Soraa Signs Distribution Partnership with Envirobrite

Envirobrite is proud to announce its partnership with Soraa as a master distributor of Soraa products.
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Phoseon Technology's LED Lamps Renews Lifetime Record at More than 60,000 Hours

Phoseon Technology, the leader in LED curing solutions, today announced another major milestone for LED light sources. Phoseon’s air-cooled LED lamp has surpassed 60,000 hours of operational on-time with irradiance being greater than 80% of its original output when the test first began seven years ago.
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Osram Launches New LED Inspection Lamps

The new LEDinspect PRO series comprises five high-performance LED work lights: Slimline 280, Bonnet 1400, Pocket 280, Penlight 150 and Penlight 150 UV-A. “We have further developed the LEDinspect range to create the new LEDinspect PRO products, providing professional users with durable and flexible LED lighting solutions that are ideally designed to meet the requirements of vehicle inspection and maintenance work”, said Petra Maya Wilhelm, Product and Portfolio Manager at Osram.
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MiLi OPTO Enterprises Intoduces New LED Lamps

Unremitting Folding Design High performance silica gel hose can be used to create different using angles and performance. Not Occupy Space Incorporating Design
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Soraa Expands Product Portfolio by Adidng Lower and Higher Voltage GU10 LED Lamps

Soraa, the world leader in GaN on GaN™ LED technology, today announced it has added lower and higher wattage 120V MR16 GU10 LED lamps to its product portfolio. The 5W lamps are perfect replacements for 35W equivalent halogen lamps, and the 9W LED lamps replace 65-75W halogen lamps. These two new lines join the company’s existing line of 7.5W lamps (50W halogen equivalent). Soraa’s VIVID GU10 LED lamps produce unmatched peak intensity at a 25° beam angle; provide flawless beam definition and smooth beam edges; and have exceptional color (CRI of 95 and R9 of 95) and whiteness rendering.   
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Lunera Recalls 60,000 LED Lamps for Overheating and Other Hazards

This recall involves (about 60,000 (an additional 1,000 sold in Canada)) Lunera 13 watt Helen GX23 LED industrial lamps. The dimmable lamps are white and measure 6 inches long by 1.25 inches wide by 0.75 inches thick. The Lunera logo is printed on the front on the lamp at one end. Model numbers HN-H-UNV-GX23-13W-2700-G3, HN-H-UNV-GX23-13W-3000-G3, HN-H-UNV-GX23-13W-3500-G3 and HN-H-UNV-GX23-13W-4000-G3 appear on the back of the connector. The date code, ranging from 1501 to 1552, is stamped on the bottom of the connector.
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OSRAM Adds New Member to Its High-power Soleriq LED Family

It is reported that Osram Opto Semiconductors has add a new member (Soleriq S 13) to its high-power Soleriq LED family. The Soleriq S 13 boasts high brightness from a light-emitting surface measuring just 13.5 mm in diameter and is available in all color temperatures. This Soleriq LED is also designed for use in luminaries subject to high performance requirements. In hotel and restaurant, as well as shop and luxury residential lighting, the Soleriq S 13 – installed in LED luminaries or lamps – replaces high-wattage halogen spotlights. The new Soleriq ...
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Nevada Power of Reno and Las Vegas Provide Motivation to Install LED Lamps

It is reported that Nevada Power of Reno and Las Vegas is offering substantial rebates ($12 per lamp, based on 0.30/Watt) on Soraa's gallium-nitride on gallium-nitride (GaN on GaN), full visible spectrum LED MR16 lamps, in order to speed up the adoption of energy efficient LED lighting. According to a release, with the rebates, Reno and Las Vegas businesses now have another incentive to install Soraa's MR16 LED lamps, well known as the best LED MR16 retrofit lamp available, delivering the highest light output, color rendering, whiteness, and beam...
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Two LED Lamps from Osram Win Home & Trend Award 2013

Two LED lamps from Osram were victorious at this year’s awarding of the consumer prize Home & Trend Award 2013. The LED Superstar Classic A 40 advanced and the reflector lamp LED Superstar PAR 16 50 36° advanced were able to convince the jury with regard to functionality, innovation, product benefits, design and ecology, and were declared Trend Products of the Year 2013. The reflector lamp LED Superstar PAR 16 50 36° advanced was also awarded the Best of the Best additional prize in the category Home Textiles and Interior Design. B...
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Acuity Brands Introduces New BR LED Lamps with Warm Illumination, Long Life and Energy Savings

Acuity Brands, Inc. expands the Acculamp® economy grade series to include BR LED lamps—BR20, BR30 and the voluminous BR40. All three BR LED lamps deliver the warm illumination traditionally associated with incandescent BR lamps, while using 83 percent less energy and delivering an expected service life of more than 45 years. Additionally, BR LED lamps resemble the physical look of incandescent bulbs. BR 40_product “New BR LED lamps provide an energy-efficient solution that maintains the warm light output from traditional sources,&rd...
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Final Draft of America "Energy Star" Lamps V1.0 Specification Comes out

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently issued the final draft of "Energy Star" Lamps V1.0 specification, the specification is intended to replace the existing the Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs, V4.3) and Integral LED Lamp (V1.4) specifications. It will also replace the certification requirements in "residential lamps" specification for GU24-based fluorescent. The final draft shall take effect September 1, 2014. In the letter to all stakeholders, EPA responded a series of amendments for the purpose of improving transparency ...
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PI Introduces Highly Integrated LED Driver ICs for Low Power LED Lamps

Power Integrations introduced its LYTSwitch-0 ICs on June 18, a new series of devices within the LYTSwitch family. LYTSwitch-0 ICs come with a unique combination of simplicity, reliability and efficiency. These new LED driver ICs would be the optimal choice for cost-sensitive, non-isolated, non-dimmable GU10 bulbs and other space-constrained bulb applications. LYTSwitch-0 devices feature efficiencies of more than 90% and deliver constant current with better than +/-5% regulation in typical applications. Power factor is greater than 0.8 at 115 VAC and 0.5...
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Dow Corning to Launch, Showcase Advanced Silicone Technologies for LED Lamps & Luminaires at LIGHTFAIR® International 2013

Dow Corning, a global leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, announced today that it will introduce an innovative new thermal management silicone technology for light emitting diode (LED) lamps and luminairesat LIGHTFAIR® International (LFI) in booth #159. They will exhibit these materials as part of their growing family of industry-leading LEDlighting solutions. The company will conduct live demonstrations at its booth to spotlight how silicones can increase efficiency, expand LED design options and provide greatly improved processability...
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Furniture Retailers Choose GE Lighting to Redecorate with LED Lamps, Saving Thousands per Store

Indoor lighting plays a critical role in all retail environments, particularly home furnishings stores where varying woods, fabrics and finishes must be properly illuminated over open, expansive spaces. And with often thousands of fixtures under one roof, lighting costs—from electricity to replacement lamps—can quickly add up. Today, new LED lighting technologies from GE Lighting are rearranging the way furniture stores are lit. From conveying to customers the correct color of cabinets to cutting utility bills by tens of thousands of dollars a year, bright, white, en...
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Toshiba Launches New PAR38 and MR16 LED Lamps

Recently,Toshiba International Corporation has launched new PAR38 and MR16 lamps to its LED lighting line. The new PAR38 1100 Series is a direct replacement for 90 to 110W halogen lamps, offers outputs of up to 1170 lumens, and uses up to 75% less energy than halogens. It’s is available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K. And the new MR16 450 Series is a direct replacement for 35W halogen lamps, offers lumen outputs of up to 475 lumens, and uses up to 80% less energy than halogens. It comes in 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K color temperatures. Both models...
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Shipments of LED Lamps and Luminaires to Exceed 500 Million Units in Asia Pacific by 2021

While energy-efficient products are an expensive form of lighting for many customers in the Asia Pacific region, the higher costs are increasingly justified by the higher efficacy and performance compared to traditional lighting products. As a result, demand for LED products is growing among customers in developed countries such as Japan and Korea. Moreover, a number of regional and national government programs are in place to promote LED lighting, and these initiatives will serve as a key driver of the market in the coming decade. LED is now viewed as an affordable and effic...
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60W Incandescent LED Lamps $36 in October

IMS Research has launched a Global Monthly LED Lamp Retail Price Tracker to monitor and provide insight into the rapidly growing and changing LED lamp market.  With the phasing out of incandescent lamps and the dislike that consumers have with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), LED replacement lamps have an enormous opportunity as prices fall further. According to IMS Research SVP of Displays, LEDs and Lighting Ross Young, “The number of LED lamps becoming available to consumers is rapidly accelerating. This report represents the most c...
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TYNTEK introduces non-directional AR111 LED lamps

TYNTEK introduces its new non-directional AR111 LED lamps. TYNTEK AR111 LED lamps have special designed reflectors with efficient focusing properties and extremely tight beam angles of 27° for high center beam luminance of at least 4000 lux so that objects can be highlighted even in bright surroundings. With 4 CREE LEDs and a reflector in one lamp, the non-directional LED design creates exceptionally smooth beam patterns, which solves the conventional LED spot pattern problem.
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Philips to expand its LED product lineup in South Korea

The leading global LED lighting company Philips plans to expand its LED product lineup in South Korea, the company begins releasing affordable LED lamps, targeting Korean households. Philips stressed that although the market for home LED lighting currently takes up 1 to 2 percent of the whole market for home lights, it is expected to expand at a rapid speed. Philips will do its best to boost the commercialization of LED lights.
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OSRAM and Infineon Technologies introduce energy-efficient LED lamps to Sri Lanka

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors and Infineon Technologies both champion the cause of sustainable development and environmental protection. In collaboration with the OSRAM partner network LED Light for you, the German company Diana Electronic Systems has developed an energy-efficient LED lamp for the Global Nature Fund to be used in Sri Lanka. Local fishermen will use the lamps instead of their environmentally harmful kerosene lamps when fishing at night.
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Nexxus uses Bayer MaterialScience material for Array LED lamps

-- Eco-friendly material from Bayer MaterialScience LLC helps Nexxus Lighting fuse sustainability with exceptional lighting performance -- Array LED lamp line uses Bayblend® FR610 GR PC/ABS blend resin to brighten tomorrow, today
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Lemnis Lighting submits LED lamps for Energy Star qualification

Lemnis Lighting announced today at the Strategies in Light conference in Santa Clara, CA that it has started submitting the first products of a broad portfolio of LED replacements for incandescent and halogen light bulbs for ENERGY STAR® qualification as of August 2010.
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LedEngin, Inc. Expands LED LuxPAR™ Product Family with Immediate Availability of PAR20 Lamps

Dimmable LuxPAR 20 delivers true Lux on TargetTM;Replaces 50W Halogen Lamps LedEngin, Inc., a leading innovator in high performance LED lighting technology for commercial buildings, LED construction, restaurants, casinos and museums, expands its LuxPAR family of LED lighting products with immediate availability of PAR20 lamps in spot, narrow flood and flood beams and all color temperatures. LuxPAR 20 lamps are available through LedEngin and its representatives.
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Gosoled launches easy-to-maintain modular design AR111 LED Lamps

The modular design AR111 LED lights was based on the needs of actual application environment, ensuring reliable LED driver safety design, lamp based was fully encapsulated with the high-quality silica; avoid the heating from joining part of the LED drive and base. The terminal of the joining part was Babel and waterproof. The three rotating screw helps lighting maintenance easily from the waste of conventional lighting.
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Lemnis Lighting forges strong partnership with Zumtobel Group

Lemnis Lighting forges strong partnership with Zumtobel Group in technology and product development Lemnis Lighting B.V. (“Lemnis Lighting”) today announces it has partnered with the Zumtobel Group, a leader in professional lighting solutions, to jointly develop a full-line portfolio of technologically advanced and high quality LED-based lamps for residential and professional use. 

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Grote Rolls Introduces New LED Hook-Up Lamp

Grote Industries has introduced the new SuperNova LED Hook-Up Lamp, designed to focus LED WhiteLight in areas not commonly well lit by traditional hook-up lamps. According to the company, the new lamp creates a controlled, 250-lumen beam pattern that focuses brighter, more usable LED WhiteLight through a work area. Grote's new SuperNova Hook-Up Lamp with optimized hook-up pattern
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Once Innovations Intends to Challenge DOE ENERGY STAR Requirements for Integral LED Lamps

Once Innovations, a Minnesota based research, development and manufacturing company with a firm focus on LED technologies announced today its intent to formally challenge newly finalized ENERGY STAR Eligibility Criteria for Integral LED Lamps.
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Superior Lighting now carries all new CFL and LED lamps by TCP

Superior Lighting announced the launch of several innovative new Compact Fluorescent Bulbs and LED lamps from TCP. These new products further enhance Superior Lighting’s already comprehensive online line-up of energy efficient bulbs.
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European Union Turns Off Incandescent Bulbs

The mandatory phase-out of the 100-watt incandescent and frosted light bulb takes effect in Europe Tuesday. The move was part of European Union’s drive to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by the year 2020 in the fight against global warming. Factories must immediately stop producing frosted incandescent bulbs and the least efficient 100-watt clear bulbs, but shops will be allowed to sell their remaining stock of such bulbs.
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Sharp Introduces Nine New LED Lamps for Home Use

Sharp Corporation will introduce into the Japanese market nine models of LED lamps. With the same standard screw-in base and fit in the same sockets as ordinary incandescent lamps, the lamps are easy to use as replacements for ordinary lamps.
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