GE Bright From The Start™ Bulb Now ENERGY STAR® Qualified

GE’s award-winning Energy Smart® Bright from the StartTM bulb is the nation’s first hybrid CFL light bulb to receive ENERGY STAR® qualification. This innovative hybrid bulb combines the best features of an incandescent, CFL and halogen bulb in one. The result is an instant-on technology that uses 75 percent less energy than an incandescent bulb and lasts eight times longer.   “The ENERGY STAR qualification is just one more validation of how truly special this light bulb is,” says Jeff Patton, general manager of con...
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GE Lighting to help customers navigate lighting transformation through new North America Professional Solutions organization

GE Lighting announced it is aligning its Lighting Solutions sales and applications solutions teams with its North America professional sales teams under a single structure and single leader. Jaime Irick, who has been leading GE Lighting Solutions-GE's LED and lighting fixtures business-will now be responsible for all sales activities of all lighting technologies in GE Lighting's commercial and industrial product portfolio as general manager for the new organization named North America Professional Solutions. Dan Jenkins will continue to lead GE Lighting&...
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GE Lighting’s Energy-Efficient Solutions Illuminate Transcend Information’s Headquarters in Taiwan

The Taipei headquarters of Transcend Information, Inc. was transformed with  GE’s green lighting solutions for both exterior and interior environments. The specified products are GE’s LED Tetra System and LED Iberia fixture for outdoors, and the 30,000~36,000 hours Starcoat T5 with fixtures and LED PAR38 for indoor illumination. With the new lighting solutions, Transcend Information enjoys lower costs and a reduced environmental impact. The headquarters for Transcend Information, Inc. in Taipei, Taiwan, was recently given a new radiance...
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GE LED Lighting Brings New Radiance, Energy Savings to Marriott Headquarters

GE Lighting LED solutions were recently installed in several locations at Marriott International's headquarters located in Bethesda, Md. The installations have enriched lighting quality, heightened employee security and improved energy efficiency. Following its corporate campus-wide lighting update, Marriott will use 860,000 fewer kilowatt hours (kWhs) of electricity and save more than $120,000 in combined energy and maintenance costs a year. Enhancing outdoor security while saving money Security and energy savings were top priorities when considering new lighting to ...
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GE Lighting Secures A$7 million Project to Replace Street and Park Lights in City of Sydney

GE Lighting, together with its Australian partner UGL Limited, has secured a A$7 million project through a tender to replace about  6,450 street and park lights in the City of Sydney over the next three years. In an Australian first, the City of Sydney will roll-out new energy-efficient LED street and park lighting, halving electricity use and carbon pollution compared to conventional lights. UGL Limited, headquartered in Australia, is a global leader in outsourced engineering, asset management and property services. The City’s existing street light lam...
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GE LED Lamps Bring New Glow to New Zealand’s Wanganui City Bridge

GE Lighting today announced that the Wanganui District Council in New Zealand has refitted the lights on the Wanganui City Bridge using 14 GE LED fittings saving the council up to NZ$9,000 (USD $7.4K) in reduced power and maintenance costs, over the life of the fittings. This translates into a payback period of 6.2 years. The Wanganui District Council will progressively replace other conventional fittings with LED light sources when these fittings reach end of life. The Wanganui District Council embarked on a trial of different LED light sources as an ...
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Century-Old GE Bulbs Light Up 100th Anniversary Celebration of Nela Park

One hundred years ago—March 25, 1912 to be exact—executives and employees gathered at GE Lighting’s newly forming Nela Park campus to bury a hermetically sealed time capsule packed with a daily newspaper, pamphlets, pins, photos and some GE light bulbs representing available and emerging incandescent technologies of the era.   The collection of treasures inside the capsule and an accompanying lead box filled with additional mementos placed inside a cornerstone of Marketing Building #307 were intended to speak to future generations about the state of light...
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GE Lighting Won the ENERGY STAR(R) Sustained Excellence Award

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) has honored the ENERGY STAR(R) Sustained Excellence Award to GE Lighting President & CEO Maryrose Sylvester. It was the seventh consecutive year that GE's appliances and lighting businesses were recognized with the honor. Sylvester was pleased to receive the award and said that, "We're proud that GE Lighting has more than 500 ENERGY STAR(R)-qualified products which provide increased energy efficiency for our customers. Being recognized for sustained excellence shows the value...
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GE Lighting Solutions Launches New Lumination™ Recessed LED Troffers

Newly, GE Lighting Solutions has launched New Lumination™ Recessed LED Troffers bring the option of sleek, modern styling to traditionally uninspired commercial ceiling space. The chic, slim fixtures as thin as the width of a finger emit a crisp, pleasing light and instantly enhance the aesthetic of any room. When illuminated, the Lumination Recessed LED Troffers produce a perfectly even glow, delivering exceptionally uniform light to fill the space. While off, they appear free of a light source, while fluorescent fixtures are typically visible. The ultra-thin ...
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Tetra® LED Lighting Systems Outshine Fluorescent Tubes in Cabinet Signs Offering 90 Percent Energy Savings

For businesses intent on keeping up appearances, the two newest members of the GE Tetra® LED Lighting Systems family deliver superior light uniformity in shallow cabinet signs. GE Lighting Solutions introduces Tetra EdgeStrip and Tetra miniStrip, which are designed to replace T8 fluorescent tubes by offering a number of features that provide superior visual performance in any climate while delivering up to 90 percent energy savings compared to T8 lamps.   Both Tetra LED Lighting Systems feature GE’s patented OptiLens™ optical lens technol...
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GE Lighting Products Selected to Control Lighting for Innovative Research and Cancer Care Center

The new 11-story, 422,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art Mount Sinai Center for Science and Medicine located on Madison Avenue in New York City is being designed to unite clinicians, scientists, educators and their colleagues in an interactive space while expanding Mount Sinai's research and treatment programs. With high aspirations for collaboration in this joint clinical research and ambulatory care cancer center, Mount Sinai has designed education spaces, lounges and computer facilities, basic science research space, the Mount Sinai Brain Institute and Spinal Cord...
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GE Lighting Rises to Tall Occasion to Illuminate New World Trade Center Complex

One World Trade Center, soon to be the tallest building in the United States and one of the tallest in the world at a height of 1,776 feet, is the main building of the new World Trade Center complex in Lower Manhattan. The facility was in need of a lighting control system capable of flexibly and efficiently illuminating 2.6 million square feet of office space, as well as an observation deck, restaurant, parking, and broadcast and antenna facilities.   After a rigorous selection process, Brazill Brothers was chosen to provide a LonWorks®-enabled ProSys LM Ligh...
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New GE Lighting Dimming Controller Helps Light Streets for Less

 Controller Brings Patented, Stand-Out Dimming Capabilities to LED and HID Fixtures Faced with shrinking budgets, cities and states across the nation are being challenged to curb costs. A new GE Lighting system is helping meet this charge with a dimming system that reduces electricity costs for outdoor lighting. The newly patented GE Lighting controller (U.S. Patent 8,038,481) brings dimming capabilities to LED and HID outdoor fixtures, enabling end users to control when light fixtures turn on and off and the light output of the fixture. The contro...
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GE Lighting Predicts LEDs will Share 80% of Market by 2020

Recently, GE Lighting expects most light bulbs, including the incandescent to be replaced within a decade by LED. Maryrose Sylvester, who was appointed GE’s head of the lighting unit in March, said in an interview, that “People are starting to talk about LEDs for general lighting for indoors. By 2020, about 70 to 80 percent of the general lighting market is going to be enabled by LEDs.” Sylvester pointed out that GE’s lighting unit has doubled its research and development spending on LED technology over the past five years to seize this...
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GE Lighting Provides New Tetra® LED Lighting Systems for Channel Letters

Recently, GE Lighting Solutions has rolled out a series of Tetra® LED lighting systems designed for channel letters. The new products feature outstanding uniformity and use fewer modules than previous models. Below are the main specifications:   Tetra miniMAX—for small channel letters 1.5 inches in depth or greater, the new products efficacy is 43 percent greater than the previous Tetra miniMAX with 81 lumens per watt compared to 57 lumens per watt, uses 26 percent less energy and has 80 percent wider stroke spacing in a 4-inch sign. Also power supply ...
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Old Traditions and New Technology Illuminate the National Christmas Tree

•    Eco-chic tree in President’s Park is adorned with thousands of GE LEDs, the latest in holiday lighting technology   In 1923, families gathered around the radio to listen as President Calvin Coolidge lit the first National Christmas Tree. Only imaginations brought the ceremony, and the tree located in what is now President’s Park, to life. Eighty-nine years later, families are still gathering to witness the lighting of the National Christmas Tree, but 21st century technology is giving them a front-row seat.   At 4:30 p....
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GE Name Fresh Market as LED Retailer of the Year

Recently, Greensboro-based LED Retailer Fresh Market has won LED Retailer of the Year from GE Lighting  at GE’s third annual LED & Energy Efficient Lighting Trends for Retail conference in Ohio. The criteria for the LED Retailer of the Year award included having retrofitted at least 20 percent of fleet stores to LED lighting, being able to demonstrate at least 20 percent energy savings as a result, and customer recognition of improved store appearance. According to Fresh Market’s energy manager Paul Poole, the company has in...
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GE Lighting Honored The Fresh Market, Walgreens for Lighting Efficiency

Lately, GE Lighting has hold the 3rd annual LED & Energy Efficient Lighting Trends for Retail conference at the lighting unit’s global headquarters in East Cleveland, Ohio. There are 45 retailers gathered to share best practices, learn about new technologies and discuss emerging trends that can deliver immediate and sustained environmental and financial gains, while enhancing the visual appeal of products. Among the retailers, The Fresh Market and Walgreens were honored for their efforts in lighting efficiency by GE Lighting. The Fresh Market took h...
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GE Lighting Keeps a Cautious Attitude toward LED Market

Lately, at the launch of GE Lighting’s European Lighting Experience Centre in Hungary,the company’s president and CEO (EMEA) Phil Marshall has anticipated a 150 per cent growth in LED sales but that the company will adopt a strategic decision that not to invest large amounts of money in takeovers when there was still so much uncertainty in the LED market. He pointed out that “I don’t think you have to be a chip manufacturer to be successful in the LED market. We’ve been investing on a smaller and more organic scale to build up ou...
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GE Lighting to Roll out LED Incandescent Replacement Bulbs

Reportedly, GE Lighting has prepared to roll out a series of GE Energy Smart(R) LED incandescent replacement bulbs in next 16 months . The 13-watt GE Energy Smart LED, a dimmable 60-watt incandescent replacement bulb,will come first in this November. GE's 9-watt LED--a 40-watt incandescent replacement bulb and the world's first incandescent-shaped LED bulb to earn an ENERGY STAR rating--adds GE's outstanding dimming capability at the same time the 13-watt LED 60-watt replacement arrives on the scene. GE's dimmable 75-watt...
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City of Greenville Goes Green with LED Streetlights

South Carolina city of Greenville has made its first  LED streetlight program. Curently, the city has installed four different types of pedestrian fixtures designed by Hubbell Lighting in one city block. Cobrahead styled fixtures designed by GE Lighting will soon be installed. To complement downtown area’s pedestrian friendly zone, the light fixtures from Hubbell will be equipped with features such as dimming capabilities and movable shades. In the downtown region, there are a total of 1400 mercury vapor streetlights.And mercury vapor fixtures that needed ...
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GE Lighting Spent $15-20 million to Acquire Lightech

Reportedly, GE Lighting has injected  $15-20 million to acquire  Lightech Ltd., which is still caught in legal proceedings following the failure of its acquisition by Carmanah Technologies Corporation. It’s said that Lightech was formed by David Schreiber and his son Zvi, who serves as CEO in 1992. The company specializes in components for managing the energy supply to lighting units in order to save energy. The company designs drivers and transformers for use in LED and halogen lighting which it manufactures in China....
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GE Lighting Forms First Distribution Center in Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free Zone

GE Lighting has set up its first full-fledged over 1,375 square meters distribution center in the Middle East in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, to serve as a strategic hub for its expansion in the UAE as well as strengthen exports to key markets in the Middle East and Africa. The warehouse will have over 2,000 products, bringing one of the largest showcases of GE Lighting products beside its headquarters in Budapest, Hungary. All products will be shipped in from Hungary and the other manufacturing centers of the company around the world. The product range covers s...
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GE to Submit 60-Watt Replacement LED Bulb for L Prize Competition

GE Lighting engineers and scientists are developing a 60-watt replacement LED bulb that meets the specifications for the Department of Energy’s Bright Tomorrow Lighting (L Prize) competition. GE recently submitted a Letter of Intent to the Department of Energy to enter the competition.    “The objective of our product research and development is simple,” says Steve Briggs, vice president of marketing and product management, GE Lighting Solutions, LLC. “We exist to create advanced lighting solutions based on customer needs and ...
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GE Lighting Appoints New Leadership for Luminaire Solutions

Currently, GE Lighting has appointed leadership for Europe, Middle East and Africa for the company's new commercial organization - Luminaire Solutions. Diederik will be leading a new team, which will focus on the best in class solutions for the core market segments: Indoor Commercial LED Luminaires, Indoor Core Luminaires and Outdoor Lighting. Simon Fisher will lead Indoor Commercial LED Luminaires as General Manager for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. He will head both project and indoor product and lighting design teams w...
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GE Lighting Develops New Infusion™ LED Module

Lately, GE Lighting has developed new Infusion™ LED module series featuring higher lumen packages and CRI options, plus the ease of installation.   Infusion LED modules can be even more efficient than many halogen, ceramic metal halide, and CFL solutions when included in an efficient luminaire design. The wide range of light output and color temperature options create additional design opportunities.   GE Lighting is the first manufacturer to offer this range of lumen packages and color temperatures in a fully replaceable module with a common size. T...
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GE Scientists Enable All-LED Rooms with New LED Edge Lighting Fixtures

•    First showing of dramatically designed recessed and suspended GE light-emitting-diode edge lighting fixtures set for LightFair 2011 in Philadelphia •    Innovation comes on 72nd anniversary of another GE first, the introduction of the ”first fluorescent light and fixture” at the 1939 New York World’s Fair   More than 70 years after debuting its fluorescent lighting fixtures at the 1939 New York World’s Fair—the technology subsequently swept into widespread use during World War II as the c...
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GE Lighting and Xi'an ETDZ Partner on Roadway to Energy Saving & Environmental Friendly Project

As part of Chinese pilot cities “10 cities, 10,000 lights” SSL application engineering project, the city of Xi'an deployed energy-saving and environment-friendly roadway lighting project by replacing 500 traditional High Pressure Sodium lamps with GE’s award-winning EvolveTM LED roadway lights along Mingguang Road, the second main road of its National Economic & Technological Development Zone (ETDZ). This 5,000- meter block serves as a demonstration to all municipal roads in the entire zone of a higher-efficiency lighting system. It&...
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GE Lighting to Present SPARC Event

It’s said that GE Lighting plans to present SPARC , the lighting industry’s event which will start from June 6 ,and end on June 8. The company prepares to introduce their first GE LED innovative solution for office, commercial and educational retro-fit applications. GE Lighting says the new product is a direct replacement for conventional lighting with significant energy savings. Aside from Philips, Osram and Gerard Lighting and 44 other exhibitors from Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia have signed to the event which restricts part...
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GE Now Offers Its New White Tetra(R) MAX LED Lighting Systems

GE Lighting Solutions has introduced its new white Tetra(R) MAX LED Lighting Systems. Similar to the existing Tetra MAX LED line, the white color LEDs evenly illuminate medium-size channel letters with minimal installation effort, but now offer 43 percent more lumens per foot and a 43 percent wider viewing angle than the previous generation.
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Tokushima, Japan – 17 June 2022: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, announces the addition of the Direct Mountable Chip Series (Part Number: NVSWE21A-V1) to the portfol... READ MORE

DURHAM, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cree LED, an SGH company (Nasdaq: SGH), announced today the launch of XLamp® Element G LEDs, delivering a new product class with unmatched light output and efficiency for LEDs of this size. The... READ MORE