LED Manufacturers Urge Government to Scrap Nuclear Power as Alternative Energy Source

The debate over the construction of Taiwan’s fourth nuclear power plant has been heating up. Alternative energy manufacturers have been eager to voice their opinions, urging the government to reconsider nuclear power as an energy source for the country. 
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Lighting-sculpturing NCTA along the Dong-Shang River

After six years, visitors can return to the National Center for Traditional Arts (NCTA) and wander around there at night this summer. NCTA therefore launched a special summer project called “66 nights in NCTA – ‘Along the River During the Qingming Festival’ under the starry night” (Editor’s note: “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” is a famous Chinese painting that depicts bustling streets in Bianjing, now Kaifeng, along an ancient canal in the Song Dynasty) to feast visitors. In order to enrich the beauty of nights in NCTA, the owner worked with Delta Electronic who provided its LED lighting integration program which adopts hardwire and software controlling systems and power supply design, so it is possible to protect our environment by 63% lower energy consuming while enhance the gorgeous scene.
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Delta Electronics Kicks off Selling 300,000 8W LED Bulbs at Taiwan 7-Eleven Stores

Delta Electronics has kicked off the cooperation with President Chain Store Corp., which runs 4,822 7-Eleven shops throughout Taiwan, to sell its brand-name LED light bulbs, paving the way for becoming Taiwan’s No.1 LED bulb brand. The company has built up a stock of 300,000 8W LED light bulbs at 7-Eleven stores and is preparing another 300,000 bulbs for next round of promotions at the chain store system. According to the company, the bulbs sold at stores feature omni-directional 270-degree beam angle, 100,000 times of on-off, two-year warranty, and Nichia...
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Delta Electronics Predicts LED Lighting Price to Drop by 20%

According to Yancey Hai, chairman of Delta Electronics Inc, prices for LED lighting products will drop by at least 20 percent in 2012.   Hai pointed out that a sign of the general decline was South Korea's launch of a low-price strategy to gain market share, followed by the adjustment downward of prices by distributors in the United States in June. and after a price reduction of 40 percent globally in 2011, LED product prices will fall another 20-30 percent in 2012....
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Taiwan LED Manufacturers Prepare for LED Bulbs Sales Boom in Electricity Rate Hikes

Taiwan LED manufacturers including Everlight, Delta Electronics, Nanya Photonics Inc. are paving for the way for LED lamp sales boom in Taiwan thanks to the upcoming implementation of electricity rate hikes. According to Everlight , it had sold out its first batch of NT$299 (US$10.3 at US$1: NT$29) LED light bulbs, numbered at 100,000 units, at 7-11 stores and is calling for urgent replenishment of another 100,000 bulbs. And the company has talked with President Chain Store Corp., which owns Taiwan’s 7-11 stores, over fresh build-up of the bulbs at t...
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Delta Electronics to Benefit from Taiwan New Electricity Rates

Taiwan Delta Electronics has announced to boom its LED lighting production capacity by 150% in 2013 to cater for brisk demand. According to the company, its weekly shipments of LED lamps in April have risen three times from March and its production lines will be inundated with orders at least through July, mainly benefiting from Taiwan’s spectacular hikes of electricity rates enforced on May 15. In addition, Delta is in talks with several Japanese buyers over fresh orders for the lamps. The company’s executives expected more contracts from Japan this yea...
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Delta Electronics Showcased World's Lightest1000lm LED Bulb at Lighting Japan 2012

Taiwan Delta Electronics has rolled out a serious of LED productsat Lighting Japan 2012. The company claimed that it has developed the world's lightest 1000lm light bulb weighting only 130g .With a beam angle of 120 deg and 240 deg the new bulb aims to replace 100W and 80W incandescent bulbs. In the meanwhile, Delta is also demonstrating its remarkable solar-LED streetlight and wind-powered LED streetlight solutions. The wind-powered LED streetlight solution includes a 400W-system with a safety breaker for wind speed exceeding an upper limit of 42.5m/s and ...
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Taiwan Delta Electronics Sets up Taoyuan Plant 3 and R&D Center

Taiwan Delta Electronics announced the opening of its Taoyuan Plant 3 and R&D Center. The new plant employs Delta's own energy saving and industrial automation products and control systems. Eco-friendly features of the plant include solar panels, LED lighting, water resource processing and renewable energy equipment that not only trims the annual power bill by NTD 5 million, but also reduces 1,000 tons of CO 2 emissions and uses about 75% less water (around 3,000 tons). The planning and design of the Taoyuan Plant 3 and R&D Center was initiated in...
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Taiwan Government Takes Actions to Promote LED Industry

Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has hosted a forum with representatives of local LED manufacturers, including Everlight and Delta Electronics to discuss the strategy to boost demand for LED lights. MOEA promised local LED makers that it will lauch a NT$500 million (US$16.6 million) subsidy program for townships to install LED streetlighting in 2012. The ministry said the figure will be a substantial increase from the NT$170 million allocated this year for the purpose. Additionally, the ministry plans to build "model cities" in ...
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Taiwan`s LED-lamp Makers Benefit from Japan Increasing LED Demands

It’s reported that Taiwan`s LED-lamp makers have benefited from the increasing consumption of LED lamps due to Japan catastrophe on March 11. According to Delta Electronics CEO Yancey Hai, the company`s LED-lamp shipments to Japan has a great increase after the disastrous earthquake. Delta has recently won orders from other Japanese buyers than Hitachi, which has been Delta`s foremost contract buyer in Japan. For Genesis Photonics, the company has landed contracts to supply LED-lighting equipment to a leading steelmaker in Japan, which is equippi...
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Epistar Teams up with Delta to Set Up Epi Wafer Factory in Guangzhou

Reportedly, Epistar has intended to inject US$75 million to set up an epitaxy wafer factory in Guangzhou of mainland China with Delta Electronics. The joint venture calls for total investment of US$210 million, with Epistar set to pay 70% and Delta to pay the remainder. And it is another collaboration deal after the cooperation on high-voltage LED technology. It’s estimated that the joint venture will give a boost to both companies’ goal of becoming heavyweight LED lighting suppliers in the mainland.  ...
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Taiwanese LED Company May Benefit from Japan`s Post-earthquake Reconstruction

According to institutional investors, based on the Japanese government will focus more on use of renewable energy and LEDs after the destructive catastrophe, Taiwanese LED industry may benefit from Japan`s post-earthquake reconstruction . Due to the massive earthquake and the recent nuclear power crisis in Japan, it’s likely to concentrate on the use of renewable energy and green products. It’s estimated that the post-earthquake reconstruction will cost the country several trillion Japanese yen and LEDs will be increasingly needed in Japan. As a result, T...
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Epistar Teams up with Delta Electronics to Bulid Guangzhou LED Wafer Plant

It’s reported that Taiwanese LED chip maker Epistar will team up with Delta Electronics to build an LED wafer and chip plant in Guangzhou. And The new facility is expected to engage in the development, manufacture and sale of upstream LED wafers and chips after it starts operating in 2012. It’s said that the two partners will invest a total of NT$3.63 billion (US$125 million) in the first phase. Epistar will hold a 70 percent stake and Delta Electronics will own 30 percent. In the second phase of the development, they will seek new partners from th...
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Taiwan Delta Electronics’ LED Mass Production Plan in 2011

Reportedly, Taiwan Delta Electronics made a plan to roll out a total of 62 LED lighting products under 29 series and three intelligent control systems in 2011. Additionally, the company has been partnered with Epistar to develop 800-lumen, 8W warm-white LED light bulbs and intended to turn out these new products on a large scale as well as to sale in the first quarter of 2011.  ...
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Delta Electronics Acquired Foreign Buyers’ Orders

Reportedly, Taiwan Delta Electronics has acquired orders from major foreign buyers for LED lighting products, and it expects LED lighting sales to increase 10 fold in 2011. According to an interview from the Central News Agency, Roland Chiang, director of Delta Electronics' solid-state lighting division, said the company has generated large sales in Japan, the United States, Europe and China for its LED lighting products in less than two years since it entered that field.
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Delta Electronics Shows Energy Saving Solutions at CIGIE

Taiwan Delta Electronics, is taking part in the 2010 China International Green Industry Expo (CIGIE), which is the No.1 green industry expo in China, offering high level, large scale, and big business opportunities. At the expo, Delta Electronics is showcasing various energy-saving solutions in the low-carbon technology field, such as: electric vehicle propulsion systems and charging stations, renewable energy generation systems, LED lighting, and low energy consumption visual display solutions.
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Delta Electronics to End CCFL Production due to Strong LED Demand

Taiwan’s Delta Electronics Inc. plans to close its cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) operations from March 1, 2010, due to the growing use of LED for backlights in applications such as LCD TVs, according to an article on Taiwan Economic News.
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