resolution CAS 140CT-HR spectroradiometers combine the demands of high spectral resolution and short testing times for sophisticated measurement tasks in production and laboratory environments.
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Instrument Systems Presents SSL Measurement Solutions for CIE S025 and TM-30-15 at LpS 2016

From Sept. 20–22, 2016 Instrument Systems will be informing visitors at the LED professional Symposium in Bregenz, Austria, about goniophotometric measurement solutions for solid-state lighting. A special focus will be placed on the topics of energy efficiency, CIE S 025 and IES TM-30-15. 
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Instrument Systems and Konica Minolta Sensing Companies to Co-Host Light, Color, and Display Seminar

Concurrent with SID Display Week 2016, which takes place in San Francisco, California, USA, May 22-27, 2016, Instrument Systems, Radiant Vision Systems and Konica Minolta Sensing Americas will co-host a free educational seminar on display measurement technology.
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Strategies in Light - Instrument Systems Won the Sapphire Award 2016

Instrument Systems GmbH, Munich, has won the LEDs Magazine Sapphire Award 2016 in the category „Tools and Tests in SSL Design”. The awardwinning burning correction method allows easy and cost-efficient measurements following CIE S025 with the LGS 1000 far-field goniophotometer. As an alternative to expensive rotating mirror goniophotometers, more users will now have access to high class SSL measurement results worlwide. 
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Instrument Systems Showcases New Gonionphotometer at Light & Building 2016

With a view to future energy-efficient lighting solutions in buildings, at Light & Building 2016, Stand 4.1/K 89 Instrument Systems will be showcasing its LGS 350 goniophotometer to demonstrate applications for the highly accurate and fast testing of medium-sized LED modules according to the EU Eco-Design Directive.
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Instrument Systems Unveils New Goniophotometer System with Additional Correction

The compact LGS 1000 goniophotometer system by Instrument Systems guarantees precise determination of the spatial radiation characteristics of Solid State Lighting (SSL) products as well as lamps and luminaires. In addition, energy efficiency can be tested and evaluated in accordance with the European Ecodesign Directive for energy-related products. The newly developed correction of the burning position is a key upgrade for measurement in conformance with the latest international standard CIE S 025 and its European pendant EN 13032-4, in force since August 2015.
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Instrument Systems at the LASER World of Photonics 2015

Instrument Systems GmbH, German expert and one of the leading manufacturers of light measurement equipment, will demonstrate turnkey measuring solutions for LEDs, SSL sources and displays as well as for challenges in spectroradiometry and photometry at the LASER World of Photonics in Hall A2, Booth 410. One highlight will be the advanced version of the LumiCam 1300 for color and luminance measurement in highest accuracy. This innovative camera system enables greatest possible color measurement accuracy, e.g. for testing all kinds of displays.
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Instrument Systems Presents Angledependent Goniophotometer System

The LGS 1000 from Instrument Systems allows angledependent spatial radiation characteristics of large LED modules, solid-state lighting (SSL) products, as well as lamps and luminaires to be determined. The Munich-based company is presenting key upgrades for its largest goniometer system at this year’s Light+Building fair in Frankfurt.
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Optronik Berlin becomes Instrument Systems - Merger of Optronik Berlin with its parent company Instrument Systems

Effective 27 February 2013, Optronik Berlin GmbH was merged with the parent company Instrument Systems GmbH. Since 2010, Optronik and Instrument Systems have been working closely together on joint product developments and production operations. This cooperation is now going to continue under one roof following the merger of the two companies.  The Optronik location in Berlin will be retained with all the employees working as a team of experts specializing in goniophotometry and for equipping turnkey photometric laboratories. ......
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Konica Acquires Instrument Systems

Instrument Systems GmbH, a Munich company specialized in lighting measurement equipment, is sold by the Company founder and President Richard Distl to Konica Minolta Optics, Inc. The subsidiary company Optronik Berlin GmbH is also included in the sale. The company was established in 1986, and it will expand the sensing division of the Japanese Group with its successful product range. The Instrument Systems brand and the locations in Munich and Berlin will be retained. Additionally, the previous owner Richard Distl will continue as President and CEO. Th...
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Instrument Systems presents innovative SSL metrology at Light + Building

Instrument Systems, the global market leader for LED metrology, launches a series of new measurement systems for Solid-State Lighting at the Light + Building trade fair this April. The instrument manufacturer from Munich will be launching its new goniometers at the leading exhibition for lighting systems in a world premiere on 15-20 April. The LGS 250 and LGS 1000 series of goniophotometers can be used for analysis of angle-dependent spatial radiation properties from SSL luminaires and lamps, and LED modules. Additionally the ISP 1000 integrating sphere is a...
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Instrument Systems launches new goniophotometer

Ideal measuring system for mid-sized SSL luminaires and LED modules Instrument Systems, the global market leader for LED metrology, launches a new measuring system for Solid-State Lighting applications with the LGS 250 Goniophotometer. The LGS 250 was developed specifically for the analysis of angle-dependent spatial radiation properties from small to medium-sized SSL luminaires, lamps and LED modules. This closes a gap with the very large goniometers. The horizontal alignment of the Type C coordinate system facilitates a particularly convenient and com...
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Instrument Systems presents own current source for LEDs

New system solution for production tests with LEDs and LED wafers The LSM 350 4-quadrant source and measure unit from Instrument Systems was specifically developed to meet the requirements for production testing of LEDs and LED wafers. High test speeds and the multichannel capability make the LSM 350 an attractive solution for supplying current or voltage to LEDs with low to medium power output. Combination with high-precision array spectrometers from Instrument Systems creates a complete solution for optical and electrical testing carried out on LEDs. A...
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Instrument Systems launches new CCD Array Spectrometer Powerful spectroradiometer for QC and production

Instrument Systems launches the CAS 120 as a new series of the proven CCD Array Spectrometers. This measuring instrument was specifically developed for price-sensitive applications in spectral light measurement, such as LED production testing or quality assurance. Although costs have been reduced, technical innovations deliver even higher levels of reliability and robustness. Proven optical design combines with innovative technology As in the industry leading CAS 140CT from Instrument Systems, a Crossed Czerny Turner Spectrograph with back-illuminated CCD d...
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Instrument Systems Closes Business Year with Record Results

Specialist manufacturer of solutions for light measurement Instrument Systems GmbH has closed another business year very successfully. The company has continued to extend its market leadership in LED metrology. Sales for the business year completed in June 2011 rose by 112% to 21.9 million euros – after 10.3 million euros in the business year 2009/10. A number of major contracts were responsible for this success, including a contract from a leading brand manufacturer of PCs and consumer electronics. The products from Instrument Systems are a benchmark for precision,...
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Compact Goniophotometer for Packaged LEDs and Small LED Modules

The compact LEDGON 100 Goniophotometer from Instrument Systems was specially developed for analysis of the spatial radiation patterns from individual LEDs and small LED modules. The entire hemisphere can be measured in the forward direction of the LED. The angular resolution of 0.1° means that exact measurement values can be obtained for narrow-angled LEDs with excellent reproducibility. Combined with a spectroradiometer from Instrument Systems, all spectral parameters, for example color coordinates or color temperature can be measured as a function of angle...
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Instrument Systems Launches Large Integrating Sphere for Testing SSL Light Sources

1.9 meter integrating sphere for measuring total radiant power and luminous flux The ISP 2000 from Instrument Systems is the latest pioneering development launched by the leading manufacturer of light measurement systems worldwide. This integrating sphere has been specifically designed with a diameter of 1.9 meters to facilitate precise measurement of total radiant power and luminous flux at lamps, luminaires and large LED modules. The ISP 2000 is the largest member of the well-established family of premium integrating spheres produced by Instrument Systems. It incorpo...
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LEDinside: Exclusive Interview with Richard Distl, CEO of Instrument Systems

As the LED industry has become more mature, LED makers have been laying more emphasis on the chip quality. Due to the great amount of backlight applications in the LED industry and manufacturers’ increasing focus on the uniform light distribution, a lot of LED makers have encountered optical measuring problems. The field of LED lighting is now in dare need of better optical measuring equipment: with the increasing orders from Europe, America and Japan, clients not only focus on luminous efficacy but also stress more on the light uniformity, fidelity and color rende...
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Instrument Systems receives major order from Korean company LG Innotek

Last year, Instrument Systems GmbH further reinforced its leading position in LED Test & Measurement by gaining a major order worth several million euros. The order for a large number of array spectrometers from the CAS 140CT series placed by Korean company LG Innotek has strengthened the market leadership of the manufacturer of light measurement systems based in Munich.
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Instrument Systems 2010 revenues reached EUR 10.3 million

Germany LED test and measurement company Instrument Systems revenues for 2010 rose by 47.1% to EUR 10.3 million, compared with EUR 7.0 million in 2009, which was a best result since the company was founded in 1986.
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Instrument Systems Releases New Calibration LED for Optical Instruments

Instrument Systems GmbH introduces its new calibration LEDs to its ACS-530 Series. The special feature of the new products is their temperature-stabilized high-power LED, according to the company. The new calibration LEDs enable customers to check their instruments easily and reliably. It also means that the photometric value can be recalibrated by customers in conformity with the CIE International Commission on Illumination.
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New 1 Meter Integrating Sphere for Testing LED modules, SSL Light Sources

Instrument Systems, a leading global manufacturer of LED Test & Measurement systems has recently developed its ISP 1000 Integrating Sphere which has been specially designed with a diameter of one meter for precise measurement of the total radiant power and luminous flux of lamps. It is particularly suitable for larger and more powerful LED modules with applications in solid-state lighting.
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