Samsung Injects Financing in Voltaix

Samsung Venture Investment Corporation (SVIC), the global investment arm of Samsung,has invested in Voltaix, a provider of materials that enhance the performance of semiconductor chips, solar cells, and other electronic devices. However, both of them have remained tight-lipped about the amount invested. Voltaix manufactures electronic chemicals and gases used in semiconductor manufacturing processes at major integrated circuit fabs worldwide. The company also supplies deposition precursors for the production of advanced photovoltaic cells. New Voltaix materials will a...
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LED Breakthrough from Samsung

Samsung Electronics Co. said Monday that its researchers reported a breakthrough in light-emitting diode technology that will allow production of ultra-large advanced display panels on ordinary glass, such as window panes. Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology succeeded in fabricating nearly single crystalline Gallium Nitride on amorphous glass substrates, a milestone that will enable production of super-sized LEDs using glass substrates, Samsung said. “In ten years, window panes will double as lighting and display screens, giving personality to buildings,&rdquo...
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Samsung LED Signed an Agreement with KOPTI to Enhance LED Lighting Technology

Reportedly, Samsung LED and the Korea Photonics Technology Institute (KOPTI) signed an agreement to enhance the development of LED lighting technology On 30 June 2011. Combines with Samsung LED’s rich experience in the LED business,and the assets that KOPTI has obtained over many years such as technical skills, highly skilled researchers and equipment, both organisations are aiming to obtain global competitiveness.  ...
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Osram Relaxed about Samsungs Counter Claims in Korea

Osram had not seen Samsung’s complaint yet and did not know its specific content which has been issued in Korea. According to a spokesperson, Osram is well prepared regarding possible steps by Samsung and is therefore relaxed about the move by the counter claimant. Osram regards Samsung’s move as a typical counter attack of a defendant. Anticipating this move Osram had analyzed Samsung’s patent portfolio thoroughly before taking any legal actions and concluded that none of Samsung’s IP will cause a problem for any of OSRAM’s products. Osra...
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Samsung LED Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Osram in Korea

On June 10, 2011,, Samsung LED Co., Ltd. (“Samsung LED”) filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Osram Korea Co., Ltd. (“Osram Korea”) and two other defendants at the Seoul Central District Court requesting an injunction from unauthorized use of Samsung LED’s valuable intellectual property and money damages. The defendants include Osram Korea and two companies that sell Osram’s products in Korea, Barun Electronics and Dabo Industrial System. The 8 patents-in-suit relate to LED chip and package technology used ...
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OSRAM initiates patent infringement litigation against Samsung and LG

OSRAM has filed legal actions against Samsung group companies and LG group companies in the US and Germany as well as against an LG group company in Japan. Based on its conviction that these companies, respectively, infringe fundamental patent rights, OSRAM will also file a suit against LG in China tomorrow. With this move OSRAM intends to enforce its patents on Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology.
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Samsung Tapped into U.S. LED Lighting Market

It’s reported that Samsung has kicked off becoming a new leader in the U.S. lighting market as the industry shifts into the digital age. In April 2009, Samsung LED was established globally, channelling the company’s expertise in the electronics and electro-mechanics fields into the production of cutting-edge LED lighting. And to support the company’s expansion into the U.S. market, an American centre of operations has been established in Atlanta, Ga. Samsung’s initial line-up ranges from omni-directional incandescent replacements to fluoresce...
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Samsung Received Evident Tech’s QD LED Patent Portfolio

Recently, Samsung has signed an agreement with Evident Technologies on Samsung worldwide access to Evident's patent portfolio for all products related to quantum dot LEDs from manufacture of the quantum dot nanomaterials to final LED production. It’s said that quantum dots are nanometre-sized semiconductor crystals that have great commercial promise in electronic applications from solar energy conversion to thermoelectrics to LEDs. Evident is reported to be the first company in the world to commercialise quantum dot LEDs with products launched in 2007. &n...
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LG and Samsung Start to Adopt LED lights in Refrigerator

Recently, LG Electronics and Samsung start to adopt LED lights in refrigerator. LG has launched a new DIOS refrigerator which combines with green, white and blue LED lights that it claims to be eight times more energy-efficient than the fridges that use regular lights. The company also touts the LED lights as causing little temperature differences in the refrigerator to reduce fresh vegetable oxidation. In addition, LG Household and Health Care, a sister company of LG Electronics, also combined a lamp and air freshener with LED lights. People simply pr...
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