Access Fixtures Launches New Open-Top, Contemporary-Style Walkway Lights

Access Fixtures launches a new style of bollard light. The 21w ATRI LED walkway lights are designed with 5-inch bases and elegant form factors to complement any commercial or residential space. The contemporary, open-top of the ATRI bollard light emits a uniform, shadow-free light ideal for illuminating walkways, parking lots, and entrances without any risk of condensation build-up within the housing.
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Access Fixtures Launches New HEZE Full Cutoff LED Wall Packs

Access Fixtures launches HEZE full cutoff wall packs. These fixtures boast incredible efficacies due to their LED-conscious construction and LED output and are designed for entry lighting, apartment buildings, brick facades, and elsewhere. These full cutoff fixtures send light downward to limit the amount of wasted light and prevent light pollution.
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Access Fixtures Launches Recreational Volleyball Court Lighting Packages

Access Fixtures launches new recreational-level LED volleyball lighting packages. Each package includes everything you need to light a recreational or backyard volleyball court. The price you see is the price you pay; there are no hidden fees or extra charges. Access Fixtures even pays for shipping, too.
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Access Fixtures Launches New Marine-Grade, Vandal-Resistant LED Bollard Lights

Access Fixtures releases a new class of double-coated, marine-grade, louvered LED bollard lights. These fixtures are part of the "MARI" family at Access Fixtures and are ideally suited for coastal environments and waterfront applications. Whether being installed near the ocean, docks, walkways, marinas, or lakeside areas, these lens-free, marine-grade bollards have an IP65 rating that makes them tough. The MARI bollards boast impressive efficacies and outputs at a terrifically low price. Their inner and outer marine-grade coatings mean they are able to stand up to salt spray and humidity for a long period of time. These LED bollards are available in 25w and 35w and Kelvin temperatures of 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K.
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Access Fixtures Launches New Low-Cost, Exterior Round Wall Lights

Access Fixtures releases new low-cost LED round wall lights built for efficiency, quality assurance, and reliable performance. The exterior-grade CIRC family offers a range of IP65 and IP67 fixtures that are ideal for recreational facilities, natatoriums, locker rooms, walkways, and more. The CIRC round wall lights can also be used as canopy lights and in many small or large commercial, industrial, or hospitality applications.
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Access Fixtures Launches Competitive-Level LED Tennis Court Lighting

Access Fixtures releases new LED tennis court lighting packages for club-level and competition-level play. Each package comes complete with poles, mounting hardware, LED fixtures, and a full photometric design. Access Fixtures' LED tennis court lighting systems set a new industry standard by achieving optimal match conditions, minimizing energy use, and virtually eliminating maintenance. These LED competition-level tennis court packages are the perfect marriage of performance, functionality, and sustainability.
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Access Fixtures Introduces New High Wattage LED High Bay Luminaires

Access Fixtures, a leader in commercial, industrial, and sports LED lighting, announces the launch of three new KOTA LED high bay luminaires in  185w,  240w, and  320w. All three high bay luminaires feature Flip Chip Opto COB LEDs, patented design for thermal management, low weight, and 105+ delivered lumen-per-watt efficacy. The KOTA high bays provide significant value; they offer competitive performance and terrific cost-per-watt value compared to other luminaires.
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Access Fixtures Launches New LED High Bay Light Lineup

Access Fixtures is announcing the launch of their new and highly customizable lineup of ORAN LED high bay luminaires, with a 70w 9,000+ lumen fixture, a 140w 19,000+ lumen fixture, and a 208w 29,000+ lumen fixture. ORAN LED high bay luminaires are uniquely customizable because they are built in the USA and contain predominantly USA components. The available options enable the ORAN high bay luminaire family to meet the requirements of most manufacturing, distribution, and sports high bay applications. They operate at peak performance and represent a professional, high-efficacy lighting solution. ORAN high bays emit 140 lumens per watt and have an LM70 rating of 100,000 hours.
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Access Fixtures Launches New KOTA LED High Bay

Access Fixtures, is announcing the launch of their new KOTA LED high bay and sports lighter luminaire lineup starting with the release of the100w LED High Bay Light featuring Flip Chip Opto COB LEDs. Employing a patented design that weighs less than 6 pounds, the new 100w high bay luminaire uses a Flip Chip Opto COB that produces 11,056 lumens at only 96.7 watts for 114.4 lumen-per-watt efficiency. Protected by an extremely efficient, waterproof/sealed, optical domed tempered glass lens with high transparency, the high bay luminaire emits record-high total light flux and efficiency, achieving over 10,700 luminaire lumens.
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Access Fixtures Adds New LED Vapor Tight Luminaires with Integrated Array and Drivers to Product Portfolio

Access Fixtures, an industry leader in commercial and industrial LED lighting, is announcing the launch of new 2' and 4' new high-performance, purpose-built vapor tight linear luminaires with integrated LED arrays and drivers. In all categories, the 4' vapor tight linear luminaires exceed the performance of two-lamp T12 and T8 vapor tight linear fluorescent fixtures: they are dimmable, offer more lumens per watt, more overall lumens, and—perhaps most importantly—they are available from Access Fixtures at less than $90.00.
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Access Fixtures Expands LED High Bay Fixtures Product Portfolio

Access Fixtures, a leading distributor of high quality commercial and sports lighting, has expanded their LED high bay replacement options with the addition of the280w LED 4 foot high bay luminaire. This LED high bay starts at $429.99 and exceeds the maximum mean lumen output of traditional fixtures such as 6-lamp T5HO high bays and 400w metal halide high bays. Volume discounts are available.
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Efficient High Output LED Retrofit for High Bays Introduced by Access Fixtures

Access Fixtures, a leading distributor of high quality commercial and sports lighting, has expanded their LED high bay replacement options with the addition of the 280w LED 4 foot high bay luminaire. This LED high bay starts at $429.99 and exceeds the maximum mean lumen output of traditional fixtures such as 6-lamp T5HO high bays and 400w metal halide high bays. Volume discounts are available.
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Access Fixtures Release Environment Resistant Lighting Solutions

Access Fixtures, a leading distributor of commercial and sports lighting, has announced the release of a new line of Noribachi LED Hazardous Solutions lighting. The series includes a variety of high bay and flood light configurations, including surface mount high bay lights and linear high bay lights. Each high output LED fixture is rated to withstand hazardous conditions such as flammable gases, vapors, and dust.
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Access Fixtures LED Traditional Wall Pack Priced Lower than Metal Halides

Access Fixtures, a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of commercial and sports lighting, is spearheading a fundamental shift in the lighting industry with their new 26w LED traditional wall pack, the first to be priced lower than an equivalent 70w metal halide traditional wall pack.
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New LED High Bay from Access Fixtures Outperforms 400w Metal Halide

Access Fixtures, a leader in commercial and sports lighting, has announced the production of a new 158w LED high bay that uses 66% less energy than a 400 watt metal halide (MH) high bay, yet has equivalent light output. The LEDs in the high bay are rated LM70 at 100,000 hours. Over the course of 10 years, the LED high bay is expected to reduce operating cost by $2,385.86. In many instances, the payback is less than 2 years. The 158w LED high bay is ideal for illuminating large indoor areas such as large retail applications, warehouses and sports facilities such as high school gyms.
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Access Fixtures Cuts LED Wall Packs and LED Flood Lights Retail Prices

Access Fixtures has announced price reductions of up to 38% for a number of vandal-resistant full cutoff LED wall packs and vandal-resistant LED flood lights. Vandal-resistant LED luminaires provide the durability to illuminate areas that are prone to damage by vandalism or daily wear and tear. With advancements in LED technology, increasing sales, and achieving economies of scale, these fixtures are now available at significantly reduced prices enabling a faster return on investment.
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Access Fixtures Reports Soaring Revenue in 2014

Access Fixtures, a leader in commercial and sports lighting, is proud to announce a 53% revenue growth in a year-over-year comparison from 2013 to 2014. Specifically, LED products exceeded a growth of 100% year-over-year, demonstrating the constant advancement of LED technology and rapid adoption of LED products, including LED bollard lights,LED wall packs, and LED flood lights. LED product sales now exceed 50% of Access Fixtures total revenue.
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New T8 LED Retrofit Tube Lights Introduced by Access Fixtures

Access Fixtures, a leader in commercial and sports lighting, has announced new T8 LED retrofit tube lights that are designed to perform efficiently in place of fluorescent lamps. The long-lasting, energy-efficient T8 LED tube lights incorporate integral drivers, eliminating failure-prone fluorescent ballasts, and simplifying T8 lighting systems. The T8 LED tube lights connect directly to line voltage for easy installation.
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Access Fixtures Post Top LED Retrofit Lamps Prices Fall

Access Fixtures post top LED retrofit lamps for decorative street lighting and antique street lighting are now available at a significantly reduced prices. This enables municipalities and property managers to easily retrofit antique street lights from HID sources to energy-efficient, long-lasting LED. The reduced prices are available for the 45w Post Top LED Retrofit and 30w Post Top LED Retrofit. Access Fixtures LED post top retrofits are self-ballasted for easy installation. To retrofit the luminaire, remove the ballast, direct wire the socket, and screw the new LED post top retrofit into the existing socket.
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Access Fixtures LED Revenue Growth Exceeds 100 Percent in 2014

Access Fixtures has announced that revenue from sales of LED products has exceeded a growth of 100 percent in a year-over-year analysis. Continuous advancements in LED technology enable the use of LED lighting in an increasing number of applications. Categories that have seen the largest growth include LED bollard lights, LED wall packs, and LED flood lights. LED product sales now exceed 50 percent of Access Fixtures' total revenue.
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Access Fixtures Launches New Wildlife Friendly LED Amber Garage Lighters

Access Fixtures is expanding its extensive product line to include LED amber garage lighters as part of its line-up of wildlife-friendly luminaires. Wildlife-friendly lighting minimizes light pollution in areas where excessive artificial lighting can harm ecosystems, especially coastal areas where sea turtles need a dark sky to migrate towards the ocean. Garage lighters in parking garages around waterfront locations can emit light through openings and contribute to light pollution. Access Fixtures LED amber garage lighters produce light that is visible to humans, but not to most species harmed by artificial lighting. 
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Access Fixtures Launches Wildlife Friendly LED Amber Flood Lights

Access Fixtures is proud to announce new LED amber flood lights as part of its comprehensive line of wildlife-friendly luminaires. In many areas, especially coastal communities, excessive artificial lighting can harm wildlife, like sea turtles that need a dark sky to orient towards the ocean. For this reason, many local ordinances require wildlife-friendly lighting. Access Fixtures LED amber flood lights and area lights are visible to humans, but not to most species affected by artificial lighting. The flood lights are ideal for a number of applications, including parking lot lighting, area lighting, park lighting, marinas, landscape lighting and roadway lighting.
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Access Fixtures Debuts Vandal Resistant LED Luminaires at NECA 2014

Access Fixtures now provides a solution for property owners and contractors who are tired of replacing and maintaining wall packs and landscape lighting. The problem is they constantly are replacing glass lenses and lighting components that have been damaged by rocks, vehicles, or vandals. The solution: a vandal-resistant luminaire that withstands hits and still functions. These new luminaires were to put to the test in a series of videos by Access Fixtures that showcased the durability of the fixture. Access Fixtures will be at NECA 2014 where they will have the test fixture on display.
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Access Fixtures to Debut LED Landscape Lighting at NECA 2014

Access Fixtures is headed to NECA 2014 Chicago and will debut its newest vandal-resistant LED Landscape lighting luminaires. These luminaires were designed with property owners in mind to reduce maintenance on landscape fixtures. Access Fixtures vandal-resistant lights do not have a glass lens, leaving almost nothing that can break from rocks, lawnmowers, or vandalism. Available in traditional styles as well as more modern styles, these fixtures are great for lighting signs, buildings and large landscaped areas.
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Access Fixtures Releases High Output LED High Bays

Access Fixtures has announced the expansion of its LED High Bay product line with new high output high bay lights. The newest LED high bays use as little as 32w of energy while emitting over 4400 lumens. The highest wattage available is 315w and produces over 44,000 lumens. 
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New Vandal Resistant LED Wall Pack From Access Fixtures Survives Lawn Mower Test

Access Fixtures demonstrated the durability of vandal-resistant LED wall packs in the second installment of the “Will It Light?” video series. In the new video, Access Fixtures team members dropped a Toro lawn mower on top of a vandal-resistant wall pack with LG LED Modules. The wall pack suffered minimal damage and still lights, which proves the durability of the wall pack’s aluminum housing. The video can be found on the Access Fixtures blog.
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Access Fixtures New Vandal Resistant LED Wall Pack Survives Multistory Drop Test

Access Fixtures tested the durability of vandal-resistant LED wall packs in their new video, “Will It Light?” In the video, Access Fixtures team members and lighting specialists dropped a vandal-resistant wall pack with LG LED Modules from the roof of a building. As a control, they also dropped an Epson printer. While the printer shattered immediately, the vandal-resistant wall pack only suffered a small crack and still lights.
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Access Fixtures Releases High Output LED Flood Light

Access Fixtures announced the release of its 23-inch outdoor LED flood light. This shoebox flood light uses only 378w of energy and provides a light output comparable to a 1000w pulse start-metal halide lamp. More recently the demand for high output LED luminaires has increased, but the technology had not been powerful enough to provide the amount of light customers were looking for. This no longer holds true. 
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Access Fixtures Announces Vandal Resistant LED Wall Packs

Access Fixtures is expanding its line of LED Wall Packs by adding new vandal resistant LED wall packs. The new LED wall packs use traditional and modern designs that architects and designers are familiar with, but instead of using glass on the front of the fixture, the entire fixture is incased in heavy-duty aluminum. Eliminating glass leaves nothing to break, but it means the light engines have to be included in a new way.
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Access Fixtures Expands LED Bollard Light Offerings

Access Fixtures has expanded its line of LED Bollard Lights to include new bollards with specialized cone reflectors and 12W LG Innotek LED light modules. The advanced aluminum cone reflector allows light to be directed out, providing maximum efficacy. For enhanced durability and high style, the bollards have a die-cast aluminum housing covered with a chromate conversion coating and a powdercoat finish. Bollard lights effectively and aesthetically provide light for walkways, sidewalks and parking areas in commercial, municipal and residential areas.
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