New Mexico Completes First Phase of Las Cruces Streetlight Project

Las Cruces, a city located in New Mexico, U.S. has nearly completed replacing 2,700 streetlights before February, reported Las Cruces Sun-News.
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New Mexico’s Largest City to be lit up with 19,000 LED Streetlights

In October of 2015 the City of Albuquerque in New Mexico, U.S., through the Department of Municipal Development and Department of Accounting and Financial Services/ Purchasing Division, released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the evaluation and implementation of energy efficiency and reduced maintenance project for city owned street lighting. After much review of all proposals received, Citelum Group was selected as the winning bidder. As part of their contract, Citelum will evaluate and develop a plan to convert approximately 19,000 city-owned street lights to LED.
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City in New Mexico Installs Different Brightness LED Streetlights in Residential and Traffic-intensive Streets

As LED lights are generally considered to be an ideal replacement for conventional HPS lamps for its high efficiency and low maintenance, complaints about these overtly bright energy-saving lights from residential areas across U.S. has been quite common.
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New Mexico of The U.S. to Switch to LED Traffic and Pedestrian Lights

In New Mexico of the U.S., traffic and pedestrian lights at intersections throughout the state will be retrofitted with LEDs in the State Energy Program with $5 million federal stimulus money. The incandescent bulbs will be replaced with LED bulbs, which use significantly less electricity. The documented savings from switching to LED bulbs at a traffic intersection is at least 80% compared to incandescent bulbs, according to Gov. Bill Richardson. Communities will see an immediate reduction in their electric bills.
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