Spark Products Selected into Guangdong LED Benchmark System Recommend Products List

On April 15, 2013,Guangdong Semiconductor Lighting Industry Association released “Guangdong LED Benchmark System Recommend Products List (LED indoor lighting) SN2013040”,which covers four general categories: LED bulb, LED tubes, LED downlight, LED spotlight. Spark Optoelectronics was successful to be selectedinto this recommend list.
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Spark Installed LED Street Light SPL-C115 in Uthaithani Province,Thailand

As one of the largest LED lighting manufacturers and exporters, Spark just made its another achievement on the installation of LED street light SPL-C115 in Uthaithani Province,Thailand. This project is for a very famous temple in Thailand, named Prachanokchakkri Pavilion. The client was quite satisfied with performance of these LED street lights after its installation. The details are as the below picture in which the selective LED street light model is SPL-C115 mainly as well as SPL-M40. Light pole is 8m and 6m height respectively, boom angle is 15°...
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Spark LED Street Light in Japan

Spiritual civilization is based on the material, and the entertainment industry in Japan can be traced back to 1920’s. In Japan, the entertainment industry has a very long history; it occupies a huge domestic market and develops steadily. In addition, since streets in Japan are narrow, various entertainment venues along the streets on both sides are dizzying. Spark LED Street Light enjoys great popularity among entertainment in Japan with its high quality and excellent performance. As the photo shows to us, the perfect lighting effect also reflects the development of...
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Spark Optoelectronics is Poised for 18th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

As the world's largest LED lighting and exhibition event, the 18th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Guangya Exhibition") will be grandly held at China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou from June 9 to 12, and the scale of exhibition reaches 220,000 square meters.  The Guangya Exhibition sets up three exhibiton areas, namely the commercial lighting brands pavilion, professional lighting brands pavilion and outdoor lighting brands pavilion. Committed to high power outdoor LED lighting, Spark...
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Spark OPTOELECTRONICS LED High Bay Lights Project in Singapore

Singapore, a beautiful garden city, is famous for its cleanness. Spark LED high bay light, based on LED technology, is energy saving, environmental friendly and durable. The installation of Spark LED high bay light in this beautiful city makes perfect combination between the two. On April 14th, 2013, after 5 months’ field test, which started from November 14th, 2012, Singapore client announced that Spark LED high bay lights successfully passed their test in terms of reliability, photometric performance, brightness maintenance, quality and lighting effect. The c...
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Spark LED Down Lights Project in Bolivia

Customer from Bolivia has undertaken a local dental hospital lighting replacement project in March of 2013, replacing traditional spot lights with Spark LED down lights . It is used around 400pcs of LED down light . The hospital said that by using SPARK’s LED down light (SHENZHEN SPARK OPTOELECTRONICS S&T CO.,LTD. ), the lighting effect has been greatly improved, saving as much as 60% of the electricity. Also the 4000K color makes the hospital looks brighter and warmer. This project started from December of 2012, having ...
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Spark Wins Bidding of Egypt Solar LED Street Light Project

Spark successfully wins the bidding of a solar LED street light project aided by Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C (MOFCOM) for Egypt recently.   This LED street light project is initiated by China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges (CICETE); it is a measure taken to implement Eight New Measurements to Africa, and also a governmental aided demonstration project for Egypt, to combine solar energy and LED lighting.   This project is situated in Kuraymat, N29°16′, E31°15′. Kuraymat is abundant in s...
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Spark Optoelectronics: LED street light project in Czech

Recently a customer from Czech has undertaken a local LED street light project, replacing traditional street lights with Spark LED street lights. After the replacement of the whole, the lighting effect has been greatly improved, saving 60% energy . Also, people’s eyes get a comfortable experience. The customer and local government staff speak highly of Spark street lights and are quite satisfied with the lighting effect and intelligent system. It is expected the street lighting requirements of Czech market will get a substantial growth in 2013. In this LED street ...
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One More Type of SPARK Tube Light Passed VDE Authentication

Recently, one more tube light of SPARK passed the VDE (  Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker)authentication. Over the years, relying on its continuous innovation and unremitting efforts, Spark has grown up as benchmarking brand in LED industry. While constantly consolidating and strengthening its domestic leadership, SPARK is positively exploring an overseas high-end market. Spark, successfully passing a series of strict and authoritative international authentications, can participate the international competition on a higher platform.   Previously, all th...
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Shenzhen Spark :2012 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) Yields Unusually Brilliant Results

From October 27thto 30th, 2012 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) had its grand opening at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. As the Asia's largest, the global ranking second in the industry exhibition, Hong Kong International Lighting Fair has long been regarded as leader in the LED lighting industry. On this fair, Shenzhen Spark Optoelectronics S&T Co.,Ltd., one of the leading enterprises in the domestic lighting industry, made its appearance with self-developed  new generation of modular high power tunnel lig...
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Spark Launches LED Lighting Solution for Supermarket

1. Supermarket Lighting Standards Lighting in supermarkets in different regions, the location has a different lighting requirement. In order to meet the needs of people shopping, supermarket lighting should be based on types of goods, geographical, architectural styles, display methods, different conditions designed to create a unique atmosphere. In order to maintain good lighting, color-coordinated, to create a comfortable shopping environment for consumers, to create a good shopping environment, the design of the supermarket is very important. Overall, to create a store environment...
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Spark LED Street Light Lighten Stockholm Parking Space in Sweden

Here is the project carried by our Swedish customer, this project located in housing association parking space outside of Stockholm.   We use spark SPL-M40 in this parking area, customer loves the design our mini street light very much, because it can mount directly in the pole without pole arm, the base is adjustable from 0-90 degree. Because of high latitude in Sweden, so it is very cold in winter and often snows. It will become a kingdom of snow and ice in winter. Ice skating, alpine skiing and other snow ice related projects are people dedicated activities.   ...
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Spark Solar&Wind; Hybrid LED Street lights Make the Guiyang City’s Night More Beautiful

At the Garden Street, nanming district, Guiyang city, All the Solar&Wind hybrid LED Street lights from SPARK will lightened in the evenings, which break the darkness of the night. They not only make the city’s night more beautiful, but also provide the reliable and green lighting source for the residents. The Solar&Wind hybrid LED Street lights from SPARK was integrated the resource system(Solar&Wind hybrid) with the LED lighting system(energy-saving) effectively, make it keep the advantage of energy-saving and environment...
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High luminous efficacy/High CRI LED street light form Spark--12 Years of Experience in LED Lighting

Spark High power LED Street lights use high brightness United States original CREE LED as light source. It can directly replace the traditional lighting such as high color rendering metal halogen lamp product, and meet adequate, uniform illumination.   The LED Street light we autonomously researched and developed adopting directly heat dissipation structure, with the high coefficient of heat conductivity material lead the heat directly to light radiator and then making use of free convection release the heat. The key deat dissipation technology is strengthening c...
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Spark LED Lighting Project was approved as the 2011 National Torch Project

"The high intelligent LED street lamp industrialization project” which was operated by SPARK was approved by the state ministry of science and technology currently, and was listed as the 2012 national torch project. It is marked that SPARK was not only becoming the leading enterprise who can supply LED street lamp solution project, but also consolidate the status of SPARK in semiconductor lighting industry. The Torch Plan is a guidance plan which develops Hi-tech industry in China, approved by the State Council in August 1988, organized and implem...
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Shenzhen Spark Wins the Central Government Budget Investment in LED Industry Project

Lately, Shenzhen Spark Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd has won the "semiconductor lighting technology and energy efficient products industry project" supported by the National Development and Reform Commission, which was included into the 2011 central budget investment plans. The supported projects from the central budget for investment in energy-saving plans mainly focus on engineering, circular economy and resource conservation demonstration projects and a major focus of industrial pollution control projects.   The commitment "semiconductor lightin...
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Spark Launches LED Lighting Solution for Warehouse

1. Characteristic of warehouse As the integration of transportation, warehousing, freight forwarding and information industries modern logistics is a complex service industry, modern logistics is a product of economic globalization and play an important role in promoting economic globalization. Warehousing is logistics enterprises’ core component and important pillar. It plays a vital role in the logistics system. In recent years, Warehouseing’ s output growth rate continuous quick than the national growth rate of GDP, The growth of cargo throughput reached an average ...
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Spark Launched All-new LED Street Light at HK Lighting Fair

From October 27th to 30th 2011, the 16th Hong Kong International Lighting Fair was grandly held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Spark demonstrated independently-developed Mini LED street lights, 4 * 6 module street lights, nano-coated ultra-light high bay lamp, second optical designed tunnel lights and other new products on the fair. Shenzhen Spark Optoelectronics Science & Technology Co., Ltd with 11 years of continuous research and develop experience in LED lighting and top quality products, was highly appreciated as a commercial lighting exper...
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Spark's Badminton Court Lighting Design

1. Introduction of standard badminton court   Badminton court is rectangular court, with 13.4M length, 6.1M width for the doubles game, 5.18M width for the singles game, 14.723M diagonal line for doubles game,14.366M diagonal line for singles game. Badminton court was divided equally into two parts by horizontal line, divided longitudinally  into the front court, midfield, back court. The front court is a area that between short service line and the net; The back court is from end line to long service line. Midfield is area that from short service line to long servi...
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LED Street Light 340W-prefessional Lighting Solution for Ball Court, Docks, Squares, Stations, Airports

The 340W intelligent LED lamp can adapt to various harsh outdoor conditions and meet different requirements for outdoor lighting. It can provide light source of greater power, higher brightness, and higher color rendering for some special conditions such as accidents, foggy and rainy days. The LED Street Light 340W can provide sufficient and uniform illumination for large areas like squares and football field. It also provides spectators with the best enjoyment with high quality white LED lighting while reducing the energy consumption greatly compared with traditional lig...
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40V-150V breakdown voltage lineup: ideal for motor drive and industrial power supplies ROHM has developed Nch MOSFETs (40V/60V/80V/100V/150V) RS6xxxxBx / RH6xxxxBx series, 13 part numbers, suitable for applications operating on 24V/36V/48V pow... READ MORE

LUXEON Core, CX, and the new CS CoB board sizes are supported by industry-standard holders and optics San Jose, CA – Though there are many standards in the LED industry, the footprint or board size for CoBs is not one of them. Over the y... READ MORE