Meijer Partners with GE Lighting to Educate Consumers about Energy Efficient Lighting

Shoppers who get ready for their annual trip to buy light bulbs due to the end of daylight saving time may be in for a surprise this year as traditional incandescent light bulbs begin to disappear. To help its customers through this transition, Meijer has partnered with GE Lighting, America's most trusted lighting brand, to create a new shopping experience to help its shoppers navigate the many options as they prepare for the longer winter nights.
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GE Lighting Shares Insights on Smart Homes with Tech Partner Quirky

Leaders and influencers from GE Lighting, Quirky, The Home Depot and CNET joined together Friday for a panel discussion on the future of smart home technology and how the “Internet of Things” is changing the face of the home industry.
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GE Lighting and AgiLight Resolve Patent Infringement Lawsuit

GE Lighting today announced the resolution of a patent infringement lawsuit filed in February 2012 against AgiLight, Inc.
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GE Lighting Division Unaffected by Company Restructure

The market speculated whether GE will sell its lighting division after the company recently sold the home appliance division for US $3.3 billion to Swedish company Electrolux, according to a Lighting report.
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GE Lighting Prescribes LED Lighting Solution for Davao Medical School Foundation

GE Lighting has prescribed an energy-saving LED solution for Davao Medical School Foundation in The Philippines, bringing the school enhanced illumination across its facilities, greater energy efficiency and significantly reduced maintenance downtime. The Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) was established in 1976 in response to the recognition of the lack of doctors serving rural communities and lack of specialists in the urban centers of Mindanao.
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GE Lighting Adds Luster to China 2014 Youth Olympic Games with Energy-Efficient Flood Lights

GE Lighting has consolidated its leading position in stadium lighting in China with the partnership for latest big sports event,  which encompass all 28 sports on the Olympic program, will be held from August 16 to 28. The success, banking on high-quality lighting and energy efficient solutions catering for local market, honed GE Lighting’s image as a frontrunner in serving the country’s big-namelighting projects.
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GE Lighting Helps Solve Boston University Lighting Issue with High Bay LED Lights

When Boston University went in search of a lighting upgrade for its Track and Tennis Center, it set its sights high—literally. Seeking to improve light levels and reduce energy as part of its ongoing energy-efficiency initiatives, the University’s Building Automation Services team knew they needed a high bay LED lighting solution.
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GE Lighting Shines a Light on Priceless Art Institutional Lighting

The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge, Canterbury's central museum, library and art gallery, has chosen GE Lighting's Infusion™ Generation 3 LED modules in a lighting upgrade that forms part of a larger £14 million (US $23.64 million) restoration project. The advanced flexibility and efficiency of the module will enable the gallery to benefit from significant annual energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.
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Efficient Lighting for the World Cup

With Germany taking home the World Cup 2014 trophy this year, Simon Greenwood, Commercial Director Europe at GE Lighting shares in this blog entrry some lighting techniques adopted for the stadiums.
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GE Lighting and Pont de Louysse: Improving the Gastronomic Experience with Light

One of the requirements to fully enjoy a haute cuisine dish is to have more precise, more diffuse and better quality light. The light, color and smell are part of the ritual of tasting a delicious delicacy. The Pont de Louysse hotel-restaurant, which has been well aware of this fact over 5 generations, has renovated the lighting in its restaurant with GE Lighting LED lamps to get the most out of each visitor experience. 
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GE Releases Link Connected LED for Smart Home Application

GE today unveiled Link, a new and affordable connected LED bulb that lets consumers remotely control their home lighting from anywhere in the world and sync with other connected devices. Enabled by the new Wink app, Link eliminates the need for expensive add-ons typically associated with connected devices, making it an easy and cost-effective way for consumers to light up their smart homes.
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‘Don't back away from the future'

GE’s new blog post from Bruce Oreck, U.S. Ambassador to Finland about his thoughts on the renovation of the Innovation Center. Does ‘green' building translate into long-term economic and environmental benefits?
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Five Consumer Trends Driving GE LED Lighting Design, Consumer Adoption

GE Lighting introduces its most incandescent-like consumer LED portfolio yet, including more than 40 new LED products and fixtures, to meet consumer demand to adequately fill every socket in their homes with energy-efficient LED lighting.
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GE Lighting Introduces LED T8 Lights to 7-Elevens Across Southern Thailand

GE Lighting has introduced its LED technology on a large scale in South Thailand with a major contract to supply lighting to 20 new 7-Eleven stores in the Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat Provinces. Operated by Yala Seven Co., Ltd, sub-area license company, the new stores are now well-lit with GE's LED T8 lights for optimal shopper experience and energy efficiency. 7-Eleven is an international chain of convenience stores that primarily operates as a franchise. It is the world's largest operator, franchisor, and licensor of convenience stores with more than 50,000 outlets in 16 countries. Thailand is one of its core markets with about 6,800 outlets.
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GE Lighting Solutions and Jasco Products Sign Remote Phosphor Patent License Agreement

GE Lighting Solutions, LLC, a business unit of GE Lighting, today announced that it has granted Jasco Products Company, LLC, a license to a pioneering portfolio of patents relating to remote phosphor applications in LED lighting. 
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GE: Cleveland Turns on World’s Largest LED Chandelier

Cleveland’s historic Playhouse Square will turn on the world’s largest permanent outdoor chandelier on Friday at 9:30 pm ET. The 20-foot tall stainless steel light piece will shimmer with 4,200 crystal pendants and LEDs fixtures drawing just 1,700 watts (the equivalent of 17 standard 100-watt light bulbs.)
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GE Launches New LED Lighting System for Signage Applications

As a key visual touchpoint for consumers, bright and evenly illuminated outdoor signage is crucial to the brand image of countless businesses and stores. GE continues to provide business owners and sign makers alike with the reliable, easy-to-install and energy-saving sign lighting they desire with its latest innovation, GE’s LineFit Light LED Lighting System.
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GE and Walmart Team Up for LED Lighting Transform on a Global Scale

Walmart announced plans today to purchase energy-efficient LED ceiling lighting fixtures for new supercenters in the United States, stores in Asia and Latin America, and Asda locations in the United Kingdom. The new fixtures will use 40 percent less energy than lighting sources historically used in stores, and will help further the retailer’s goal to reduce the kilowatt hour (kWh) per square foot of energy required to power Walmart’s buildings globally 20 percent by 2020. This is Walmart’s largest purchase of GE LED lighting to date, and the most recent example of leadership from Walmart and GE to find and scale innovative, energy-efficient lighting solutions.
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Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art Boosts Aesthetics with Flexible LED Lighting

Art museums often serve dual purposes: to display works of art in a deserving and aesthetically pleasing fashion, and to preserve those works for future generations.
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GE Lighting Introduces Edison Series Lights to China

GE Lighting has good news to offer its China consumers who are looking for good replacement of incandescent bulbs and economic electricity bills, with the latest introduction of a range of LED lights tailored for consumer use. Named after GE founder Thomas Edison, the Edison® Series comprises LED lights of varied designs and usage and are direct replacements for many traditional light sources.  
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The End of UK Streetlighting?

Armin Mayer, Marketing Manager at GE Lighting explores in this article whether UK cities decision to turn off streetlights due to limited budgets is wise.
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GE Lighting and CRS Electronics Settle Patent Infringement Lawsuit

GE Lighting today announced the settlement of a patent infringement lawsuit filed in December 2012 against CRS Electronics Inc.
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GE Lighting Sainsbury’s Highlights a Shopping List of Benefits with LED Lighting Solutions

Our Customer The first project of its kind, the new Sainsbury's store on Churnet Way, in Leek, Staffordshire is a 40,000sq ft store with a wide range of popular Sainsbury's food products and a selection of general merchandise items. The store, which was built with a number of other energy efficiency initiatives, opened its doors on the 16th January 2013. "To find a lighting solution that won't compromise our customers' shopping experience yet can help reduce our environmental impact also providing operating cost savings is key to us achieving our st...
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GE’s Lumination™ LED DownLights Provide Customizable Lighting Design

The first downlight of GE’s Lumination™ LED Luminaires, the DI Series offers easy customization through an ideal ambient lighting solution for high-end retail, commercial office, and hospitality applications. Featuring the breakthrough design of GE Lighting’s Infusion™ technology, users can easily select their preferred lumen output and color temperature to illuminate key products or focal points with the simple switch of an LED module.
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GE Offers Enhanced Refrigerated LED Lighting Displays

GE’s Immersion™ RV60 LED lighting system offers grocery and convenience store owners the next generation of energy-efficient refrigerated display lighting to help lower energy costs while enhancing the visual appeal of merchandise.
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LED Hospitality Lighting - LED Energy Smart™ GU10 and MR16 for Mitchells & Butlers

The Mitchells & Butlers group is the leading operator of pubs and restaurants in the UK and has been at the forefront of the industry since 1898. The brands belonging to Mitchells & Butlers are located throughout the UK at more than 1600 individual sites in both city center and country locations - including All Bar One, Toby Carvery, O'Neill's and Harvester to name just a few. The group worked with GE to improve some of its branches’ lighting solution.
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Energy-Efficient Soft White Lighting from GE Becomes More Popular

It’s no surprise that consumers are overwhelmed by all of the changes happening in the lighting aisle, and research shows that most aren’t ready to make the leap to newer energy-efficient lighting solutions. In fact, consumers are purchasing GE Energy-Efficient Soft White bulbs at a rate of two-to-one compared to CFL bulbs, according to Nielsen.
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GE and USG Ceilings™ Provide Versatile Ceiling and Lighting Solutions for Commercial Building Designers and Architects

Designed Together to Work Together™, GE’s LED lighting complemented by USG’s ceiling and wall solutions helps free commercial architects, designers and building contractors from the constraints of traditional design. From seamless ceilings to customized wall murals, GE and USG provide advanced engineering and striking aesthetics for commercial lighting.
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GE Lighting Releases New LED Light-Bulb as Part of the GE reveal Brand

This fall 2013, GE Lighting released a groundbreaking LED light bulb as part of the GE reveal brand, engineered to have the same familiar size and shape of an incandescent bulb but deliver big energy and cost savings.
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Outdoor lighting in a Greener Way for Bristol, UK

The streetlighting of Bristol has been upgraded with GE’s CMH StreetWise™ lamps to deliver an energy efficient, white light solution - part of Bristol City Council's aim to reduce its carbon footprint and to promote a safer urban environment.
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Tokushima, Japan – 17 June 2022: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, announces the addition of the Direct Mountable Chip Series (Part Number: NVSWE21A-V1) to the portfol... READ MORE

DURHAM, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cree LED, an SGH company (Nasdaq: SGH), announced today the launch of XLamp® Element G LEDs, delivering a new product class with unmatched light output and efficiency for LEDs of this size. The... READ MORE