Elec-Tech’s Yangzhou Factory Begins LED Wafer Mass Production

China based Elech-Tech’s Yangzhou subsidiary has begun mass production of LED wafers. Equipment used at its Yangzhou factory are mainly 14x4” MOCVD wafer production units from U.S. manufacturer Veeco. The company currently has 12 units in operation with a yearly production capacity of 190,000 pcs, which can then produce 50,000 chips. 
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Wang Donglei: Elec-Tech Working Hard to Bridge Gap Between Ideal Profits and Reality (Part 2)

Elec-Tech Chariman Wang Donglei faced disgruntled investors during the company’s investor conference discussing the company’s 2013 annual financial results on May 12, 2014. Although ElecTech has made it into the LED supply chain, net profit growth has yet to be seen. Wang first discussed the benefits the company recived from their aquisition of NVC Lighitng. Wang next tackled questions by investors regarding wafer expansion. 
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Wang Donglei: Elec-Tech Working Hard to Bridge Gap Between Ideal Profits and Reality (Part 1)

“I consider Elec-Tech as a child I have reared. To me, it is the best,” said Elec-Tech Chairman Wang Donglei on May 12, 2014 during an investor conference to discussing the company’s 2013 annual financial results. 
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Elec-Tech’s LED Business Soars after Increased Investment in NVC Lighting

Elec-Tech released their fiscal 2013 financial report on April 27 2014. The company saw an increase in revenue for their LED business, owing to expansion in chip production capacity and further investment in NVC Lighting. 
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Elec-Tech Acquires Larger Share in NVC Lighting

Elech-Tech has further invested in NVC Lighting. Elec-Tech announced plans to purchase 6.76 percent in shares from Hong Kong listed NVC Lighting on April 22, 2014. This will bring the company’s total share to 27.10 percent, giving Elec-Tech greater influence over NVC Lighting. 
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Elec-Tech Denies Revenue Reached RMB 10 Billion

Chinese LED manufacturer Elec-Tech released a report on January 19th announcing the company’s various businesses’ preliminary estimated data for 2014. The company anticipates sales revenue in 2014 to increase by 50 percent compared to 2013, including sales revenue for their LED business which is estimated to increase 100 percent from 2013.
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Elec-Tech Invests RMB 1 Billion to Establish LED Joint Venture

Elec-Tech revealed on January 14th plans to establish a joint venture focused on LED production in Bengbu city, Anhui Providence. The joint venture will have a registered capital of RMB 1.4 billion (US $231.4 million), of which RMB 1 million is provided by Elec-Tech through funds, materials, and intangible assets. The company will own 71.43 percent in shares. The other 28.57 percent is owned by Bengbu City Holding Corporation who invested RMB 400 million.
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Elec-Tech Discusses Partnership with Genesis Photonics

Chinese LED chip manufacturer Elec-Tech has been seeking partnership with Taiwan-based manufacturers. Regarding forming partnerships with Chinese LED die manufacturers, Genesis Photonics Inc. (GPI) is open to discussion, as long as it benefits the industry, company, and stockholders,  said GPI Chairman David Chung.
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NVC Lighting Holding Ltd Issues Earnings Estimate

On August 7, NVC Lighting Holding Ltd released earning estimate, it is expected that the profits in the first six months of 2013 will grow about 50% compared to the same period of 2012. Changjiang Wu, the founder of NVC, was elected as executive director with votes of most of the shareholders on June 21, which also means that Changjiang Wu returned to NVC Board, and brings a profit advantage for NVC. It is clearly wrote in Earnings forecast statement that the growth in profits is mainly attributable to the decline in management costs after the management is stable...
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Donglei Wong Servers as Non-executive Director of NVC Lighting Once More

Guangdong Elec-Tech International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Elec-Tech) announced prompted Bulletin about the result of the election directors of NVC Lighting as follows: Prompted Bulletin of the Result about the Election Directors of NVC Lighting All members of the Board of Directors of Elec-Tech ensure that contents of bulletin are true, accurate and complete, there doesn't exist false information or misleading statements or material omissions. NVC Lighting Holding Limited (hereinafter referred to as "NVC") is the joint ...
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Elec-Tech States that Its MOCVD Equipment will not Reach 110 Units by the End of June in Announcement

Elec-Tech International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Elec-Tech) released announcement on June 20 to clarify, it was stated in the announcement that income data reported in media reports only is the judgment of Donglei Wang based on his personal opinion about the development prospects of LED lighting industry, not budget data and earnings forecasts of Elec-Tech and NVC. Recently, it has been reported that Donglei Wang said in an interview that NVC's sales revenue in this year will be more than $ 6 billion Yuan, and the total revenue of NVC and Elec...
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Elec-Tech Releases "Aurora Borealis" Chip to Layout the Global LED Market

Elec-Tech will release its lighting high drive current flip chips in the name of "Aurora Borealis" on Guangzhou International Lighting Fair to be held on June 9th. 1ALED lighting-class high drive current flip chip can achieve 310 lumens under the drive of 1A, and it can achieve up to 230 lumens per watt driven by 700ma current. According to the publicly available information, Philips chip with the same specifications can achieve 300 lumens and 220 lumens correspondingly, and the corresponding data for the United States Cree are 297 lumens and 223 lumens, the lumi...
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Elec-Tech International Co., Ltd.’s LED Products Obtain TIS Certificate

Chinese LED company Elec-Tech International Co., Ltd. has announced the release that its LED streetlight and LED T8 tube have passed TIS test from Thailand and received the authentication certificate (TIS certificate number: 1955-2511). The TIS test is similar to CQC /CCC authentication in China, and all the LED products exported to Thailand should obtain this certificate firstly.   Therefore, the TIS certificate will have a positive effect on Elec-Tech International‘s LED lighting sales in Thailand....
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Elec-Tech Orders Veeco MOCVD Systems for Two New China LED Factories

Veeco Instruments Inc. announced that Elec-Tech International has selected its TurboDisc(R) K465i MOCVD systems as their "tool of choice" for two new LED factories in Wuhu and Yangzhou, China. In August Veeco booked the initial systems from a large multi-tool purchase order from Elec-Tech's LED subsidiary, Elec-Tech Optoelectronic Technology (Wuhu) Co., Ltd.
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