Feit Electric,Intematix Introduces Low Cost 100W LED Light Bulb

Intematix Corporation, and Feit Electric, announced a 100-watt equivalent LED light bulb is now available in all Lowe’s stores nationwide and on Lowes.com for under $35. This new Utilitech PRO product follows the January 2013 launch of a 75-watt equivalent LED light bulb available at Lowe’s for less than $25. The Utilitech PRO LED bulbs, produced by Feit Electric, feature Intematix’s ChromaLit™ remote phosphor technology. The Utilitech PRO 100W LED bulb features include: •    300 degree lighting distrib...
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Philips Launches Hue LED Light Bulb SDK and Official APIs to iOS Developers

Philips on Monday launched a software developer program for the Hue line of iOS-controlled "smart LED" light bulbs, allowing app makers to integrate the lighting solution into third-party products. With the new software development kit and open APIs, iOS developers can take advantage of Hue's unique capabilities, including powering the Wi-Fi enabled LED bulbs on and off, as well as changing their color remotely through a Wi-Fi enabled bridge. Besides being able to alter the color of each bulb remotely, compatibility with the ZigBee LightLink sta...
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NanoLight LED Light Bulb

A team of engineers have designed the NanoLight, which produces the same amount of light that a conventional 100W incandescent does while consuming just 12W of power. The highly affordable LED light bulb promises a lifespan of about 30,000 hours and its unique and somewhat unconventional design means that it doesn’t waste much energy as heat and also evenly distributes light in all directions. The team states that they built the LED light bulb from the ground up and didn’t make use of any heat sink, which is commonly found in most LED light bulbs. T...
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RoboSmart Bluetooth Smart Wireless LED Light Bulb

Smart Home Labs have revealed the new RoboSmart wireless LED lighting system that enables users to control their lighting from their smartphones, tablet or computer using Bluetooth technology. Another lightbulb to be searching for funding underneath the Indiegogo platform, the RoboSmart is an energy-efficient Bluetooth Smart enabled LED lightbulb which allows anyone the ability to customise their lighting from anywhere thanks to apps for both iOS and Android, allowing users to use either a tablet or a smart phone....
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Bluetooth Smart Wireless Intelligent LED Light Bulb

Smart Home Labs has launched the RoboSmart wireless LED lighting system that enables smart lighting control via smartphone, tablet or computer over Bluetooth Smart wireless with customizable apps for both iOS and Android. And the new LED light bulb is available for pre-orders on the world’s largest open-funding platform IndieGoGo. The unique combination of energy efficient LED design and Bluetooth communications allows anyone the freedom to fully customize control of their home lighting, not previously possible with standard LED bulbs. Harnessing the ...
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LED+Building 2012 Report VI: Panasonic’s Wide Beam LED Light Bulb

LEDinside visited Panasonic’s exhibition area at Light+Building 2012, seeing what this Japan veteran brought to the table. Panasonic stated that the company is planning to make inroads into the European LED lighting market and release 40W equivalent LED light bulb in July, 2012. The company also plans to expand its production lines in the future. Panasonic hopes to increase its LED market share in Europe, providing LED products for regular users as well as enterprises. The company aims to increase the number of its LED products to 42 starting f...
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LEDinside: European Lighting Market Value to Soar by 40% in 2012, Growth Driven by High Electricity Prices and Lighting Aesthetics Preferences

The energy shortage raises energy-saving awareness around the world, and with the effort of the major companies, LED lighting once again takes over the spotlight in 2012. According to LEDinside, the LED research division of TrendForce, Europe has become one of the most fast-growing LED markets in the world besides Japan. Benefiting from the ban imposed by certain countries against selling incandescent light bulb of high wattage in 2012, the value of European LED lighting market will soar to US$3.01 billion in 2012, a 44% YoY growth; the value is expected to reach U...
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LED Bulb Price Dipped Sharply in 12’Jan, 40W Equivalent LED Bulb Price Dropped below US$10

Competition in South Korea Remained Fierce; 40W Equivalent LED Bulb Price Plunged below US$10 February 21, 2012---According to the latest price survey conducted by LEDinside, the LED research division of TrendForce, LED bulb ASP continued to fall in 12’Jan following the steep price drop in 11’Dec., with the ASP of 40W equivalent LED light bulb sliding to US$19.6. The price competition in South Korea was the fiercest – the light bulb prices of the first tier brands have plunged below US$10. As for the 60W equivalent LED ...
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Nexxus Lighting Introduces First High Performance 650 Lumen BR30 LED Light Bulb

Designed to exceed ENERGY STAR® Performance Standards and to Retail for Under $29.00 Nexxus Lighting, Inc. (NASDAQ: NEXS) announced that its new Array® LED BR30 replacement light bulb, which will be available commercially in March 2012, incorporates a new enhanced dimming circuit and patented 2nd generation Selective Heat Sink Technology™, allowing for significant reductions in material cost and weight. The BR30 will produce the same light output as a 65 watt incandescent bulb while consuming less than ten watts, and has been designe...
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Rohm Plans to Sell E17-base MiniKrypton LED Light Bulb

Lately, Japanese LED Company Rohm Co Ltd has launched an E17-base small krypton gas (MiniKrypton) LED light bulb, "LDA4L-G-E17". The new LED light bulb is smaller, and the shape of its globe (semispherical cover) is closer to a sphere. By employing an LED module (light source) having a chip-on-board (COB) structure, the light distribution angle realize 180°. What’s more, the new product, which is equivalent to a 25W MiniKrypton light bulb, is made by using Rohm's own light-diffusing material for its globe. Other features inc...
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LEDinside: LED Bulb Prices Underwent Another Plunge in 11’Dec

Low-Price Strategy Caused Steep Drop in December Prices, Penetration Rate to Surge According to the latest price survey of LEDinside, the LED research division of TrendForce, the ASP of 60W equivalent LED light bulbs dipped by 16% in December, with the lowest price plummeting to US$18.9. As for 40W equivalent LED light bulbs, the lowest price dropped to US$11.1. 60W Equivalent LED Bulb Prices Plunged Source: LEDinside   LEDinside indicates that the prices of 60W equivalent LED light bulbs plunged even further in D...
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LEDinside: LED Light Bulb Price in Japan Underwent Steep Drop in November

According to the price survey of LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce, the ASP of LED light bulbs for 40W incandescent light bulb replacement slightly decreased 2% in November, while the ASP in Japan plunged by nearly 10%. As for the LED light bulbs for 60W incandescent light bulb replacement, the ASP slightly increased, but the lowest price fell below US$ 24. 40W Equivalent LED Light Bulb Prices Underwent Steep Drop Source: LEDinside LEDinside’s survey indicates that, even though the ASP of LED light bulbs for 40W...
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LEDinside: LED Light Bulb Price Dipped 10% in October; Market Reception Expects to Increase

According to the price survey conducted by LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce, the LED light bulb prices for 60W incandescent light bulb replacement underwent a drastic drop of 9% in October; the price dropped by 10% in America and hit a low of US$ 24.97, with the average selling price (ASP) declining to US$ 38.6. The LED light bulb prices for 40W incandescent light bulb replacement were relatively stable. LED Light Bulb for 60W Replacement Saw Considerable Price Drop LEDinside indicates that in October, LED light bulb prices the Unite...
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LEDinside: China to Raise LED Market Demand with Incandescent Bulb Phase-Out Policy and LED Subsidies

The Chinese government recently announced a time frame for the phasing-out of incandescent lamps. China will ban imports and sales of 100W and higher incandescent bulbs starting from October 1, 2012, and ban on 60W and higher incandescent bulbs starting October 1, 2014. October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016 will serve as an evaluation period. Starting on October 1, 2016 the ban will be extended to 15W and higher bulbs, or adjusted according to the results of the evaluation. The policy is expected to save 48 billion kilowatt hours of power per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 48 million tons annually.
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LEDinside: LED Light Bulb Price Downtrend Persisted in September; South Korean Manufacturers Cut Price to Gain Market Share

September LED Bulb Price Dropped 3% Compared to August LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce, conducted price surveys on warm white LED light bulbs (replacements for 40W and 60W incandescent light bulbs), and the results showed that LED light bulb price in September took a dip of 3% compared to August, an indication that the downtrend persisted. Most notably, the LED bulb price for 40W replacement underwent the steepest drop in Japan and South Korea, while the price for 60W replacement experienced the biggest setback in Europe. At present, the LED product prices for 40W and 60W replacements have declined to US$ 23.1 and US$ 42.3, respectively.  
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LEDinside: Are LEDs Really a Suitable Replacement for 40W Incandescent Bulbs? A Look at Cost-Performance Ratio

In consideration of whether or not LED light bulbs are truly a proper replacement for 40W incandescent bulbs, as major manufacturers claim, brightness is an important factor, as LEDinside has previously mentioned. What other standards must be met in order to make the transition to LED bulbs? 
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LEDinside: Prices of LED Light Bulbs For 40W Incandescent Light Bulbs Replacement Hit a Low of USD18 (USD52/Klm)

Luminous flux improvement accelerates the popularization of the LED lighting market. Targeting at the LED light bulbs (450-485lm) to replace the 40W incandescent light bulbs, LEDinside conducted a comprehensive price survey. The survey showed that the price of LED light bulbs has plummeted by 55% from March, 2010 to June, 2011; the average retail price dropped to USD24 (USD52/Klm). The continuous downtrend of LED light bulb prices is expected to increase the demand for LED applications.
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Lumileds introduced the LUXEON CZ Color Line, a product line optimized to deliver maximum punch. “The LUXEON CZ features up to 48% higher punch than any other undomed color LED,” said Jennifer Holland, Product Line Direct... READ MORE

LG Innotek today announced that it has supplied UV LED module for water purifiers to the famous Japanese purifier manufacturer for the past year and achieved the perfect quality of zero defect rate.